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½ October 12, 2017
I hate to say it, but I thought this film was overrated. Not only does it give out mixed messages, but it's also too much a product of its time.
September 27, 2017
cmon dude it looks totally gnarly!!

i only wish jon heder didnt do the voice of the retarded chicken.
what is a chicken doing with penguins??
½ September 17, 2017
Cute movie! Really liked it! n.n
August 31, 2017
Surf's Up's mockumentary style more or less compensates for an otherwise clichéd story.
August 4, 2017
I appreciate this film. Funny, good soundtrack, easy to watch, a good, unforced kid's film. Bless Surf's Up. A modern day masterpiece.
August 2, 2017
Cool visuals and characters, but lack very much on the story.
Its an 6,3 out of 10.
July 7, 2017
Excellent movie with a cast and heart!
½ June 18, 2017
I haven't seen this movie since it was out in theaters, but I'm surprised I still remember what happens. Looking back on it, I don't think I would give it as much praise that others gave it, but there are definitely things to like.
June 12, 2017
The plot may be unoriginal, but the execution of it is what makes it stand out from the crowd. It may seem like your generic dreamer story, but the writing crew at Sony Pictures Animation really found a way to make it work. On top of that, the animation looks magnificent, and the characters are highly memorable.
½ June 8, 2017
A mockumentary style film that explores penguins but with their big passion for surfing.
Great voice talents by Shia Lebeouf, Zooey Deschanel, James Woods, and Jeff Bridges.
The animation is so impressive and sharp too.
Cody Maverick wants to be the best surfer like his idol Big Z. Z has been gone for a while so it's the perfect time for Maverick to carry on what he once made. He also befriends a mellow chicken named Joe who just goes with the flow. There are some slick filmmaking techniques here from the hand-held cam to the break-the-fourth-wall stuff plus poking fun at the nature film.
When you think penguins in a movie you assume an Oscar-winning actor narrating their life cycles but not this movie. The penguins get to share their own experiences on land and on the waves of the ocean.
½ June 1, 2017
Another animated penguin movie that fails to life itself above the crop.
½ May 10, 2017
Total "eh" movie. I'd watch it if it were on TV and my girlfriends parents were in town so I can put something on with clean humor, but I would not go out of my way again.
March 21, 2017
I didn't want to see it until I saw James Woods does a voice. Now I just //have// to.
½ February 20, 2017
I like it it's pretty good
February 13, 2017
I think this film is very, very well put together. It has great vocal performances, especially by Shia LaBeouf and Jeff Bridges, likeable characters, a decent story, witty and funny dialogue, and the fact that the film is about surfing allows for very beautiful imagery. It also mocks the documentary genre in fun and inventive way. I really like it's laid-back and relaxing atmosphere. But I think what really makes the film stand out is that it does give a fresh spin on elements people have seen before, Though the story has been done before, it's delivered in a pretty unique and interesting way thanks to the mockumentary style. It's a good example of a film that has a story and characters that have been done countless times before, but the execution is so good that it makes it enjoyable. I guess the only problem I have is that they could've fleshed out the romance between Cody and Nani more. In my opinion, it's a great film. I love it. Surf's Up is a fun, cool, heartwarming good time that the whole family can enjoy
February 1, 2017
It's good movie to watch
½ January 25, 2017
Great movie from my childhood that I look back on with fond memories.
½ January 21, 2017
The mockumentary aspect did not work well. While I've seen worse, Surf's Up is undisputedly dumb and annoying. (First and only viewing - In my early twenties)
½ October 15, 2016
A fantastic parody of reality TV with convincing camera work that makes the mockumentary elements extremely convincing. The voice-acting is superb (featuring Napoleon Dynamite himself Jon Heder as a chicken!! That will never not be awesome!) and the animation is beautiful. Though the plot can be a bit predictable and the overall premise is sort of recycled, the style and characterization is so great that that doesn't hinder the quality of the movie too severely. Surf's Up is one of my favorite animated movies and is one of e more unique animations that you'll see, it's "Great!"
½ October 2, 2016
One of the only good Sony Animated movies out there. Right with Open Season as the best.
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