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The Chronicles of Riddick

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As an action movie, Riddick offers some thrills, but as a sequel to Pitch Black, it's a disappointment.



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Vin Diesel returns as the nocturnally gifted antihero Riddick in this sequel to the 2000 cult item Pitch Black. Riddick, on the run from the law and evading mercenaries eager to claim the price on his head, seeks refuge on the planet of Helion, only to discover he's walked into a world in chaos. Helion has been seized by the Lord Marshall (Colm Feore), leader of the Necromongers, a race of bloodthirsty warriors determined to wipe out humanity throughout the universe. Aereon (Judi Dench), leader of Helion's "elementals," pleads with Riddick to join them in their fight for survival; Riddick agrees, hoping to fill out some of the blank chapters in his history along the way. As he plots his battle strategy against the Necromongers, Riddick becomes reacquainted with Kyra (Alexa Davalos), whom he knew as a girl but has since grown into a strong and beautiful woman eager to join him in the fight against the Lord Marshall. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi


Vin Diesel
as Riddick
Colm Feore
as Lord Marshal
Judi Dench
as Aereon
Linus Roache
as Purifier
Thandie Newton
as Dame Vaako
Terry Chen
as Merc Pilot
Christina Cox
as Eve Logan
Darcy Laurie
as convict
John Mann
as convict
Ronald Selmour
as slam guard
Raoul Ganeev
as slam guard
Mark Acheson
as slam guard
Shohan Felber
as slam guard
Ben Cotton
as slam guard
Andy Thompson
as scalp taker
Cedric De Souza
as Black Robed/ Meccan Cleric
Ahmad Sharmrou
as Black Robed Cleric
Stefano Colacitti
as Black Robed Cleric
Mina Erian
as Coptic Cleric
Mina E. Mina
as coptic cleric
John Prowse
as Bump Pilot
Lorena Gale
as Defense Minister
Christopher Heyerdahl
as Helion Politico
William Robert Daly
as Helion Politics
Rob Daly
as Helion Politico
Michasha Armstrong
as Lead Meccan Officer
Micasha Armstrong
as Lead Meccan Officer
Aaron Douglas
as Young Meccan Soldier
Colin Corrigan
as Vault Officer
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  • Jun 22, 2016
    A little more involved and larger scale than Pitch Black (which I guess this is a sequel to but more of a true spinoff I guess you could say). Good action and special effects in this one. A race of people seek followers and a place called "the underverse" and destroy planets. Riddick seeks answers helps an Imam and is thrust into a feud with the ruler of the conquering race after he finds that someone from Riddick's race is prophecied to kill him. I like where they take Riddick in this and the prison scenes are pretty awesome.
    Patrick W Super Reviewer
  • Feb 24, 2016
    Slightly better than the first thanks to some good action scenes, But maybe strayed too far from the first, And the effects were pretty poor and the acting again was pretty bad I can see in a way why it's not liked as much as the first but it's not as bad as critics make out.
    Jamie C Super Reviewer
  • Dec 05, 2013
    Mediocre follow up to Pitch Black, I was very much let down by this sequel, and I felt it was a tiresome, boring movie that tried way too hard at outdoing the original. The biggest problem with that is, Pitch Black was never a great film, and it was a film that boasted impressive action with an average story and an average cast. Overall that film needed a lot of work to make it a memorable outing, and left a lot to be desired. The Chronicles of Riddick is a picture that suffers from an underdeveloped script and it tries to put way too many elements on-screen that don't work. This film is a mess from start to finish and way too long for what it is. I think the film should have been shorter, and that the script should have been reworked significantly. There were a few interesting ideas, but overall, like I said, it's a mess because the film is all over the place. If you've enjoyed the first film, you may be let down by this sequel. The Chronicles of Riddick is yet another follow up that fails to expand and deliver something better than the original. Pitch Black wasn't perfect, and it left a lot to be desired, but it was entertaining and fun. This on the other hand is a strained picture that fails in delivering anything really interesting for the viewer. This movie is purely for Diesel fans, and no one else. Don't go into this one expecting a better film than Pitch Black, you'll be disappointed as The Chronicles of Riddick is all over the map, and you're trying to figure out what's going on, on-screen. Like I said, it's a mess of a picture, and overall it's just boring, dull and ultimately not interesting. This film should have been much better, instead it just falls flat.
    Alex r Super Reviewer
  • Nov 26, 2013
    "Dick Riddick in the 27th Century"! ...I bet even the fans of sci-fi adventure films don't remember "Buck Rogers in the 25th Century", but then again, I'd imagine plenty of people would forget about this film if it wasn't shoved on every other shelf at most every home media store that you can walk to. Man, cult sensations may not exactly be characterized by outstanding box office numbers, but those DVDs and Blu-Rays sell like hot cakes, although much of this film's popularity probably rises from the fact that it reportedly has one of the few movie tie-in video games that is actually good, at least by comparison. I can think of quite a few people who would say that this film doesn't exactly raise all that high of a standard of quality, but the point is that "Escape from Butcher Bay" seemed to be a hit for everyone, except me, seeing as how I don't play video games, unless, by "play", you mean that a press the play button and subsequently watch films like these, which pretty much are video games. Hey, maybe the reason why this film did kind of an underwhelming job at the box office is because everyone was off playing "Escape from Butcher Bay" or something, although, Vin Diesel was also pretty heavily involved in that video game, yet still couldn't make enough money from the gross revenue to prevent himself from making some questionable, but commercially successful moves afterwards. I guess it's all fun and (video) games until you have to do "The Pacifier" a year later, because you had to be Mr. Big Britches and co-produce an overambitious mini-blockbuster that ended up being more successful of home media than at the cinemas. Oh well, at least we, or rather, "I" got a pretty decent film out of it, which isn't to say that there aren't certain areas that need to be polished more than Riddick's eyes look they were. Needless to say, issues regarding length are at their worst in