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January 1, 2018
Before Sunrise is the first in the Before trilogy, spanning two decades and covering the development of a lifelong relationship in pseudo-real-time, but as the first, it covers our introduction to the characters. The script is undeniably one of the finest examples of "human screenplay" that I've ever seen; I watched the entire movie as though the lines had come out of my own mouth, the behaviors perfectly mirrored the emotions I've experienced when meeting someone new. Julie Delpy and Ethan Hawke are fresh-faced and natural in their roles, including all of the awkwardness that young people feel when they connect with one another.

Perhaps the most endearing part of the movie is how it loops on itself: showing you where they'll go at the beginning of the movie, and where they've been once the movie is over. Neither of these things have much meaning unless you take the film as a whole, and then it's a charming stroll down the memory lane, allowing you to project the small and repressed parts of your romantic history onto the story.

It doesn't hurt that the movie is beautifully directed, with long shots of dialogue to not only build the relationship between the two characters, but also between the audience and the characters. There's no rush in this movie, it's just life. Captured, preserved, and there whenever you need to indulge.
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December 29, 2017
One of my favorite movies of all time. This is what great romance movies are made of. The story is not that complicated: it's just two strangers who meet on a train and spend the rest of their day (and night) together. The dialogue feels very natural, almost like we're evesdropping on a real conversation. There are so many scenes and bits of dialogue from this movie that I loce and that ring true to my own (or anyone's) life. It is truly a hidden gem and a pleasure to rewatch every other year.
November 11, 2017
A beautifully written, perfectly acted film.
October 13, 2017
Thoughtful, smart, touching, poignant, beautiful, funny, existential, tragic, complex, hopeful, raw, insightful, romantic, realistic, and flawless. Gorgeously shot and boasting one of the best scripts of the 90s that examines both the mysterious, instantaneous simplicity of attraction and the deep, multifaceted philosophical aspects of human nature, love, and the meaning of life. Before Sunrise masterfully portrays human connection as both a fleeting, superficial escape and the ultimate purpose of one's existence, all while forcing us to recall our past and ponder our future regarding those whom we've loved and seek to love.
September 18, 2017
Casually dialogue-driven as a charismatic showcase for both Hawke and Delphy in the chemistry they showed that speaks modern language under romance without straying into being romantic like most of the genre would. (A-)

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September 17, 2017
Dialogos inteligentes, una historia que casi cae en lo cursi no obstante se salva por los ingeniosos temas que trata y, bueno, las actuaciones son lo mejor que puedes encontrar en una pelicula de romance. Esto es antes del amanecer.
September 3, 2017
Flawless. One of the romance movies ever made.
½ July 24, 2017
Free flowing dialogue with strong performances from both leads make it a very realistic love story and a compelling watch despite it being a simple movie.
½ July 12, 2017
It's a beautiful movie with some of the best dialogue and acting you'll ever see in a romance. Hawke and Delpy have amazing chemistry. (4.5/5)
July 11, 2017
It could be considered "unrealistic and quite corny" to some average viewers, but truth is, director Richard Linklater's romance is a unique depiction on love, towards great writing, natural chemistry in the two lead roles performances, and the proper direction to drive something so cliché as two people meeting the first time and falling in love for each other, but, at the end of the day, making it work with all the right elements and a great overdose of joy.
June 24, 2017
Movie night with Iris.

Seminal 90s movie that inspired and enchanted my younger self. Have to say it still holds up really well. Romance, inspiration and humour all intact. Shame they become so self-obsessed in the sequels....
June 18, 2017
I absolutely loved it !!!
May 15, 2017
Really, one of the best written, directed and performed movies I have seen.
May 13, 2017
Very impressive, beautifully written and acted. Linklater has a knack for making you feel in unique and unmatched ways.
½ May 3, 2017
Like listening to two stoners talking for 2 hrs. Luckily it has scenery and some more interesting points than two stoners.
April 25, 2017
Wonderful cult movie. Great romance.
½ April 24, 2017
cute romance. too much talking
April 7, 2017
The conversational nature of Richard Linklater's writing lends itself so breathlessly to a love story, and what a perfect love story this is. "Before Sunrise" is at times a tragedy, but often times a celebration. This is a celebration of new love; the happiness and the mystery of getting to know someone thoroughly and truly.
April 6, 2017
A very pretentious movie concept (dialog-fueled romance) is executed in the least pretentious way.
½ April 4, 2017
When I watched the sole trailer for this movie, I initially lacked the motivation to watch what seemed like a good-natured, first-rate romantic comedy/drama. Then I noticed that there were sequels, which each take place about a decade after the previous movie. Better yet, they were actually filmed a decade later, to show how age has taken its toll on the two main people as accurately as possible. For those of you who heard of Boyhood, which spans 12 years of filmmaking, this type of project is nothing too weird for filmmaker Richard Linklater. The question is, past the gimmick of such a monumental project, how does one film hold up on its own? Pretty well, thankfully! The cinematography moves as gently and in the same direction as the characters' focus, throughout their day in Vienna together. The conflict is one that Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy do their best to brush away, up until the very last scene, but I felt so invested in the chemistry between Hawke and Delpy that I never left the moment on the screen. Their love is quite mature and hip to modern politics, and only feels tied to a generation long gone when considering how useful cell phones would be for their situation. Pacing could feel slow for those who do not find either character especially charming; there is not a scene without them together in some way. Personally, much like Annie Hall and When Harry Met Sally, I am so happy for their honest, happy-go-lucky, and vulnerable friendship that I sympathize for the romantic gaga they eventually have to face (while acknowledging it is gaga).
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