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July 24, 2019
The Quiet Man is John Ford's best picture since The Informer, but much, much funnier.
December 5, 2016
As much an anthropological adventure as a romantic rhapsody.
March 11, 2008
This is a robust romantic drama of a native-born's return to Ireland. Director John Ford took cast and cameras to Ireland to tell the story [by Maurice Walsh] against actual backgrounds.
March 11, 2008
John Ford's 1952 Oscar winner is a tribute to an Ireland that exists only in the imaginations of songwriters and poets like Ford.
Top Critic
June 24, 2006
The illusion/reality theme underlying immigrant boxer Wayne's return from America to County Galway is soon swamped within a vibrant community of stage-Irish 'types'.
May 20, 2003
Let's face it. Mr. Ford is in love with Ireland, as is his cast, and they give us a fine, gay time while they're about it.
May 8, 2019
Incredible chemistry and one of the most epic kisses in all of movies make it a fun watch for me
March 15, 2019
Credit must go to O'Hara, who is at her most magnetic in this film, and is central to what makes "The Quiet Man" so enjoyable and so memorable.
November 2, 2016
Olive Films gives The Quiet Man their Signature treatment, and the result is about as glorious as Technicolor can get on the small screen.
October 27, 2016
The film's saucy mix of comedy and melodrama is one of its greatest charms, although it can give you whiplash from time to time, especially if you're not used to Ford's brand of broad, back-slapping comedy
January 13, 2016
Highly endearing even as it shows its age... filled with gorgeous shots and without a single wasted frame.
January 23, 2013
John Ford would fight against the currents of Hollywood to realize 1952's The Quiet Man, arguably his most personal work and one of the purest distillations of this charismatic personality's diverse artistic nature.
September 5, 2012
[The script] tends to resolve its problems by having the cast embrace, fraternity-brother fashion, and break out into full-throated ballads.
October 25, 2011
John Ford certainly has a right to some Irish blarney
August 15, 2011
John Ford may be the first director to make me like John Wayne.
December 28, 2010
Old-fashioned charmer for the family.
August 8, 2008
Brilliantly photographed romantic comedy.
March 11, 2008
This is an amusing The Taming of the Shrew type comedy handled with a professional softness of touch by all concerned.
March 11, 2008
Ideal Sunday afternoon fare.
February 29, 2008
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