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½ January 3, 2019
Mariah Carey's debacle is a joke today and rightly so- this is an excruciating film to subject oneself to. Its too annoying to be considered so bad it becomes good and too boring to even entertain in bits. There are enough howlingly bad lines of dialogue in Glitter to provide occasional breaks of unintentional laughter, but, even with those interruptions, this movie is agonizing to sit through. Occasionally, I see a chunk of cinematic debris that strikes so many wrong chords that I can't figure out how the project was greenlighted in the first place. This is one of those incidents. Glitter lacks anything resembling a sparkle, and, as a movie star, Mariah Carey is the equivalent of a black hole.
November 14, 2018
Well duh, its Mariah! She can do no wrong
October 9, 2018
Honestly, the movie really isn't that bad. It really got panned by people who just don't like Mariah Carey because they think she's some "Diva", without having watch any interviews about her, or knowing zero about her actual personality ( meanwhile they classified JLo as a nice person... Seriously?). The acting wasn't bad, and while I wish a better job was done with the music, I really have seen worse. I honestly think it would have did better as a television film rather than one to hit theatres. Between 9/11, and the fact that too many people were ragging on Mariah Carey at the time, it really didn't have any hope in the box office. But honestly, in my opinion, not a bad movie. Mariah Carey is actually a very talented actress as well as singer.
March 9, 2018
guilty pleasure of mine, not a good movie but i didnt think it was bad either.
½ February 6, 2018
One of the most boring movies I've ever seen.
½ August 7, 2017
Bruh movie straight trash dawg The worst part was Mariah Carey and her trash acting maybe its a prediction on her future acting career.
½ August 3, 2017
Glitter is like tasting actual glitter, it is disgusting
½ November 20, 2016
That was good....but you have to be a Mariah Carey fan to appreciate this movie. I enjoyed it. I'm glad I finally watched it. :)
September 21, 2016
No stars. I'm not a fan of Mariah Carey's voice, so I knew right away this movie was not for me. But after hearing it trashed so viciously by everyone, I had to see for myself. Now that it's 16 years later, some critics, presumably Mariah Carey fans, say that this movie was treated too harshly and we should reevaluate it. I did. It was horrible then, and somehow got even more horrible with time. Now even Mariah Carey has disowned it. If the person on the cover of the DVD doesn't like the movie she's in, why should you?
July 30, 2016
I decided to watch an encore viewing of the movie _Glitter_ on one of the STARZ channels as I was feeling rather nostalgic after my initial viewing back in 2001... However formulaic it might have been, the critics were unnecessarily harsh as the movie didn't warrant such low ratings! I have watched movies in my lifetime that possessed minimal redeeming qualities and/or were painful to sit through, and _Glitter_ did not fall in this category as far I'm concerned... Is this an Academy award-winning film? No, but it certainly didn't deserve to be classified as one of the worst movies ever... I don't think the title of movie was a compelling one; however, the vocal prowess of Mariah Carey is undeniable as she showcased her musical talent quite effectively, especially during Billiie's sold-out concert performance! I just loved the opening duet between Biillie and her mother and remember being extremely disappointed that it wasn't part of the purchased soundtrack... I thought that Mariah emoted a longing for her mother and desire to reconnect with her quite convincingly... In fact, this element of the storyline really resonated with me so deeply that tears were streaming down my face during the final scene of the movie! If you approach the movie with an open and receptive mindset, you might find be able to appreciate the semi-autobiographical nature of the script, Mariah's extraordinarily magical voice and the 80s club-themed music inserted throughout the film, which was just as entertaining as the first time I saw this movie!
June 18, 2016
If you're a Mariah Carey fan, you're gonna love it. If not, come on, it's not that bad.
May 8, 2016
Glitter is one of the worst films I've seen. The music is not the greatest. Mariah Carey was a disappointment in this movie. The screenplay is not the best. Vondie Curtis-Hall did what he could with what he had. I'm not impressed and would not recommend this movie.
April 14, 2016
A showcase for Carey's breasts and nothing more
½ February 9, 2016
An unintentionally funny movie, that was supposed be a somewhat serious drama. The film lacks a cohesive plot or narrative and nobody in the movie shows any acting ability at all.
½ July 15, 2015
If I can sit down to watch a musical and just laugh (unintentionally), I think Glitter will be it.

