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The sequel to the 1992 Disney film "3 Ninjas," this action-comedy follows the adventures of three young Japanese-American boys as they attempt to help their ninja master grandfather return a sacred dagger to a karate tourney in Japan before they have to return to L.A. for their baseball play-off game.

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Victor Wong
as Grandpa
Sean Fox
as Rocky
Don Stark
as Umpire
Kellye Nakahara
as Nurse Hino
Marcus Giamatti
as Announcer
Maital Sabban
as Lisa DiMarino
Gino Dentie
as Night Club Manager
Marcus Gaimatti
as Announcer
Jill Ito
as Ticket Clerk
Michael Paciorek
as First Base Umpire
Shogo Nakajima
as Jail Guard
Donnamarie Recco
as Hog Dog Vendor
Joey Travolta
as Mustangs Coach
Robert Miano
as Shuttle Driver
Glen Chin
as Nurse Shibuya
Killer Khan
as Ishikawa
Shiao-hu Tso
as Young Mori
Kazuaki Naruse
as Young Koga
Syunichiro Yunoki
as Young Grand Master
Hachiro Yamauchi
as Ninja Master
Toshiyo Matsunaga
as Miyo's Mother
Yoshiko Kamiya
as Lady in Limousine
Katsumi Honda
as Chauffeur
Syogo Nakajima
as Jail Guard
Kyoji Kamui
as Koga's Henchman
Seigen Nakayama
as Koga's Henchman
as Sumo Wrestler
Hayabusa Tenkomori
as Sumo Wrestler
as Sumo Wrestler
as Sumo Wrestler
Takao Ito
as Ninja Master
Kensuke Goto
as Ninja Master
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  • Jul 04, 2012
    First sequel to 3 Ninjas offers nothing new to the series except a lot more pointless and awful entertainment. This film does nothing to be effective entertainment and is a very forgettable film. The performances are wooden, and uninteresting, and overall it fails to really entertain, and offer the viewer something thrilling to watch. As a family film, this sequel like the first film offers nothing good. The script is horrible; the cast is bad and the directing awful. 3 Ninjas Kick Back is one of the worst family films that you can watch, and it makes you wonder why they even made this trash in the first place if the first film was just as bad. This sequel is nothing new, it possesses a clichéd formula that we've seen in the firs at film, and it's clear that it doesn't work. Maybe kids will enjoy this, but as someone who grew up when these films were made, I look back at these films as trash, uninspired filmmaking that doesn't work, and it simply fails to be effective, memorable entertainment. This film is pointless, the story is just not interesting and ultimately it fails to be fun. The film is far too silly to be fun, and entertaining. The only thing that you can do with this film is forget about it. This is poorly constructed entertainment and it doesn't work. Don't expect a good family film with this one, as you'll be disappointed.
    Alex r Super Reviewer
  • Sep 03, 2011
    Don't ever watch it!
    Sylvester K Super Reviewer
  • Sep 06, 2010
    Oh, goodness not another 3 ninjas movie. This series was just trying to make a Karate Kid copy cat, but with cuter kids. My little brother made me watch them all with him!
    Aj V Super Reviewer
  • Feb 29, 2008
    Just saw this the other day, it had been since the 90's since the last time I watched it. I remembered it being an epic journey going to Japan and all, but this shit was hard to watch cuz it was so bad, I mean the first one was like an Oscar performance compared to this dicksuck.
    Lenny M Super Reviewer

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