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July 23, 2015
For what this film is, it's brilliant, but I use that word very lightly. "The Toxic Avenger" is a disgusting romp with great practical effects (at times), and a wacky take on the anti-hero genre. I must say that I had a great time watching this film, but the on-the-nose cheese get's a little repetitive. Sometimes it feels intentional and other times it feels as though the writers thought this idea would work so well that they got cocky. After a nerd falls into a vad of toxic waste, he slowly transforms into something so gross that the town is terrified of him, although he means well. Falling in love with a blind woman, saving the town, and just having a weird feel to the movie all around, this is one of the most odd films I have ever seen. That is a compliment for this film though, as that is exactly what it was trying to be. "The Toxic Avenger" is what it is, and it is what it is in the absolute best way possible!
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½ October 14, 2010
The most infamous of the Troma films, "The Toxic Avenger" features, what can only be described as, a mentally handicapped man who is turned into a monster via nuclear sludge. His voice changes, he gains super strength, and an ability to sniff out evil. He is given the power of destroying evil, and does so around town while the corrupt police try to catch him. The film is pure exploitation, which includes: child murder, eye gouging, and attempted rape of a blind woman. After all the unfortunateness of the evildoers, and the violence that the avenger enacts, the story becomes very campy. "Toxie," as he is called, becomes Tromaville's superhero, gets a girlfriend, and tries to foil the evil deeds of the corrupt mayor. While this film may be upsetting for some, because of its violence, it stands as one of the better camp films of the eighties. If we're picking incongruities, the ending was nonsensical, but that's a bit of a nitpick when you take into account the nonsensical nature of the entire film. A very fun film throughout, this is not for those who get easily offended or find violence off-putting.
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January 12, 2014
The best superhero movie in movie history.
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½ July 12, 2012
The Toxic Avenger is a perfect example of trash cinema at its finest. Brought to us by the fine folks at Troma, this is a ridiculous low budget parody of superhero/monster flicks. The result is a sickly depraved film that doesn't shy away from being extreme. Blending elements of Exploitation and Horror film, this is a very silly, yet entertaining film. The acting and plot are purposely bad, and this is one of those films that it's so bad it's good. Even with that said, this is one of those films that is worth seeing. I've seen plenty of ridiculous films, but The Toxic Avenger is one of the most extreme films that I've seen. With over the top gore and violence, this is a fine Exploitation Horror film that works well because it definitely doesn't take itself seriously whatsoever. If you want an insane film to watch, and I do mean insane, then give this one a shot. Go into this one with an open mind because it's a low-budget film with B movie flair, purposeful bad acting and a ridiculous script. The film is something out of a pulp comic. As far as so bad it's good, this film is great. I enjoyed it because of the fact that it was so over the top that at times you couldn't believe what was happening on-screen. This is worth watching for anyone looking for a bizarre, eccentric and ultimately very entertaining film. Expect to be amused, shocked and at times grossed-out. Most importantly expect a great time. This is not a film for the faint of heart, as there's plenty of juicy bits to appeal to gore hounds. I've seen some crazy films in my day, but The Toxic Avenger is one of the most hilariously crazy flicks I've ever seen. If you love to have a mindless evening of ridiculous fun, then look no further than this film.
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September 6, 2010
The cult classic of a disgusting mutant superhero, is itself a disgusting movie. If you like absurdity and gore you'll love it.
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½ November 9, 2010
Wow, I don't even know where to start with this thing. It's so bad, it's good. 80's to the max. It's really cheesy, there's a lot of gore and who could forget all the boobs with tanlines?! It's weird.
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April 22, 2010
Why do I love The Toxic Avenger? Running over 10 year olds on bicycles, beating up sweet old ladies, shooting animals, sticking midgets in washing machines and having sex with blind women. Ah, Troma, bless you. :) Oh and probably the best line in movie history: "It is our destiny to follow the orders!!!!"
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December 2, 2007
The more I see Troma films, the more I don't want to see any others.
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May 13, 2008
In the town of Tromaville New Jersey, janitor nerd Melvin Fern (Mark Torgel) has been picked on and bullied by the jocks at the Tromaville gym until a prank goes horribly wrong when he falls into a barrel of toxic chemicals. The material somehow transforms him into a muscular and powerful mutant creature called "The Toxic Avenger" (Mitchell Cohen) and has a powerful instinct to kill only evil people and save Innocent people. He soon becomes the town's monster hero and falls in love with a lovely blind woman named Sarah (Andree Maranda) but the local crooks especially the wicked Mayor Belgoody (Pat Ryan Jr.) who all wants him dead.

