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July 31, 2016
Remake pas très ressemblant d'un film de 1953, House of Wax reste très classique dans son approche de slasher pour ado. Le seul passage vraiment sympa peut être la mort de Paris Hilton
July 12, 2016
Not a bad remake. It's always fun watching Paris Hilton get slaughtered.
½ July 3, 2016
love the premise of this one, and the execution is terrific, haunting atmosphere, clever editing, and fine actors....i have to admit it scare the hell out of me the first time I saw it.
great horror film
June 9, 2016
I adore that movie but I can't watch it! Ok, total teen horror movie but that was totally unpredictable and absolutely mad! SPOILER ALERT - When Wade gets his face tear off, OMG! I wish I've never seen that cute little face like that lol! I've had nightmares for days. And when that horrible man appears from the floor, shit! I was afraid of getting out of bed. And if I say... Secators. Ok, that's it. I have to stop. I'm traumatized for life ??! Oh, forgot Paris Hilton, that was a satisfying death. Not that I don't like her, but her character: yes!
J'ai adoré! Ok, classique film d'horreur d'ados, mais imprévisible et carrément dément! Attention SPOILER - Quand Wade se fait arracher le visage, OMD! J'en ai fait des cauchemars longtemps. J'aurais voulu ne jamais voir ce joli minois terminer comme ça. Et quand ce fou apparaît par le plancher, Ouch! Je ne pouvais plus descendre du lit! Et que dire des sécateurs... Ok j'arrête, J'en n'aurais encore long ( je crois avoir été traumatisé... Mdr !) J'ai oublié Paris Hilton, voilà une mort satisfaisante... Pas que je ne l'aime pas mais son personnage si!
May 18, 2016
House of Wax goes through the slasher cliche motions until the finale. The conclusion atmosphere is unique and cool to watch. Other than that it is average.
April 8, 2016
House of wax, can you say creepy? This 2005 movie remake left me on the edge of my seat throughout the entirety of it, but no matter how close I was to falling into the depths of this horror film, the many mistake kept me up. This movie started out very strong with an intense beginning Immediately you are thrown into this world of insanity. The beginning itself sent so many emotions through my mind, it was definitely thought through and left me without a clue as to what this movie had in store for me. It didn't give you enough information to understand what was happening, but it gave you just enough to ensure that you kept watching.
Now this movie contained a few of the cliche characters which I didn't mind. They had the dumb blonde girl, the jerk, and the guy who wants to just have sex. Although this movie have everything, from sex, to family bonding, to murder, it almost seemed as if it didn't have enough.
Fellow movie critic Harry Guerin agrees with me by saying:
"The whole thing is vacuously enjoyable, downright nasty in places and, despite the fact that the ending is rushed, has a pretty spectacular finish" (Harry Guerin)
This movie contained all the right amount of gore with the bloody pile of animal carcasses, to the missing of fingers, and lot more, but I'm not one to spoil a movie so I'll just stayed hushed about the rest. Now, although I loved the horror and intensity of this movie, the acting failed. This was definitely a bummer because the movie had a great plot and great potential. There was several occasions throughout the film were the acting was.. Crummy. This movie also left a lot of loose ends just hanging about. There were multiple times where I was left confused and just utterly baffled.
Other critics saying:
"A stupid, brainless, and pointless horror installment with all the usual characters, and pretty bad acting all around." (Felix Vasquez Jr.)
"Apparent kills are left unverified, handy firearms are left untouched, and the group splits up a record four times, ensuring most of these dolts will never see the dawn." (Pete Vonder Haar)
This movie is in the middle, they had great intentions but poorly executed them. There is a variety of people that love and hate the movie, I guess it's really just up to the viewer.
This movie is was very neutral for me, kinda like when you get your first car. It's a crappy car but atleast you have a car.
The acting flopped and there were extra scenes that were not needed for the sake of the story but the intensity and fact that it kept me on the edge of my seat no matter how much i wanted to hide made the movie a 3 star rating for me.
March 30, 2016
While hokey at times, there's actually some chilling violence strewn about this remake. Throw in young, hot scantily clad Elisha Cuthbert and of course Paris Hilton trying to "act" and you could do a lot worse for a horror flick.
½ March 17, 2016
Creepy, horrific, funny gorefest.
½ February 27, 2016
Terrible remake, shoving a white trash tramp in a cameo doesn't make the film better, nobody fucking cares about the fake and useless Paris Hilton, she's no Drew Barrymore.
½ February 25, 2016
If you're really stuck & there's nothing else around- this will have to do. The cast rely solely on their aesthetic to carry even parts of this film. Not really much of an homage to the 1953 original, I'm not sure it was set to be, though. A teen slasher with occasional bursts of interest when a semi-obvious twist comes into fruition. Vincent is a Mike Myers replica I'm not hugely thrilled by. Sloppy camera work, at times. I'm not sure this film really established it's identity before it began so it tries to be an amalgamation of plenty. Ineffective.
