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This 1981 John Irvin picture constitutes an adaptation of Peter Straub's colossal, bestselling novel. The central plot -- shared by both book and film -- revolves around the four elderly members of the Chowder Society (Fred Astaire, Melvyn Douglas, Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. and John Houseman), who gather in each other's drawing rooms each winter to sip cognac and spin elaborate ghost stories. The four men also share a dark secret far more unsettling than fiction -- a secret which has literally come back to haunt them, as well as their own adult offspring. Each man is visited by a hideous specter bearing the likeness of a young woman (Alice Krige) they accidentally killed 50 years ago when spurning her mischievous sexual advances.

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Fred Astaire
as Ricky Hawthorne
Melvyn Douglas
as Dr. John Jaffrey
Douglas Fairbanks Jr.
as Edward Charles Wanderley
John Houseman
as Sears James
Craig Wasson
as Don/David Wanderley
Alice Krige
as Alma/Eva
Miguel Fernandes
as Gregory Bate
Lance Holcomb
as Fenny Bate
Mark Chamberlin
as Young Jaffrey
Tim Choate
as Young Hawthorne
Kurt Johnson
as Young Wanderley
Ken Olin
as Young James
Guy Boyd
as Omar Norris
Robert Burr
as Peterson
Helena Carroll
as Mrs. Meredith
Robin Curtis
as Rea Dedham
Breon Gorman
as Nettie Dedham
Cagle D. Green
as Eva's Ghost
Lance Helcomb
as Fenny Bate
Kyra Carleton
as Eva's Ghost
James Greene
as The Postman
Ruth Hunt
as Florence
Virginia P. Bingham
as Sears' Mother
Deborah Offner
as Helen Kayon
Russell Bletzer
as Reverend Wilkinson
Alfred Curven
as Man in the Coffin
Michael O'Neill
as Churchill
William F. Conway
as Sears' Father
Hugh Hires
as Student Solt
Raymond J. Quinn
as Ricky's Father
Barbara von Zastrow
as Ricky's Mother
Alvin W. Fretz
as The Coroner
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Audience Reviews for Ghost Story

  • Feb 07, 2019
    Four old gentlemen, in a small club that celebrates ghost stories as well as strong drink, cannot believe it when they are visited by bad dreams and occurrences that seem to point to a real ghost in their lives. The main attractions to this particular story are its top heavy cast as well as the popular story by Peter Straub. The scares have not weathered the passing of years too well, but the spooky vibe still remains and carries the work nonetheless.
    Kevin M. W Super Reviewer
  • Apr 11, 2013
    Ghost Story is an average horror yarn that had the potential of being something truly memorable. As it stands, there are some effective moments here and there, but overall the material is mostly flat with minimal chills to be had. I enjoyed the film as a mindless time waster, but I also felt that the filmmakers could have put a bit more effort into the film's script to really make it stand out among other ghost tales. Acting wise, there are some good performances, unfortunately there are no standout performances either. Genre fans may enjoy it, and there some good things about the film. However like I said, there should have been more effort put into delivering something truly horrifying. Ghost Story is mildly chilling, and it leaves a lot to be desired. Is the film worth seeing, you ask? Well, it is, if you want something in the vein of Amityville horror, where it's not too scary, and then this is a perfect film to watch. Ghost Story is one of those films that is perfect for newcomers of the horror genre as the horror content is quite soft, but suggests more that what is going on, on-screen. In that sense, it leaves the imagination run wild, and it that respect, the movie succeeds at being quite entertaining and overcoming its shortcomings. The film could have been reworked, but as a whole, it's mindless entertainment that will appeal to new fans of horror, but for the veteran, they notice its flaws very early. The plot on the other hand is quite good, but good have been perfected a bit more to really make Ghost Story a memorable horror classic. In the end, it's worth seeing, and if you can get past its imperfections, you might like it as a cheesy horror tale.
    Alex r Super Reviewer
  • Oct 30, 2009
    Not bad at all but not as scary as I hoped it would be
    Brody M Super Reviewer
  • Feb 24, 2009
    Even though the effects are outdated, there are some very genuine feelings of creepiness and read while watching this. This movie also relies heavily on flashbacks and more of a story than most brainless horror movies, even though it isn't as fun as some slasher flicks.
    Ken D Super Reviewer

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