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Executive Decision

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Executive Decision adheres entertainingly to classic action thriller formula, proving a genre outing doesn't need to win points for originality to be solidly effective.



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This high-flying, action-packed aerial thriller chronicles the courage of a hastily assembled team of commandos charged with saving a filled-to-capacity commercial jet-liner from an Islamic terrorist group. Suspecting that the terrorists are carrying nerve gas, officials are torn between attempting to rescue the passengers, or destroying the plane.


Kurt Russell
as Dr. David Grant
Steven Seagal
as Lt. Col. Austin Travis
Oliver Platt
as Dennis Cahill
David Suchet
as Naji Hassan
B.D. Wong
as Louie
Len Cariou
as Charles White
J.T. Walsh
as Sen. Mavros
Nicholas Pryor
as Secretary of State Jack Douglas
Stanley Grover
as General Price
Eugene Roche
as Admiral Lewis
Ken Jenkins
as General Wood
Charles Hallahan
as General Sarlow
Richard Riehle
as Air Marshal
Bob Apisa
as Demou
Jay Tavare
as Terrorist
Ahmed Ahmed
as Terrorist
Shaun Toub
as Terrorist
Majed Ibrahim
as Terrorist
Jon Huertas
as Terrorist
Paul Bollen
as Fire Fighter
Joey Naber
as Terrorist
Ray Baker
as 747 Captain
Michael Milhoan
as 747 First Officer
Julie Wright
as Flight Attendant
Sunni Boswell
as Flight Attendant
Gregg Artz
as Assistant to Senator Mavros
Will Schaub
as Assistant to Senator Mavros
Yvonne Zima
as Little Girl
Marianne Muellerleile
as Diabetic Woman
Brad Blaisdell
as Beckings Institute Aide
Don Fischer
as Remora Pilot
John Rixey Moore
as Flight Instructor
Warren Munson
as American Ambassador
Lance August
as American Embassy Duty Officer
Maggie Egan
as CNN Reporter
Tim Kelleher
as Bulldog
David Birznieks
as Fire Fighter
Nick Jameson
as London Maitre D'
Juan Fernández
as London Bomber
Joe Cook
as Chechen
Ilia Volokh
as Chechen
Blair Valk
as Yugoslavian Girl
Joseph Makkar
as Arab Co-pilot
Damon Lee
as Translator
Jayne Walter
as London Hostess
Robert Londberg
as Diamond Smuggler
Edmond Brown
as FBI Agent
Jeffrey Senour
as Helicopter Pilot
Dentis McDaniel
as Helicopter Pilot
Bruce Ross
as Helicopter Pilot
Leslie E. Smith
as Helicopter Pilot
Kevin Eldridge
as Helicopter Pilot
John Hardy
as Helicopter Pilot
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Audience Reviews for Executive Decision

  • Sep 14, 2012
    Executive Decision is a strong thriller that delivers an intense and compelling adventure. When Oceanic Flight 343 is hijacked by Islamic terrorist an elite Special Forces team is sent to covertly intercept the flight, and retake it before the terrorists crash it into Washington D.C. The film has an impressive cast that includes Kurt Russell, Steven Seagal, Halle Berry, and John Leguizamo. Additionally, the action sequences are shot especially well, and the film is able to build and maintain a high level of suspense and intensity. However, there are some problems with the directing, and some of the dialog comes off as stale and cliched. While there are flaws with the film, Executive Decision is a riveting action/adventure that's fun and exciting.
    Dann M Super Reviewer
  • Mar 28, 2012
    One of the first action films I remember seeing where one of the big name leading heroes bites the dust very early on in the film, this was actually quite surprising at the time as you would have never suspected Seagal to die...at least not so early! As it stands this one 'action' in the film gives it real bite above so many others as you really are not so sure what will happen next and who will get blown away. Obviously Russell won't kick the bucket, that you can put money on but the tension in this film is still feverish as you watch, even after all this time it still holds its own and packs a good solid punch. The plot revolving around Muslim terrorists taking over a passenger airliner with the aim of using it as a weapon of destruction is quite close to the bone these days after all the horrific things that have happened since this film was made, this does make you think and actually makes the film quite haunting and more realistic. As it goes the film is pretty darn realistic anyway, the special forces unit all proceed in a believeable way, at no point is this film a shoot em up, its actually pretty tight and well thought out. The inner plane sets, aerial shots and bomb sequences all work really well and look good, looking at this film from the posters you would think its a mindless action fest but that is far from the truth, it really is a very good well made thriller. Add to this a top notch cast with quite a few big names including Platt and Leguizamo in very likeable roles, Berry on ultra cute form and top British thesp David Suchet showing us that he's actually a really good movie actor as well as TV drama star and gives Rickman a run for his money as top well spoken villain.
    Phil H Super Reviewer
  • Oct 07, 2011
    Terrorists vs. the U.S. of A. at 5 miles high as an international flight is hijacked for nefarious ends. Can it be stopped in time? Typical actioner done well with decent performances.
    Kevin M. W Super Reviewer
  • Nov 29, 2010
    Kurt Russell is cool even when he's supposed to be a pencil neck with glasses (the glasses are discarded half way into the movie and somehow he has 20/20 vision). This is like Die Hard 2, Air Force One and Speed combined into a super movie. The plot is way more relevant and edgy now, considering this has 9/11 written all over it. Surprisingly the villains aren't too stereotypical, but still manage to be diabolical. The supporting cast is all star; including Halle Berry, John Leguizamo, the guy who played Miles Dyson and Steven Seagal (who dies a miserable honor death). It accomplishes everything an action thriller should set out for and has a little bit extra. The action is great, the story is intelligent and the star power is unbeatable.
    Conner R Super Reviewer

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