A brilliantly hilarious, entertaining and gory as hell horror comedy that became Troma's landmark film and made the studio the popular cult independent studio that it is today. Yes the acting is laughable and the film gets a little cheesy, but this is pure escapism at it's best! The film was originally given an "X" rating for it's extreme violence and gore such numerous head crushing and brutality. But the movie went on to become one of the greatest cult movies of all time, this is definitely a movie for those with a strong stomach and warped sense of humour.
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½ January 10, 2008
A nerdy young janitor is tormented by his serial killer peers, but gets revenge when a fall into a vat of toxic waste mutates him into an avenging, mop-wielding superhero. Goofy, offensive and gory; somewhat innovative when it was first released, but not as clever or funny as its cult reputation suggests.
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March 16, 2008
The 1980's was full of cheesy, low budget, B-grade films that would get the occasional drive-in show in the south or a midnight show in some larger city. These films would get there cults from two things: home video and cable TV. The Toxic Avenger is probably the biggest slice of '80's cheese.

The story is about a health club mop boy named Melvin who ends up being ridiculed to the point of falling into a vat of toxic waste. He transforms into a "monster hero" whose purpose is to rid evil from the city of Tromaville.

The Toxic Avenger isn't Citizen Kane. Let's face it, the acting sucks. The story is lukewarm and most of its audience comes from the fact that it's so overboard in the gross out category. It's like a moving B-grade comic book, always trying to push the envelope as it goes along. The vision that went into this film is what really is great about The Toxic Avenger. The entire idea that "let's go out and make a movie" isn't seen on You Tube or any of that crap. Sure, when you look at it in comparison to other movies The Toxic Avenger sucks, but it has a heart while many other films fail to have a pulse.
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April 14, 2008
Extremely cheesy and unnecessarily over-the-top violence with bad guys so goofy and stereotypically evil that you'd swear the Reagan administration had actually funded the making of this film. That is, if it weren't for the pro-environment and anti-government implications of this film.

My favorite moment of the film is when Toxie's pissing toxic waste in an alley and some guy pulls up in a limousine, trying to pimp a 12 year old girl to Toxie and the girl says, "You tricked me! I thought we were going to a David Bowie concert!"
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½ August 15, 2007
The first Toxic Avenger movie was a classic piece of trasy B-cinema! It's hilarious how a nerd janitor in a Tutu becomes a mutant superhero. It has some funny scenes.
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November 13, 2006
One of the most awesome movies ever made. If you can't appreciate this movie on one level or another, you don't have blood coarsing through your veins.
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May 9, 2012
I often never give really low budget movies a chance, but there was a Halloween movie marathon my friend gave me a ticket to, so I gave it a chance. Being the Toxic Avenger, I have heard of it, but never gave the movie a chance. This would be one of the coolest cheesy movies up there in my list next to Evil Dead, except a lot more cheese. How ever, I laughed my head off a lot, really love the motive of the story and the characters are hilariously great. Worth a watch if you're willing to put up with a low budget film, Going to check out the sequels in the near future also.
Ryan M
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½ August 3, 2011

Thank goodness that films as good as "The Toxic Avenger" exist when it comes to much needed escapism. Without these films, we might just explode from the stress of everyday life. Sometimes we just want to sit down and watch a movie. And while there are other movies that you could certainly watch instead, you shouldn't distance yourself too far from this one. As strange and corny as it may seem, "The Toxic Avenger" is a film that I'd actually end up recommending to a good amount of my readers.

