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It's lifted by affable performances from its impeccable cast, and it's often charming -- but Morning Glory is also inconsistent and derivative.



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A new romantic comedy set in the hilarious and dysfunctional world of morning television. When hard-working TV producer Becky Fuller (McAdams) is fired from a local news program, her career begins to look as bleak as her hapless love life. Stumbling into a job at "Daybreak" (the last-place national morning news show), Becky decides to revitalize the show by bringing on legendary TV anchor Mike Pomeroy (Ford). Unfortunately, Pomeroy refuses to cover morning show staples like celebrity gossip, weather, fashion and crafts, let alone work with his new co-host, Colleen Peck (Keaton), a former beauty queen and longtime morning show personality, who is more than happy covering morning "news." As Mike and Colleen clash, first behind the scenes and then on the air, Becky's blossoming love affair with fellow producer, Adam Bennett (Wilson) begins to unravel. And soon Becky is struggling to save her relationship, her reputation, her job and ultimately, the show itself.

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Rachel McAdams
as Becky Fuller
Harrison Ford
as Mike Pomeroy
Diane Keaton
as Colleen Peck
Patrick Wilson
as Adam Bennett
Jeff Goldblum
as Jerry Barnes
John Pankow
as Lenny Bergman
Matt Malloy
as Ernie Appleby
Patti D'Arbanville
as Becky's Mom
Ty Burrell
as Paul McVee
Jeff Hiller
as Sam, Channel 9 Producer
Linda Powell
as Louanne
J. Elaine Marcos
as Lisa Bartlett
Liz Keifer
as Jerry's Wife
Don Roy King
as Merv, Daybreak Director
Pepper Binkley
as Jerry's Assistant
Don Hewitt Sr.
as Joe the Cameraperson
Reed Birney
as Governor Willis
Carmen M. Herlihy
as Becky's Assistant
Noah Bean
as First Date
Jack Davidson
as Dog Walking Neighbor
Joseph J. Vargas
as Channel 9 Director
Mario Frieson
as Channel 9 Technical Director
Mario Frierson
as Channel 9 Technical Director
Kevin Herbst
as Channel 9 Associate Director
Stephen Park
as Channel 9 Weatherperson
Adrian Martinez
as IBS Lobby Guard
Rizwan Manji
as Daybreak Producer
Jay Russell
as Daybreak Producer
Finnerty Steeves
as Daybreak Producer
Yvonne Finnerty
as Daybreak Producer
Rick Younger
as Daybreak Producer
Arden Myrin
as Daybreak Producer
Caroline Clay
as Daybreak Producer
Katharine Hyde
as Daybreak Producer
Allen Warnock
as Daybreak Producer
Welker White
as Daybreak Producer
Maddie Corman
as Daybreak Producer
Jeremy Beiler
as Daybreak Producer
Jonathan Forte
as First Intern
Kevin Pariseau
as Horse Teeth Reporter
Christopher Sieber
as Groundhog Reporter
Lauren Cohn
as Crafts Expert
Jayne Houdyshell
as Stage Manager
Alice Callahan
as Girl at Schiller's
Myles O'Brien
as IBS Anchorperson
Miles O'Brien
as IBS Anchorperson
Robert Caminiti
as Daybreak Associate Director
Stefani L. Cohen
as Daybreak Timing Production Assistant
Gray Winslow
as Daybreak Technical Director
Paul Urcioli
as IBS Evening News Producer
Rosalynd Darling
as Daybreak Fan on Plaza
Gio Perez
as Second Intern
Steve McAuliff
as Animal Expert
Bruce Altman
as Television Executive
Kathleen McNenny
as Television Executive
Jason Kravits
as Television Executive
John Bundy
as Magician
Morley Safer
as Himself
50 Cent
as Himself
Tony Yayo
as Himself
DJ Whoo Kidd
as Himself
DJ Whoo Kid
as Himself
Lloyd Banks
as Himself
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  • Nov 24, 2013
    Rachel McAdams shines as the frazzled, determined and adorable up-and-coming TV producer, but the movie just doesn't pay her back. Between its plot (The Devil Wears Prada-esque), its feuding anchor dynamic (a watered-down Anchorman) and its cringe-worthy love scenes, all that's left is the cloying happy ending. There is a very good movie hidden in here somewhere, but it's just too formulaic and it grates by the end.
    Daniel P Super Reviewer
  • Mar 17, 2012
    I liked it, didn't love it. One of the better not-totally-generic-but-still-totally predictable rom-com in recent years.
    Ken S Super Reviewer
  • Mar 09, 2012
    "Morning Glory" starts with a very good reason why cell phones should be banned, as Becky Fuller(Rachel McAdams) is so distracted by hers, that she ruins any chance she had with her date(Noah Bean, of 'Nikita'). At least professionally, things are going well for her as she is in line for a promotion at the New Jersey television station where she produces the morning show. Except she doesn't and is laid off to boot. Coming to her rescue is Jerry Barnes(Jeff Goldblum) of fourth place IBS who hires her as executive producer for their morning show, more to give the lions in the sub-basement fresh meat more than anything else. However, Becky proves her mettle quickly, by firing co-anchor Paul McVee(Ty Burrell), not so much for his subscription to Leg Show Magazine, as his poor attitude. She gets a replacement by contractually blackmailing Mike Pomeroy(Harrison Ford, desperately seeking to channel Clint Eastwood. No, maybe Humphrey Bogart. Or maybe he's just really constipated.), legendary newsman and now second worst person in the world behind Angela Lansbury, which is not really a good idea when he is holding a hunting rifle. Obviously made by somebody who never got the point of "Network," "Morning Glory" suggests that entertainment can co-exist with news without inherently corrupting it. Now, maybe one could just conceivably make an argument that sweetening the news a little would make it more palatable with the audience but that way lies madness and pandering which Republicans excel at. Otherwise, "Morning Glory" has a few cameos and scenes that work really well but otherwise relies on cliches to get it through, as it is not really sure it likes its lead character, never a good sign. I'm not asking for the equivalent of a PSA on the dangers of freebasing caffeine but the movie desperately needs substance, maybe implying that Pomeroy was let go due to ageism. Yes, Harrison Ford was funny and charming once but how long ago was "Working Girl?" Tommy Lee Jones, with his unique talent for being simultaneously a straight man and funny, or Victor Garber, who appears to have fun even when playing pompous characters, would have been better choices. And Jeff Goldblum and Diane Keaton are given so very little to work with. That leaves Patrick Wilson to run off with the movie with a very relaxed performance
    Walter M Super Reviewer
  • Jan 16, 2012
    Not an out and out entertainer, this one's a watchable comedy.
    familiar s Super Reviewer

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