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Jason Statham is game as usual, but Parker is a thoroughly generic and convoluted heist movie.



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Set amidst the unparalleled wealth and glamor of Palm Beach, Jason Statham and Jennifer Lopez team up to get their cut in the crime thriller PARKER based on the series of bestselling novels by Donald E. Westlake. The film is directed by Academy Award (R) nominee Taylor Hackford (Ray) and also stars Michael Chiklis, Wendell Pierce (HBO's The Wire) and Academy Award nominee Nick Nolte. (c) Film District

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  • Dec 20, 2014
    All Parker(Jason Statham) wants to do is rob the Ohio State Fair with no hiccups and nobody getting hurt and then go home to his girlfriend Claire(Emma Booth) and have hot passionate sex. But first Hardwicke(Micah Hauptman) has to set a fire in the wrong place, leading to an unnecessary death. And then Melander(Michael Chiklis) double crosses Parker, taking all the loot and leaving Parker for dead by the side of the road. But luckily for Parker, not completely so, as with help from Hurley(Nick Nolte), he tracks Melander down to Palm Beach and a much bigger score. "Parker" proves the old adage that any movie wherein Jason Statham wearing a cowboy hat cannot be all bad. And Statham does carry the day playing the eponymous thief with a unique code of honor, meant to guard against both stupidity and greed, both of which can be deadly in his line of work. But just as there is a pretty good supporting cast on hand; Wendell Pierce gets to do too little and Jennifer Lopez way too much. That's not to mention how much the movie could have been tighter, like eliminating some of the slack from the middle sections.
    Walter M Super Reviewer
  • Jun 12, 2014
    Parker is one of those films that look great on paper, but when it was put to celluloid, it simply didn't deliver. What we have here is a film that lacks in what it tries to do. The film is poorly constructed and the result is a mediocre movie that ends up being tiresome instead of entertaining and memorable. I really wanted to enjoy the film, but I felt that some members of the cast, especially Jennifer Lopez, who shouldn't act in the first place, brought the film down. Mix that with an undeveloped script and the result is a pointless action film that fails. What really is a shame is that, if given the write director, and a few rewrites, the film might have had a chance. However, that was not to be, and the finished film is just a boring action film with poor performances and in the long run, it's a forgettable affair that isn't worth your time. If you're expecting a good, entertaining film, you won't find it here. This film should have been good, and it could have, but it's a mediocre film, which just doesn't cut it. I love a good, mindless action yarn, but Parker tries far too hard at exceeding its limitations, and it comes up empty handed due to the lacking material that is given to the actors. One way to have improved on the film would have been to cast someone else in Lopez's role, and like I said, rewrite the script a bit so that everything would have had a nice flow, and in would have been a nicely thought out action film that would be entertaining from start to finish, instead of the poorly made mess that ends up being a not so satisfying film.
    Alex r Super Reviewer
  • Sep 19, 2013
    The line where 'Parker' changes from watchable neo-noir thriller to mediocre heist thriller can be drawn with the introduction of Jennifer Lopez's character and Jason Statham's Stetson hat and bad Texan accent. Up until that point, it's surprising how enjoyable it is. Statham is serviceable in the lead role, playing essentially the same gravel-voiced character he's been playing for years, and Hackford's direction lends the film a likable grittiness. But then it devolves into uninspired plotting, an undeveloped romance between the Statham and Lopez characters and a finale that's not as disappointing as it is unbelievably dumb. And let's not forget an entire sequence that's shamelessly devoted to showcasing the homes in the Palm Beach area.
    Stephen E Super Reviewer
  • Sep 16, 2013
    Interesting. Just another pretty good Jason Statham movie lol. Nothing special about it, but nothing special about it either. Worth seeing if you like his films.
    Stephen S Super Reviewer

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