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This sci-fi action drama is set on a future Earth where society has become dependent upon the labor of intelligent cyborgs. When one of the two major cyborg manufacturers begins programming their units to assassinate the competition's androids, a violent confrontation arises that threatens the very fabric of future civilization.

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Elias Koteas
as Colton `Colt' Ricks
Angelina Jolie
as Casella `Cash' Reese
Billy Drago
as Danny Bench
Allen Garfield
as Martin Dunn
Ric Young
as Bobby Lin
Tracey Walter
as Wild Card
Jim Youngs
as Pinwheel Exec #1
Tracey Walker
as Wild Card
Robert Dryer
as Pinwheel Exec #2
John Durbin
as Tech #1 - Observation Room
Patrick O'Connell
as Tech #2 - Observation Room
Sheryl Mary Lewis
as Tech #3 - Corridor
Galen Yuen
as Server
Rick Hill
as Team Leader
Linus Huffman
as Captain Choy Fook
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Critic Reviews for Cyborg 2

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  • Aug 14, 2012
    Angelina Jolie gets her big break in Cyborg 2, a poorly make and generic sci-fi thriller. In this indirect sequel, a cyborg that's been created to be the ultimate weapon is given a chance at freedom by a hacker named Mercy. The acting is especially bad, but it could just be a result of the bad writing (the dialog is particularly atrocious). Additionally, the directing is amateurish and the music is generic tripe. Cyborg 2 is an uninspired, unoriginal B-movie that doesn't put forth much effort.
    Dann M Super Reviewer
  • Jul 09, 2011
    Yep, it's awful and only noteworthy for the first film appearance of Angelina Jolie. You can also watch Jack Palance snort & wheeze through his lines, which when intercut with Jolie's moment of toplessness makes for one of the most disturbing sex scenes ever conceived. Gets an extra half-star only because she's in this one and J-C Van Damme isn't.
    Doctor S Super Reviewer
  • Jan 31, 2010
    Wow this film is one of the worst films I've seen yet it has one of the best cast line ups I've seen haha a real mix of cult and crap in one lol The acting is in places terrible, really awful, but sometimes this is forgiven for some quite lovely corny lines and over the top cheese acting....all mainly courtesy of Jack Palance :) The other thing that's cool about this is a very young Angelina Jolie in skimpy outfits and kicking the ass of a never ending supply of cheaply dressed henchmen hehe it's a full on turd mobile but it does have afew very small OK little touches.
    Phil H Super Reviewer
  • Oct 05, 2009
    "Don't get dead." What a plump, rich, sweaty fecal meatball this is. Cyborg 2 was made in a time when Angelina Jolie was making movies and you would see her name in the credits and go, "who the hell is Angelina Jolie?" The few number of people who knew of her knew that she was terrible but it didn't matter because she wasn't famous. then people started to learn that she was Voight's kid and that she was bisexual and then it was like, "oh. wow. i guess i could see myself renting Cyborg 2." and incase you don't care for things that evolve from John Voight's cum but still like sci-fi actioners, this is a movie about an old bearded scientist who engineers fem-bots to explode right after a man "explodes" inside them. you can actually see this demonstrated once, in the first five minutes, so that will save you a whole 95 minutes of Angelina Jolie. personally, i feel fine giving this a star and a half for the fact that i felt really cool watching Elias Koteas chain-smoke 7 cigarettes under a red neon light.
    Coxxie M Super Reviewer

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