If you like B-movies, then you'll probably love "The Toxic Avenger". It's a good-old-fashion exploitation/midnight movie from the 80's, directed (mostly) by Lloyd Kaufman; who is known for his whacky and exploitative sense of humor. "The Toxic Avenger" won't appeal to those who take the film and its idea of "humor" too seriously, however, if you surrender your intelligence; you might just admire the craft that went into it.

Melvin is a work-out-gym janitor who mops up the floors, never gets girls, and it basically nothing more than a "98 Pound Weakling". The film bombards his character with steriotypes. He stutters, he's forever nervous around women, he's never TALKED to a woman for much longer than a minute, and he still lives with his mother. He doesn't appear to be a fan of movies or comic books; he's just a nerd. And the people at his work-place constantly make fun of him for that.

One day, they pull a prank that has Melvin ending up in a barrel of toxic sludge. The material immediately affects his skin; mutating him into a creature much larger, stronger, and awesomer than anyone he's ever been before. Melvin takes on the name "The Toxic Avenger", and starts serving up justice in the town of Tromaville. There's a sinister plot involving the town mayor, a romantic love-interest of Melvin that happens to be blind (which works to Melvin's advantage), and much, much more.

The film is kept simple, and I liked that. It's an entertaining film that probably inspired a comic book series, and a television program; which I know it did, but the latter was not successful. However, "The Toxic Avenger" did spawn a couple sequels, and I might just see them. Lloyd Kaufman is good at making movies like this one, and while the first film of his that I saw was his latest big one, "Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead", I'm ever-so-happy that I can appreciate a film as crude and mindless as this one. But perhaps there's a part of me that is accepting enough to enjoy stuff like this.

However, some good directorial skill was put into the film. After all, good exploitation and satire, both which this film attempts, comes from good filmmaking and some good writing. I laughed a lot in the film because it blended goofy satire with even goofier slapstick. Yet, it's smartly made; and I kind of admired it. There's some decent make-up effects work going on, the acting is effectively campy, and the overall feel of the film matches what Kaufman intended perfectly. He made this film to appeal to an audience that could see it for what it is. It's not a perfect movie, but few exploitation-comedies truly are. They can simply be good, inspired films; that touch our hearts in creepy, strange ways. If anything, "The Toxic Avenger" is memorable because it's one of the few exploitation films that actually appeals to me. But perhaps I liked it because it blended common superhero stereotypes, clichés, and lore with satire and toxic waste. You can't beat good movie-making.

A lot of the movie is funny. I admit that some of the jokes are cruel and hard to laugh at. But if you can get by that, then this is a pretty fun watch; and that's all it needs to be. I could look into it more than I need to and just dismiss the thing as a whole, or I could enjoy the movie. I chose to do the second thing, because it was easier. "The Toxic Avenger" requires no thought whatsoever. It's not necessarily for a "dumb audience", but it is laid back, and well-made enough to appeal to a cinephile such as me; and that's saying something, especially when you're dealing with something as intentionally stupid as this.
Horrific R.
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January 5, 2013
The Toxic Avenger is sick and ballsy, yet kind of sweet. The early antagonists are hip body builders who are some seriously sadistic murders. They're responsible for the two sickest scenes in this film, they hit and run a kid on a bike (killing him), and beat up an old innocent lady. This same group is responsible for the birth of the Toxic Avenger, a strong mutant being that was once a puny janitor bullied by them. The rest of the film, essentially, is of the Toxic Avenger fighting off criminals and getting revenge on those who humiliated him... There's also a little bit of a romance going on between the Toxic Avenger and a blind girl named Sara. This a very important cult film, and it's always a satisfying one to watch.
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February 16, 2006
Yep, it's pretty gross.
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April 6, 2013
The political incorrectness and hilariously crummy acting found in "The Toxic Avenger" give it its few instances of humor, but its constant mean-spiritedness, grotesque violence, shoddy filmmaking, dull plotting and overall trashiness make it hard to enjoy. B movies can be good when handled with just the right amount of restraint and silliness, but "The Toxic Avenger" is just too much of an ugly thing.
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March 23, 2006
A cult classic in my opinion. Still my favorite troma movie. Everyone should watch it once.
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