½ February 3, 2016
this is the first and it's the worse horror movie I've ever watched there were a few moments that made me jump, A shitty story line, poor acting made this a terrible movie. it was more a comedy than a horror movie
½ February 1, 2016
The cast of characters are especially stupid. This takes that cliche to a whole new level. It's like they are faced with several choices at every turn and choose the dumbest possible thing to do. The movie is also incredibly long for a generic slasher at almost 2 hours. It takes about an hour before anyone is killed. That's almost unacceptable in a cliched teen slasher. How would this even appeal to the most mindless audience just looking for popcorn fun? Not to mention, the kills are mostly forgettable, some even happening off camera.

The one good thing is the ending sequence in the burning wax museum. It's probably the only thing reminiscent of the original movie. It looks good mostly... aside from one god awful cgi moment near the end of their escape. There's just something about melting wax figures that looks really neat on camera.

Anyway, the movie has basically nothing to do with the original movie. It is more closely related to the movie Tourist Trap or The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. This is just another slasher that doesn't even reach the standards of even some of the lamest movies of the genre.
January 24, 2016
Unlike the Excellent Vincent Price 1953 film "House of Wax" which itself was a remake of a 1930s movie called "Mysteries of a Wax Museum". This 2005 remake unfortunately titled "House of Wax" follows in the classic tradition of remakes of completely snuffing out any hyped expectations we had prior to watching the film. Now what's wrong with it you ask? Well the thing that did it for me was that it had almost nothing in the slightest to do with the 1953 Vincent Price remake nor the original 1930's film. Remakes are generally created to modernize an original story/film to reflect the common culture, not to create something that has nothing to do with the original! But wait! It gets better the original title for this film was to be "Wax House, Baby" most likely to be a unrelated film entirely until Warner Bros decided to change it to a more profitable "House of wax."
So now that we got that out of the way, lets begin with the story! A road trip consisting of a bunch of teenagers takes a rapid detour downhill, as the teens decide to camp out for the night before heading to their destination. A run in with a creepy truck driver at the campsite leaves everyone disturbed. They then wake up the next morning to find that their car has been screwed with, conveniently leaving them with no transportation what so damn ever. They then decide to stay at a nearby town with the main attraction of that town being a wax museum. And as you can probably guess most of the characters don't make it, as "House of Wax" becomes nothing more than a cheap Slasher film full of sex, blood, and stupid decisions of the main characters. Great! The overall story's out of the way, now lets discuss the next problem people had with this film, Paris Hilton. To be fair she wasn't as abominable as she was in " The Hottie and the Nottie" and in fact does rather a fair job given the material she had to work with. I'll even go to this extent and say that at least she "some" talent and actually tries to do something productive unlike how you say "The Kardashians" so to say that she is the worst aspect of the movie isn't really fair seeing that she at least put some effort in as well as the fact that an actor is only as good as the script.
In conclusion, I have come to hate this film a little less than I originally did but not enough to give it a good rating. I give it 2 /5 stars
½ January 10, 2016
An absolute disgrace to the original, of which it has very little in common. This remake is ridden with cliches and filled with characters of such low IQ that we don't care that they're dying. The best part of the movie is a brief Paris Hilton striptease and that, on most days, isn't appealing enough to satisfy a viewing. Absolute schlock.
½ January 9, 2016
The best part of this movie was the fact that Tommy wiseau was the primary antagonist
½ January 1, 2016
Bearing very little resemblance to the 1958 Vincent Price classic, Jaume Collett-Serra's "House of Wax" is a pretty bad movie, but in a fun, always entertaining way. The characters all make stupid decisions leading up to their demise, and the film veers too far into formulaic slasher territory, even though the kills here are creative. Collett-Serra would go on to direct much better work ("Orphan" is fantastic), and so would screenwriting brothers Chad and Carey Hayes ("The Conjuring" is a modern horror classic). The cast, though their characters are dumb, are mostly fun to watch. Elisha Cuthbert is a welcome presence, but Chad Michael Murray can't escape the teen heartthrob persona that he established before the film. Brian Van Holt is decent enough. And Paris Hilton clearly can't act, but I will say her death is the most hilarious horror movie dispatch I've seen in a while. Both the production design and special effects are great for the film, but "House of Wax" ultimately boils down (no pun intended) to all style but no substance. However, it is still a fun, passable horror flick.
December 19, 2015
Entertaining little horror film! The effects and vibes are great, along with some good acting and creepy scenes
Super Reviewer
½ December 2, 2015
An infuriating movie full of clichés and stupid characters who are there only to be slaughtered in some juicy, gruesome deaths - which happen to be the only effective thing in this idiotic mess, I must add. But we have to go through a lot of nothing to get to the good part.
½ November 27, 2015
Enjoyable yet pretentious, "House of Wax" succeeds on way to many levels to not give it a positive review.
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