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½ June 18, 2018
Thrilled to see the return of The Muppets, I enthusiastically visited my local theater on opening day! Jason Segal, a self-described Muppets fanatic, co-wrote and produced this revival of my childhood. While the script isn't very polished, the story is adorable and a perfect modern representation of these characters. After the boring "Muppets in Space" from the late 90s, I was thrilled to see these characters treated with such love. The numerous "4th Wall" we're cute, especially when they were self-deprecating, but I think it was a bit overdone. The flow of the film was very choppy, but much of it intentional. Kids and adults alike should absolutely love it.
June 13, 2018
I think it's physically impossible for someone to leave the cinema without a smile in their face. The Muppets was just pure joy, with its catchy numbers, blasting personalities of its characters, and funny jokes.
½ June 2, 2018
My insatiable love for this movie's only grows with each viewing. The musical numbers are fantastic (Life's a Happy Song is maybe in my top 10 film numbers ever), the emotions are unexpectedly potent (Rainbow Connection & Pictures in My Head beautifully touch on my longing-for-childhood nerve), & the constant stream of sincerely hilarious jokes make it one of the great comedies of the '10s. Both a heartfelt love-letter to The Muppets history, & a solid piece of family entertainment in its own right.
May 27, 2018
You can't help but root for it; the cameos are fun (especially those which were cut) but corny jokes abound
michael e.
Super Reviewer
March 29, 2018
After the Muppets have been invisible in the cinemas for over 10 years now, so having a new muppet movie come out was a big surprise to me. But now that I've seen it, is my verdict that I think its a fantastic movie that is well worth your time, or do I think that it is a movie that you should definitely avoid at all costs? I actually think, it wasn't as good as I thought it was going to be, and it was kind of a disappointment. The film does very good at pulling at your heart strings and make you feel sorry for what happens to the characters, even if there are moments that are a bit iffy in the feelings. The pace of the film is very slow at some parts and it doesn't entertain as much as the past Muppet movies. I don't think it is a bad movie, but it doesn't give as much payoff as it could've been, especially for another Muppet film that I've been waiting to see in the theaters for over 10 years. Its good for kids, and you might be entertained by it, but overall it isn't the best Muppet movie, but it is good, but it isn't the best film I've seen this year.

2.5*s out of 5
Review originally written 12/4/11
February 28, 2018
What seemed to me like a nice return of the crew that gave puppetry a whole new meaning. Need I say more?
January 13, 2018
he's the best friend you could ever have..

The Muppets

From all the throwback to all the cameos, The Muppets is a single minded movie that is not only for the kids but for all the fans that grew up watching them.
½ January 2, 2018
good addition to the story and cast in a typical muppet caper
½ December 15, 2017
The Muppets was one i've been waiting for a long time to see, and it didn't disappoint. Catchy musical numbers, a character rich, heartfelt plot, and nice special effects put this movie at the top of my favorites. Go see it. Now.
December 7, 2017
I didn't grow up with the muppets or anything, so feel free to hate my review, but I still didn't like it...
December 5, 2017
Loved it. Loved it. Loved it. Anyone who doesn't, must have killed their inner child many years ago. I feel sad for you. Dear Frank Oz, stop being bitter because you weren't asked to do everything. I know Jim is happy.
September 29, 2017
It was okay. I liked it. Didn't love it.
½ September 7, 2017
So the old gang is back and Kermit the frog is always in charge to make sure his friends are all good it's a good movie I really think kids should see it, and when you see the movie if you have any favorite Muppet character you can see it when you watch the movie now my favorite is kermit the frog!
½ August 1, 2017
A great movie! a little bit too cutesy for a muppet movie, but it's really fun. The songs are great and will probably get stuck in your head.
½ July 18, 2017
I have never hated a muppet as much as I despised Walter. What a corporatist little runt, far more soulless and money-grubbing than even Tex Richman. I didn't buy his "sweetness" for a minute. Nor did I care for any of these self-indulgent celebrity cameos taking screen time away from my favorite muppets. I was kind of hoping those evil muppets from Labyrinth or at least The Dark Crystal would come in and fucking eat Walter, Jason Segel and Amy Adams, those anti-Muppetic cocksuckers.
June 25, 2017
An exceptional take on a Muppets movie that was full of laughs and many outstanding songs. The Muppets also added a few new characters that fit right in with the fun and made the movie very enjoyable throughout. An awesomely enjoyable good time.
June 10, 2017
It's okay, that's about it.
½ May 16, 2017
I'll likely never forget "Am I a man or a muppet?" Charming film.
May 13, 2017
Una pelicula que cualquier fanatico o no fanatico de los Muppets debe ver!!!
May 7, 2017
The Muppets are getting the whole gang back together and my favorite character is Kermit the frog who is the leader.
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