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January 18, 2017
Not a bad try for a remake, we'll see if 2017's can beat this.
January 15, 2017
This Remake OF Friday the 13th was good Better Then some of the originals!
December 28, 2016
It was actully pretty good
½ December 24, 2016
Though it delivers the explicit gore and nudity that the series is infamous for, Friday the 13th bungles an easy opportunity to provide its iconic antagonist with the sympathetic backstory he truly deserves, opting instead to settle for a garden-variety, esoteric rehash of a slasher flick.
December 22, 2016
Remake completamente fallito. Spudorato da una grande icona del cinema Horror, in cui spero si faccia qualcosa per recuperare Jason
½ November 19, 2016
Honestly, I kind of liked this remake really. Yes its predictable, cliched, but thats what I expect of the Friday the 13th films. You can't deny that Jason is FUCKING BADASS in this film though. Not fantastic, but pretty good.
½ November 7, 2016
It's a bit impressive that the Friday series managed to go so long without a reboot; one of Hollywood's favorite tricks to jump-start a struggling series. Having endured more than its share of such hardships, the Vorhees saga no doubt deserves a fresh look, but this relaunch has no sparkle, no magic. It's just another generic, run-of-the-mill, nothing-special stalker picture with an iconic mask riding aboard the killer's forehead. Throwbacks to the original trilogy abound for careful-eyed viewers, but they serve no purpose beyond a brief flash of memory. Jason himself has evolved a bit, taking on more of a predatory, turf-protecting role rather than that of a mindless, knife-flinging abattoir. His presence is more tenacious and precise, too - less of the lumbering meathead we experienced in previous encounters - but he maintains an odd knack for the comically theatrical, with a special love for body-tossing and delicate corpse arrangement. Of course, his teen victims are as dumb and irritating as ever, though the SFX gore of their eventual demise has been largely withdrawn or relegated to off-camera insinuations. The setting looks great, and it's easily the best-composed Friday ever, but the effort is ultimately rather pointless and empty without adding something new to the mythos. Dull and overly long (even at a mere ninety minutes), this particular jump-start is a clear case of style over substance.
November 3, 2016
Resume perfectamente las primeras 3 películas de la saga original y presenta una ambientación bastante moderna a la vez que homenajea a su homólogo original. No obstante, cae en los mismos errores que toda la franquicia: Miedo a escapar de la fórmula, un villano icónico que jamás es aprovechado y utilizado para algo más que "matar", personajes principales planos y una banda sonora olvidable. No obstante, si nunca has visto una película de la saga, es recomendable para adentrarse rapidamente en su mitología. Además, la película se toma mucho más en serio que las últimas películas de la franquicia y tiene momentos bastante creativos y buenos, además de ser la más terrorífica y efectiva (pero que no salvan la falta de ambición detrás de esta película más allá de ser un homenaje modernizado)
½ November 2, 2016
Let me be honest, I thought this movie was going to be a 5/10 and perhaps a 6/10 but I liked it more than that! The characters worked well, the kills were pretty good, and it has some creepy/tense/scary parts as well.

I enjoyed that Jason held one of his victims captive and didn't kill that person right away. I think it added to the creepiness of the movie. Overall, I rate it 7/10 OR 3.5/5
October 31, 2016
While not the worst horror movie, there is little new brought to the table here.
October 23, 2016
With a visceral, fierce portrayal of Jason, this movie takes Jason back to his terrifying roots.
October 23, 2016
I've watched this many many times. One of my favourite because it's entertaining and has everything. It's like Jason meets Rambo. It's an action movie more than anything else
October 16, 2016
The remake of Friday The 13th is your typical remake, especially for a classic horror film. You have graphic violence and nudity, drug use, and everything you should expect. Being a little bit more intense than the original, it's not perfect, and it's not that tension building like the original either, which is something you should expect. Again, not amazing, but perfectly watchable and enjoyable.
½ August 13, 2016
Two words. Bad, ugly. This remake is both.
August 5, 2016
First and foremost, I am not a teenybopper or an add afflicted Mtv junkie or any of the other things that "true Friday" fans think are the only people who like this film. I've been a fan of the series since I was 9 or 10yrs old, and have all the films and consider myself to be a pretty big fan of the series.

Does that mean I didn't like this film? If you listen to "real fans" you can't call yourself a true fan if you liked which is a little elitist imo. Was the film a masterpiece? No it wasn't, it had it's faults. While the Friday films were never known for great dialogue, this films dialogue made even the most cringeworth dialogue from the other films(part5 f**k you, yeah f**k me in particular) seem Shakespearean in comparison. The characters aren't the best either, but which film had great characters in it? The acting and dialogue is about on par with the rest of the series and who watches these movies for Oscar contenders anyway? I agree the whole taking a prisoner thing was a little hockey but there was a reason why he did so and if you paid attention to the film you'll know that.

Jason runs, well he did run in Parts 2,3&4 as well so it's no biggie. It's surprising that these "real fans" conveniently forget that. Real fans? More like fans of Kane Hodder's Jason(not that I'm criticising Kane, he was great) who did lumber around. This is a different Jason, he doesen't have to mimmick Kane Hodder as awesome as he was in the role.

Is it on the same level as some of the earlier Friday's? No, it's definitely not as great as the first 4, but a lot better than part8.

I wouldn't call this a remake, a remake of which film? The first? Then why isn't it Jason's mom doing the killing? The others? Well if you say that because it has Jason running around killing you could say that all the films are a remake of part2.

And it's not really a reboot like Batman and Bond(which no it's not another word for remake. What's Casino Royale remaking? The 60's comedy?) Perhaps just another entry in the series that's been called a remake because it's called Friday the 13th but in fact it isn't a remake of the first film because the set-up and such isn't even close to the original. Nor is Jason's mother in it save for the very beginning.

But still, not the greatest, but not the worst. And the "true fans"(i.e Friday fanboys and kane hodder fanboys) if you don't like it that's cool, but don't pull this "true fans" nonsense.
½ July 18, 2016
This movie bores the life out of me, I've watched it twice and fell asleep on both occasions, Michael Bay please stop producing classic characters in horror, transformers and teenage mutant ninja turtles are ruined as it is, the acting is awful, certain script points don't make sense, overall this film is boring as hell
July 15, 2016
Not the atrocities that the "Nightmare" and "Halloween" remakes were but it just wasn't entertaining, like a "Friday The 13th" film (remake or not) should be.
July 15, 2016
Friday the 13th remake is a pretty solid remake minus the lack of creative kills. I like how it sums up the first three movies in one, and puts them together pretty well.
July 9, 2016
Friday the 13th is a good looking film, but is basically the same movie we've seen before. Our main character Clay is trying to find his sister, but Jason has kidnapped her because she looks like his mother. It seems very convenient that Jason wouldn't kill this girl so we could have a story. Overall, it's a pointless remake.
½ July 4, 2016
I like the good old fashioned chase that a slow killer gives goofy hot babes. Although this film pulls from the ideas of the classic horror films, it features a lot of torture and not fast killing right out the bat. I don't find the film scary or enjoyable.
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