the unrated director's cut that clocks in at a relatively whopping two hours and fifteen minutes, but material this lacking in weight shouldn't even be crafted into a two-hour-long film, or at least doesn't seem be, due to many a moment of downright unfocused dragging that pads out the sometimes exhausting process of telling a story that isn't even unique. With this sequel, the filmmakers try to pump up the mythology, ostensibly as unique, but as it expands, this story concept only gets more derivative, and when that story is focused into a trope-heavy plot, you end up with a film that is about as formulaic as a predecessor which was undercut as underwhelming by its familiarity, as well as natural limitations to story meat, which is, of course, even thinner here. While the storytelling in "Pitch Black" wasn't as, if you will, "bright" as it probably should have been, the basic narrative concept was that of an almost tastefully meditative dramatic thriller, whereas with this film, the narrative has devolved into being that of a garden-variety sci-fi flick, only with a couple more silly ideas than the usual film of its type that cheese up the mythology and thin out the characters, who are made all the more distancing by more than a few performances. Vin Diesel more-or-less carries this film as best he can, and Judi Dench and Keith David are decent when actually used, but most everyone else falls flat within a pretty sizable cast, whose decent supporting beats are hard to find amidst mediocre performances, if not misfires who range from weak to so embarrassingly incompetent that there just has to be a joke somewhere, and while certain bad acting moments add to the campy color, they don't exactly make the film's material less problematic. What could very well be the film's biggest problem is the cheese factor, which may carry a fun camp that ironically saves the final product as decent, but is not quite fun enough for you to completely forgive the laughable dialogue and lame-brain set pieces (Death by teacup... Ah!), especially when David Twohy comes in with direction that still carries the subtlety issues from Twohy's directorial performance for "Pitch Black", which still didn't have as many problems to stress with an overbearing atmosphere as this overtly silly fluff piece, whose interpretation sometimes gets so overblown that it feels as though it's taking itself too blasted seriously. On the whole, this film's ambitions don't stretch that far past providing some campy fun, but things have a tendency to get overblown, and that really shines a light on problems that you can never fully disregard as enough to ruin the final product as mediocre, if it's lucky. Well, looking at things like that, I suppose that this film is really lucky, because even though a flick this messy could never come close to rewarding, decency is secured through all of the incompetent elements, partly by the fun factor and partly by elements that are far from incompetent. First off, let me tell you that this film is not exactly as visually stylish as its predecessor, "Pitch Black", which relied on sometimes gorgeously clever, purposeful cinematography more than production designs, thus, it falls upon art directors Kevin Ishioka, Mark W. Mansbridge and Sandi Tanaka to bring this world to life on a visual level, the potential for which is relatively well-fulfilled by creative and immersively intricate production and costume designs that capture both the look of this world and your eyes, at least until your attention is really commanded by the action sequences. As I said earlier, "Pitch Black" was more a meditatively minimalist, maybe even dramatic thriller, and with this much more superficial film, action is brought into focus more, so the filmmakers, realizing this, pump up the action with lively, sometimes even extensively drawn staging, anchored by slick choreography and a sharp attention to intense, if goreless violence that flavor up the bite of the brawls. Seriously, people, this is not the same film as "Pitch Black", and you shouldn't anticipate the depth that "Pitch Black" still could have used more of, yet this effort sees fair success as a well-produced action flick, complete with a worthy action star. Again, in spite of some decent members, this film's supporting cast is a mess, acting-wise, but when it comes to leading man Vin Diesel, there is particular deliverance that may be retarded by some material which is too lame to really sell, but goes backed by a presence whose richness in charisma and intensity sell the Richard B. Riddick character as both the icon Diesel has made him into, and a driving force for a flawed story. Maybe the film isn't forcibly bloated, as its story concept has a fair bit of intriguing meat to it that establishes some potential to squander, and yet, this narrative is still questionable in certain places, being not only formulaic, but often thematically silly in its portraying a prophesized, futuristic feud between a shiny-eyed convict and a militant cult which preaches varying degrees of death as ranks in respectability. Even the film's story concept is corny, and considering that storytelling gets to be mighty faulty, this should be an, at best, mediocre final product, but what ultimately saves the final product is its sheer liveliness, for although director David Twohy gets to be overbearing in his storytelling, a brisk pace never abates at keeping entertainment value consistent enough to bring colorful life to highlights in material, and soften the sting of certain questionable elements with a rather campy feel. I don't know if Twohy wants this film to be taken as seriously as "Pitch Black" probably should have been, but whether it's intentional or not, there is a tongue-in-cheek attitude here that is just plain fun out of a thriller this lame-brain, and if you're willing to run with a film so faulty, with the help of quite a few strengths, you can expect a decent final product, even though there's no fully working around the messiness. In conclusion, a story structuring that is almost unfocused in its dragging out the execution of a somewhat silly and very derivative narrative concept, a supporting cast that is sometimes embarrassing in its faultiness, and overbearing direction behind a cheesy script all stand as great threats to the final product, which ultimately escape mediocrity on the wings of strong art direction and action, a worthy lead performance by Vin Diesel, and direction that is lively enough to at least establish campy fun, which is ultimately enough to make "The Chronicles of Riddick" an adequately entertaining, if challenging sci-fi-action opus. 2.5/5 - Fair
    Cameron J Super Reviewer

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