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The Boy Next Door

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The Boy Next Door may get a few howls out of fans of stalker thrillers, but for most viewers, it won't even rise to "so bad it's good" status.



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Jennifer Lopez leads the cast in The Boy Next Door, a psychological thriller that explores a forbidden attraction that goes much too far. Directed by Rob Cohen (The Fast and the Furious) and written by Barbara Curry, the film also stars Ryan Guzman, John Corbett and Kristin Chenoweth. (C) Universal


Jennifer Lopez
as Claire Peterson
Ryan Guzman
as Noah Sandborn
John Corbett
as Garrett Peterson
Ian Nelson
as Kevin Peterson
Kristin Chenoweth
as Vicky Lansing
Lexi Atkins
as Allie Callahan
Hill Harper
as Principal Edward Warren
Jack Wallace
as Mr. Sandborn
Adam Hicks
as Jason Zimmer
François Chau
as Detective Johnny Chou
Kent Avenido
as Mr. Avenido
Chad Bullard
as Chad the Bully
Forrest Hoffman
as Forrest the Bully
Brandon Rush
as Paramedic
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  • Jul 11, 2016
    The Hollywood pitch for this movie was probably something like... "it's Fatal Attraction but instead of a married man being stalked it's America's favorite MILF, Jennifer Lopez." If that sounds crude... well... so is this movie. Crude in its script and production. It's too bad that the subject matter - a middle-aged woman allows herself to be seduced by a high school student - wasn't taken more seriously. Instead, everything is played for cheap thrills and the movie can't even deliver those.
    Aldo G Super Reviewer
  • Sep 13, 2015
    The Boy Next Door is by far one of the dumbest films I've ever seen. Everything about this film is awful, except for maybe Jennifer Lopez's acting, which is decent. Aside from that though, this film is an absolute fucking train wreck. I'd actually recommend it if you're looking to watch something so bad it's entertaining.
    Stephen S Super Reviewer
  • Aug 31, 2015
    Jennifer Lopez stars in The Boy Next Door, a mediocre psychological thriller. After separating from her husband a lonely housewife named Claire Peterson has an illicit affair with a young man who's recently moved in next door to take care of his infirmed uncle; but when Claire tries to break off the relationship he becomes obsessive and violent. It's really a formulaic plot, and the characters are little more than clichéd stereotypes. Additionally, the performances are piss-poor; especially Lopez. However, Rob Cohen's directing is pretty good: bringing tension to the scenes and creating a sinister undertone. While it's able to deliver a few thrills, The Boy Next Door is a generic and uninspired film.
    Dann M Super Reviewer
  • Aug 22, 2015
    I was really looking forward to seeing this as I love a good psycho thriller. I have liked a few of Jennifer Lopez's movies too over the years. Wow. So glad I rented this before buying. How disappointing. Though the ingredients are all there, it just doesn't quite work. It's not scary, the guy isn't that convincing. And the ending is abrupt. Other movies in this genre are so much better. Even the much criticised Swimfan was better than this. Much better. I don't know, maybe I like it better when it's a crazy girl doing this crap.
    Nicki M Super Reviewer

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