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December 7, 2015
quick story line, paced very well.
July 8, 2012
After watching The Odyssey, which was really good, I borrowed this movie from my friend. I couldn't bear even the first 30 minutes of the movie. I like low budget movies, I am a great fan of B-movies but this is ridiculous. The effects are so bad you feel ashamed of watching the movie at all. And not just the effects, but along with the bad acting and story the movie seems really weird in a ridiculous way. The thing that bothered me the most was when I saw the effects done with the centaur. Now it seems like I am bitching too much about the effects, it is true that they don't matter if the movie is good, but if someone is making a movie about mythical characters and beings, they should at least do a better job with the special effects, otherwise do some other type of movie. I give this movie 1 star, since I didn't actually watch it till the end.
April 21, 2011
In the early days of CGI, there was HERCULES! CGI has been a killer of film for me, but I actually watched it just to see how shitty the CGI was, and I was impressed.
½ February 9, 2011
Tells the story well with its own take on the fable. Despite the poor effects for its year of production, the acting and plotline makes up for any other inadequacies. This is more of the kind of acting you would see on a stage where everything is exaggerated and reading between the line is simple enough, but it is done well.
June 18, 2010
Pretty feeble attempt. Is a made-for-TV movie, and definitely feels like it.
April 24, 2010
A very well done mini-series/movie adaptation to the "12 Labors of Hercules" Lots of action and very interesting situations. While the CG is 9 times out of 10 very cheap looking the movie is enjoyable. The children in the movie were also fairly poorly written but their screen time and lines in the movie are short which means the worst acting and worst written characters are barely in the movie at all. Good move, if you absolutely must have a child character make their roles small. for the few faults it has I was able to enjoy the mini-series. I recommend it to anybody who is a fan of greek mythology
January 6, 2010
Paul Telfer is gorgeous and Elizabeth Perkins is great! Unfortunately, the writing is really clumsy. I never understand why people insist upon bastardizing myths in modern re-tellings. The reason they've lasted is that they are great as is. This story ends up being more Roman than Greek with all of it's plotting and suspicion. I'm still waiting for the one, great, faithful Hercules film.
December 22, 2009
Yeah, this was a good movie, but then kinda boring at the same time.
½ November 27, 2009
Bad acting, naff special effects and a number of poor casting choices, not least of all Paul Telfer as Hercules who seems to have been cast merely because he looks good with his shirt off rather than any acting ability ! Hercules is not meant to be a pretty boy but a man's man !
½ September 14, 2009
**1/2 (out of four)

Four hour mini-series that tries to add some credibility to the mass of Hercules movies that have become somewhat of a joke over the years.

Paul Telfer sure looks the part, though he also looks like he should be advertising toothpaste, or something like that. The story is still on the weak side as he goes through all his usual trials. Better than most, but nothing overly special.
July 13, 2009
I love it. Not true to the myth, but better than previous ones. And Paul Telfer is the sexiest Hecules.
½ July 12, 2009
WHERE WAS THE DRAGON!? I prefer the TV serious over this movie.
June 2, 2009
it's raeally good,..i like it,..
April 16, 2009
love the movie! paul is so hot!
½ February 17, 2009
This is a B-grade fantasy/action flick, and very enjoyable if you realize going in what you're in for. The graphics are inconsistent, sometimes very believeable, sometimes....not. It was kinda funny to see Timothy Dalton looking older, and to see Sean Bean in something other than Lord Of The Rings. (He was why I had wanted to see it when it was on TV originally...) Overall, not bad. Should satisfy anyone who wants an alternative to Disney...
November 24, 2008
Hercules (supposed to be known as Heracles in Greek Mythology) was one of the greatest heroes in Greece, but is represented in this mini-series that is, well, wussy. The first half of this mini-series is absolutely atrocious. Hercules doesn't even look like he's going to become a great hero, instead he is (and the actor portrays him) like a whiny English schoolboy bitch. The second half is much better. On the plus side, the story is of course excellent, albeit poorly executed, and the whole thing shorter than 3 hours. Also, I hated the inclusion of that waste of acting "talent" from Lord Of The Rings (Sean Astin - although anyone in that movie is a waste) in the cast - horrible.
October 4, 2008
This one is not suitable for children and reminds me of the Mists of Avalon. Alot of twists. One thing compelling was it left me thinking about the plot for awhile.
October 2, 2008
I didn't mind this shockingly. I liked the story but some of the graphics were pretty lame. But I was entertained and I did watch the whole thing so thats saying something
September 9, 2008
totally different to the Disney one,haha/ generally is okay wonder how they would do the second one...
½ September 7, 2008
Good, but very disconnected from what I want. Not much humor at all.
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