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Burt Reynolds, Robert Loggia, and Charles Durning star in this crime comedy following three retired war veterans who stumble upon $4million in stolen mob money and quickly find themselves targeted by both the Mafia and the Feds. Sam (Reynolds), Carl (Loggia), and Eddie (Durning) have all managed to survive their turbulent tours of duty, and now all they want is to settle down and enjoy their retirement in the desert paradise of Sunrise Park - located just outside of Phoenix, AZ. Up until now, the biggest concern for these three friends was who would wind up winning the affections of their sultry neighbor, a former Las Vegas showgirl named Christine (Raquel Welch). The stakes get more than a little higher, however, when the Witness Protection Program drops mob-informant Angelo Nitti in their midst. Having recently turned evidence on some of the most dangerous underworld heavies around, Angelo has been given a new name and a new home in Sunrise Park. But despite the fact that he's come clean about his criminal life, Angelo still harbors a whopper of a secret: He's quietly stashed $4million in stolen mob money, and he's planning on spending the rest of his days in style. His plan hits a hitch, however, when his three neighbors discover the loot and head out on a wild spending spree. Now, as Angelo's secret spreads among both the underworld and the authorities, unsuspecting trio Sam, Carl, and Eddie soon find themselves pursued by trigger-happy treasure hunters on both sides of the law.
Comedy , Drama
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Burt Reynolds
as Sam LeFleur
Robert Loggia
as Carl Campobasso
Charles Durning
as Eddie O'Brien
Raquel Welch
as Christine DeLee
Richard Grieco
as Anthony Amato
Kimberley Kates
as Michelle Winchester
Phil Amato
as Vito
Tim Thomerson
as Arizona Al
Phyllis Diller
as Mrs. Hertzberg
Michael Paloma
as Peter Nitti/Don Antonio Giovanni
Joanna Pacula
as Talia Nitti
David Zappone
as Manuel Rios
Wayne Crawford
as Marshal Cimino
Natalie Roth
as Becky Rami
Elena Sahagun
as Connie Wang
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An inept, choppy, painful-to-watch mess that looks like it was thrown together by rank amateurs.

Full Review… | January 13, 2008

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[b]Forget About It [/b] Released: January 8, 2008 Director: BJ Davis Reviewer: Eric I recently saw this movie at my local rental store while I was checking out the new releases. At first I thought this movie looked stupid, the cover was lame and the write up on the back wasn’t helping out either. I am not sure if I felt bad for half of the actors in this movie, but I picked it up any way. Boy am I wishing I didn’t spend any money on this rental because [i]Forget About It[/i] is…oh my lord I just don’t know what to say. A mobster is put into a witness protection program after he plans getting caught after a bank heist. What the government doesn’t know is this mobster just stole $4 million from his own family. After getting settled into his new home in Arizona he buries the money in the desert only to be found by three retired old men. This movie is terrible. How could something like this even be made? Wouldn’t you think a bigger budget movie would have little mistakes? Forget About It has so many lip sync problems and all of them come from the stupid guy playing the Italian. I can’t stand this guy and it doesn’t help that his mouth doesn’t seem to match anything he is saying. Remember some of those budget movies I reviewed back in the day? For some reason [i]Forget About It[/i] has something in common with those movies. Anytime somebody is going to say “fuck” it is bleeped out. There aren’t any loud noises, but there are random noises that are randomly thrown in. I guess this movie was already edited for TBS since I’m sure this movie will end up on there sooner than we think. Out of the two reasons one may want to see this movie, Burt Reynolds and Raquel Welsh, they don’t offer enough of anything. All of the acting in here is suffering charisma, everyone is way past their prime and it defiantly shows her. The only reason I kept my eyes open, for the most part, was Raquel Welsh. I have no idea how old she is now, but she still looks pretty good. Don’t expect any special features here. Put the DVD on and hit play. We should be thankfully nothing extra was filmed for this movie, it is really that bad. If there were any deleted scenes for this movie I would have cried like a little boy again. You know what maybe I should have cried for my mom to shut this movie off after fifteen minutes… [b]Final Verdict[/b] Avoid [i]Forget About It[/i]! Can you see the movies titles? The title of this movie should tell you a lot of this movie. I didn’t mind Burt Reynolds in his last movie that dealt with a group of old people. [i]The Crew[/i] was funny unlike this piece of garbage. [b]Rating[/b] 1 out of 10

Eric Majewski
Eric Majewski

Minor comedy, notable only for the presence of some seasoned stars. It doesn't appear they had much of a budget and styory is pretty dumb.

James Higgins
James Higgins

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