Chelsea Walls Reviews

July 20, 2002
It is dead on the inside, never quite achieving the movements and emotional solidity the material demands.
June 13, 2002
Hawke's actors are a talented troupe, and even when things get self-indulgent and fuzzy-headed (and boy, do they!), interesting stuff is going on.
June 7, 2002
Movies like this do not grab you by the throat. You have to be receptive.
May 24, 2002
Were Dylan Thomas alive to witness first-time director Ethan Hawke's strained Chelsea Walls, he might have been tempted to change his landmark poem to, 'Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Theatre.'
May 17, 2002
The movie is essentially a series of fleetingly interesting actors' moments.
May 10, 2002
Hampered -- no, paralyzed -- by a self-indulgent script ... that aims for poetry and ends up sounding like satire.
May 9, 2002
The cinematic equivalent of patronizing a bar favored by pretentious, untalented artistes who enjoy moaning about their cruel fate.
April 29, 2002
I liked this film a lot...
April 25, 2002
I'm not suggesting that you actually see it, unless you're the kind of person who has seen every Wim Wenders film of the '70s.
April 19, 2002
Like the Chelsea's denizens ... Burdette's collage-form scenario tends to over-romanticize the spiritual desolation of the struggling artiste.
April 19, 2002
Calling it pretentious doesn't do justice to the toxic faux-bohemianism and unearned self-regard that bubble and ooze out of every aspect of Chelsea Walls.
April 19, 2002
Hawke draws out the best from his large cast in beautifully articulated portrayals that are subtle and so expressive they can sustain the poetic flights in Burdette's dialogue.
April 19, 2002
Hawke achieves something special but less than industry-shaking.
April 18, 2002
If Chelsea Walls builds a mood of boozy poetic disorientation, a crucial ingredient is missing: the scent of genuine artistic genius.
April 18, 2002
The ethos of the Chelsea Hotel may shape Hawke's artistic aspirations, but he hasn't yet coordinated his own DV poetry with the Beat he hears in his soul.
April 16, 2002
The digital-video results play like a flatulent teenager's first discovery of jazz, cigarettes, and hooch.