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Based on a true WWI story, this film follows a religious Tennessee boy, who is initially opposed to war. York is drafted into the Army, where he realizes that there is indeed justification for fighting. In the course of service, he becomes one of the most decorated heros of WWI.

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Gary Cooper
as Alvin C. York
Walter Brennan
as Pastor Rosier Pile
Dickie Moore
as George York
Charles Trowbridge
as Cordell Hull
David Bruce
as Bert Thomas
Charles Esmond
as German Major
as German Major
Joe Sawyer
as Sgt. Early
Joseph Sawyer
as Sgt. Early
Pat Flaherty
as Sgt. Parsons
Margaret Wycherly
as Mother York
Robert Porterfield
as Zeb Andrews
Erville Alderson
as Nate Tompkins
Frank Wilcox
as Sergeant
Don Douglas
as Capt. Tillman
Lane Chandler
as Cpl. Savage
Frank Marlowe
as Beardsley
Jack Pennick
as Cpl. Cutting
Guy Wilkerson
as Tom Carver
Tully Marshall
as Uncle Lige
Lee "Lasses" White
as Luke, the Target Keeper
Jane Isbell
as Gracie's Sister
Frank Orth
as Drummer
Arthur Ayleswofth
as Marty, Bartender
Rita La Roy
as Saloon Girl
Lucia Carroll
as Saloon Girl
Kay Sutton
as Saloon Girl
Jo Gilbert
as Fat Woman
Joseph W. Girard
as Gen. John Pershing
Elisha Cook Jr.
as Piano Player
William Haade
as Card Player
Jody Gilbert
as Fat Woman
Frank Faylen
as Gunnery Spotter
Murray Alper
as Gunnery Spotter
Selmar Jackson
as Gen. Duncan
Theodore von Eltz
as Prison Camp Commander
Roland Drew
as Officer
Jean Del Val
as Marshal Foch
Selmer Jackson
as Gen. Duncan
George Irving
as Harrison
Edward Keane
as Oscar of the Waldorf
Gig Young
as Soldier
Walter Sande
as Sergeant
Clyde Cook
as British Soldier
Douglas Wood
as New York Spokesman
Si Jenks
as Man at Church
Ray Teal
as Marching Soldier
Kit Guard
as Soldier on Rifle Range
Carl Esmond
as German Major
Frank McGlynn Sr.
as Mountaineer
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Audience Reviews for Sergeant York

  • May 21, 2014
    A "simple" Appalachian converts to Christianity and then goes to WWI. There is a scene in which York is struck by lightning, which propels him to "find God." While it purports to be based on a true story, shit like that makes me doubt its veracity. What's worse is the film's treatment of York, who is portrayed without even enough sense to tie his shoes, yet by the end of the film, we're supposed to revere his bravery and conversion from conscientious objector to violence. This characterization - I balk at calling anyone in this film a "character" - not only paints Americans and Appalachians as decidedly anti-intellectual, but it also suggests that Christianity is mutable enough to be jettisoned at the first call of violent duty. Overall, this film is both insulting and ridiculous.
    Jim H Super Reviewer
  • Mar 13, 2014
    Gary Cooper is back as his old plodding self as an unlikely war hero who learns how to fire a gun all over again and eventually takes out a bunch of Germans. Nothing terribly imaginative.
    John B Super Reviewer
  • Apr 24, 2012
    Bogged down by a bland script, overdone Southern accents, and a one-note performance from Gary Cooper, "Sergeant Cooper" does anything but entertain. And it's a shame because Hawks does a good job with his direction.
    Stephen E Super Reviewer
  • Jun 22, 2011
    Exceptional, and above all, wise: it contains a strong and radical wisdom rarely seen in celluloid. The alienated way the Bible is approached by Hawks clearly indicates that he empathizes with such ideas instead of believing in them and embracing them, but such approach is highly respectable. Gary Cooper shines in his best role, and it cleverly avoids an unnecessary exaltation of patriotism despite that this one partially treats the WWI topic right in the middle of a real-life WWII context. 96/100
    Edgar C Super Reviewer

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