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A cop tries to sort out his personal life while a wave of odd behavior sweeps through his apartment building in this quirky comedy. Ray Pluto (Dennis Leary) is a New York City police detective who has been in an emotional slump since his wife and daughter died in an accident several years earlier. Ray's mood isn't lightened at all when he and his partner Jerry Cubbins (Steve Buscemi) stop into a fast food restaurant just as an armed robbery is taking place. Ray throws out his back while reaching for his gun and drops the weapon; a child who picks up the gun and kills the intruders is declared a hero in the press, while Ray is dubbed "the loser cop." Put on medical leave, Ray sinks deeper into a funk until he starts seeing a chiropractor for his bad back; the beautiful Dr. Ann Beamer (Elizabeth Hurley) begins kneading the kinks out of Ray's spine and starts him thinking about a new romance. Meanwhile, Juan Benitez (Luis Guzman) is the superintendent of Ray's apartment building, and he's not been getting along well with his teenage daughter Maribel (Melonie Diaz), who has a wild streak and refuses to obey her father's strict rules. Maribel is no happier with her father, and decides to do something about their relationship -- she hires two men to assassinate her dad. And elsewhere in the same building, a pair of would-be screenwriters (Donald Faison and Keith Knobbs) wants to ensure the realism of their cops-and-robbers story by going on a little crime spree of their own. Double Whammy had its world premiere at the 2001 Sundance Film Festival.

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Denis Leary
as Ray Pluto
Elizabeth Hurley
as Dr. Ann Beamer
Steve Buscemi
as Jerry Cubbins
Luis Guzman
as Juan Benitez
Chris Noth
as Chick Dimitri
Victor Argo
as Lt. Spigot
Melonie Diaz
as Mirabel Benitez
Otto Sanchez
as Ping Pung
Joe D'Angerio
as Detective Banks
Bill Boggs
as Bill Berman
Sara Lee Kessler
as Gina Lavina
Mike Russo
as Desert Storm Killer
Danny Seckel
as Burger Bun Manager
Leslie Lyler
as Lola Fontaine
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  • May 26, 2015
    Tom DiCillo, apparently, has a pretty good reputation as far as independent filmmakers are concerned. He's, obviously, not quite Jim Jarmusch as far as reputation goes. I say apparently because, other than this, as far as I can remember, I have not seen any one of his movies. This is not really meant as a knock of DiCillo's skills or talents as a screenwriter/director, but this film is not particularly good. What I mean is the fact that, at least before the halfway mark of the film, there's not much of anything really going on here. Yes, Ray Pluto finds himself in situations that make him look like the worst cop possible, even if he is not to blame, and he's also dealing with the emotional aftermath of his wife and daughter being killed during a hit-and-run. But I just don't felt that it really led to absolutely anything. There is a scene where Ray has a flashback to the day of the accident. Several characters also bring it up, but this flashback scene is the only moment where Ray faces it head-on and it's just not particularly good either. Maybe it's that Dennis Leary isn't that good of an actor to pull off the tortured part. I think he's good in comedies, but I wouldn't count on him for more serious stuff, like, you guessed it, having to have the weight of the world on his back due to this accident. I'm just not drawn into it, really and it's not like the film makes it a big part of the film. It doesn't really play part into the "main" narrative. I put that in quotation marks because, as I said, the film is really, for the most part, about nothing. The film does try once it gets halfway through in that Ray is trying to search for the criminals that almost killed the superintendent of his apartment complex. It's not like it's a good narrative or that you care about it. By this point, really, it's much too late to get started. There's also the whole romance subplot, which feels totally out-of-place here. And I don't think that Dennis Leary and Elizabeth Hurley had much chemistry to begin with, so it makes buying into them as a couple all the more difficult. I just find the whole thing tonally very inconsistent. There's moments where the film is silly and quirky and there's other parts where it's super serious to the point that the film is a mockery of itself. As far as comedy, there's really none to speak of. I mean it has its moments, but I found this all to be horrifically unfunny for the most part. It's certainly easy to watch, it's not very long, and it's competently made, technically speaking. But when you talk about putting together story and characters, it's an absolute fucking mess. Cast is decent, but they can't really do much to save this from the hole that it digs for itself. Not the worst movie I've ever seen, but I do actually regret watching this. Not that it's terrible or idiotic, it's just that I felt I wasted my time watching this. I didn't get anything out of this. I don't think apathy counts, but if it did then there's that. Not something you should avoid like the plague, but it's not very good either. There's better stuff to occupy your time with. Like watching paint dry, maybe.
    Jesse O Super Reviewer
  • Nov 29, 2011
    In a long line of off-beat comedies, "Double Whammy" has to come in as one of the twistiest out there. It never quite figures out what kind of movie it wants to be, making it an oddly enjoyable viewing experience. Sure, "Double Whammy" isn't anything special nor does it ever try to be. It's small-time, peculiar, original, and entertaining. This is a clever little motion picture.
    Stephen E Super Reviewer
  • Aug 14, 2011
    Certainly not a great film, but very underrated. I thought it was very funny. Offbeat, but very funny.
    Stephen E Super Reviewer
  • Jan 08, 2008
    I love Denis Leary on the TV series 'Rescue Me' but this movie was lackluster!
    Ida K Super Reviewer

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