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½ November 19, 2016
It's all about Plummer's performance in this entertaining but slight recreation of the final performance of John Barrymore.
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January 29, 2015
Once upon a time, there was a great actor named John Barrymore(Christopher Plummer) who while specializing in the classics, also appeared in quite a few early sound films of Hollywood.

By 1942, when this one person show was set, he was not the same person, years of alcohol abuse having damaged him beyond repair, ironically leaving him not unlike the character he played in "Dinner at Eight," a washed up actor who thinks he is still relevant.

In Barrymore's case, it involves a last chance audition for Richard III. But he cannot even remember the magical words every actor has drilled into him, instead going off on tangents about his famous siblings.

None of which is really that interesting or scintillating but the wonderful Christopher Plummer does what he can with such limited material. And that's got to be at least worth a look, right?
½ January 15, 2015
Plummer is marvelous, flitting between reminiscence and Shakespearean recitation as a gifted artist aware of his own wretchedness.
September 6, 2014
Fantastic performance by my friend Christopher! I once kept John Barrymore in my lovely Sanitarium. He vas a disgosting letch! And a relentless dipsomaniac!
April 14, 2014
Barrymore is an unusual, yet entertaining, film. It is a "one man" movie, with Christopher Plummer stealing the show, accompanied by only one other man part of the time, Frank. However, the true meaning of Barrymore surpasses Plummer's excellent performance of the man, but instead is about Plummer himself. Plummer is an aging actor who wants to be taken seriously for one last role before he gets too old, just like John Barrymore. Well, he has succeeded.
½ February 13, 2014
Superb performance by Christopher Plummer. Having seen many films with John, Ethyl and Lionel Barrymore makes one even more aware of what it takes to give such a great virtuoso performance, which I saw on Great Performances. When you live in the country and don't get out much any more, you can only say, thank God for PBS!
December 17, 2013
brilliant performance, probably would be better to see it live.
½ September 12, 2013
Christopher Plummer spectacularly does his Tony Award-winning role as famed stage and film actor John Barrymore, attempting to make a late-career comeback. It is almost literally a filmed stage play, which feels odd at first, but Plummer's work keeps viewer interest. Some may be put off by the at-times salty language, but it is worth sticking with to view a master actor in an acclaimed performance.
½ August 26, 2013
So happy I finally got a chance to check out this film! I've been very excited about it ever since I saw the trailer! This movie is a can't miss one man spectacle! Christopher Plummer is at his finest playing a John Barrymore trying to revive his career. Plummer is able to keep one entertained through out this whole masterpiece of a film! If you're a theatre major this movie is a must see. However its a performance I hope everyone can get a chance to enjoy!
July 23, 2013
Barrymore is a filmed version of the theatrical, one-man show classic. Starring Christopher Plummer in the role he perfected on Broadway, this version is both incredibly faithful to its theatrical counterpart, but also takes some liberties with the visuals. Even though Erik Canuel is unafraid to play with the visual presentation of the film, I personally don't think that he did enough with it. There are long sections where it's simply the play as is, but when Plummer goes off on tangents concerning childhood and regret, he may step into his childhood home for a look around in black and white, and then back to the stage again. I just don't feel like there are enough of these moments to keep things visually interesting. So it may not be all that interesting visually, but it's an admirable attempt to capture a virtuoso performance on film.
June 15, 2013
A one man show brought to cinema is hard.....with an lesser actor than Plummer it be brutal.
½ March 7, 2013
Christopher Plummer is fabulous as John Barrymore ... someone he's clearly too old to play, but then again, given Barrymore's lifestyle, perhaps he isn't. If you want to see Plummer strut his stuff, it's certainly worth a view. It's not really a play that begged to be put on the screen, and it's not particularly well-suited to be a movie. Outside of Plummer's performance, it's really not very compelling.
December 9, 2012
outstanding performance! and an interestingly played out bio. worth seeing if
you like theatre.
½ November 17, 2012
Plummer gives an acting master class and it's a role for the ages. How any reviewer who is serious about film could not give it a positive review shows just what little it takes to be called a film critic these days.
November 16, 2012
I saw Christopher Plummer perform Barrymore on Broadway and am looking forward to the movie.
November 13, 2012
Christopher Plummer is an amazing actor. I'm looking forward to seeing this.
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October 10, 2012
I was a little slow off the mark otherwise I would have been in the audience when they filmed Christopher Plummer doing his John Barrymore. Thank goodness HBO decided to pick it up and air it. A great theatrical performance is captured and kudos to Director Erik Canuel who offers appropriate off-stage moments that don't detract from the piece.
September 22, 2012
Fantastic acting, wonderful script.
August 26, 2012
This is an absolutely marvellous film rendition of Christopher Plummer's near one man play about an attempted career revival by John Barrymore.
It is so brilliant I don't think I can actually describe it other than to suggest you see it as soon as possible. Anything I say will give away something I don't want to give.
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