The story of a gifted young singer, Billie Frank (Mariah Carey), who overcomes a turbulent childhood and struggles to find her true identity and voice. During her childhood, Billie is abandoned by her drug-addicted mother and is remanded to an orphanage. Years later, Billie is discovered by charismatic, irresistible "bad boy" DJ Julian Dice (Max Beesley) who hears her demo and, floored by her talent, gets her a record deal. She soon falls for him and he becomes her partner, producer and lover. With Dice, she begins an exciting but often volatile and precarious journey as she struggles through her personal and professional life, riding the roller coaster to superstardom. However, conflicts with Dice hold her back and she ultimately must begin to escape his influence and find her own style.

It is so rare that a movie like Glitter fails on every level-- from the acting, to the writing, to the directing, to.... well, you name it. Everything in Glitter is so amateur that makes me think that this should went straight to VH1, MTV, or maybe Lifetime-- expect I think that those channels have better acting, writing, and direction than Glitter. Not only was the movie amateur, it is also cliched. Watching it was thinking "WOW, I have seen this before but in better movies."

The romance between Carey and Beesley is so unbelievable that I didn't see them as a couple. Not only is it unbelievable but it is very implausible. I really didn't care nor buy their romance as the movie went on.

The acting in Glitter is so bad that it makes the acting in Showgirls look good by comparison. However, Showgirls is so bad it's good. However, Glitter on the other hand is not. But, I will say that to Glitter's credit, you can not watch the film by yourself. However, it does not mean that it's so bad it's good.

The best thing about this film called Glitter is obviously when Carey is singing. Everyone is or was dumping on the soundtrack but it wasn't that bad to be honest. However, it was not a perfect or "oh my god, I have to buy this soundtrack and put it on my iTunes." When Carey sings, it is amazing to hear. And the music is decent to hear too.

Glitter is so bad that Carey herself had a meltdown. She apparently blamed the 9/11 attacks when the movie came out. Truth be told, the film failed critically and financially, having a 7% on Rotten Tomatoes and earning back about 4 million over its 22 million (I think). Come on, lets be honest here, we all know the truth. The truth is that Glitter sucks on every level-- with the exception of the music and Carey singing. I understand that it wasn't Mariah's fault that the movie failed. However, I think that she should stick to singing or maybe sticking to supporting roles like her role in the movie Precious (which is a better movie or maybe a better step for Ms. Carey).

If you want to watch a musical and be entertain, Glitter isn't it. However, if you want to laugh and have a drinking game then you knock yourself out (what I meant about that is you should watch it if you are drunk. Other than that, you should skip this dud and watch some Mariah Carey music videos instead. Oh, did I forget to mention that this film is set in the 80s for no reason. Wow, filmmakers, you really tried it.
March 17, 2015
I know everyone seems to hate this movie, but I honestly love it. The music was great, the movie was great, funny & dramatic. Don't expect a lot from it and it'll actually surprise you. Believe me.
January 31, 2015
Glitter fails as Mariah Carrey?s star vehicle being a farrago of threadbare banality leaving it completely hollow, pointless, and surprisingly boring.
January 30, 2015
Stupid, cliche, and horribly directed. Glitter reminds us why singers should never get a film surrounding them and their "amazing" success. Glitter had many directions to go in the beginning and had many opportunities to save itself, but it makes the wrong moves and ends up burning. But it didn't have that much help from its horrible acting from Mariah Carey and its poor editing. Glitter may entertain or amaze die hard Mariah Carey fans and give them what they want, but everyone else would be sleeping, annoyed, or angry by this poor excuse for a film.
½ January 26, 2015
a movie so bad, that it's actually depressing to watch
November 2, 2014
Glitter is a joyless collection of clichés and terrible performances.
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