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This action-packed second sequel to The Universal Soldier has the title character and his lady friend searching for the doctor who possesses the information they need to expose the CIA's sinister Soldier Project to the public. Meanwhile, the two are stalked by a man who must kill them both before he can implement his scheme to steal a gold shipment bound for the United Nations.
R (adult situations/language, violence)
Action & Adventure , Science Fiction & Fantasy , Television
Directed By:
Paramount Home Video


Matt Battaglia
as Luc Devreaux
Chandra West
as Veronica
Jeff Wincott
as Eric Devreaux
Richard McMillan
as Dr. Walker
Roger Periard
as McNally
Juan Chioran
as Charles
John F.S. Laing
as Martin Daniels
Gerry Mendicino
as Chief Thorpe
Dan Duran
as Freddie Smith
Kevin Ruston
as Martinez
Morris Santia
as Wheelchair Vet
Burt Reynolds
as Mentor
James Kee
as Jasper
Aron Tager
as John Devreaux
Barbara Gordon
as Danielle Devreaux
Nickolas Sullivan
as six-year-old GR87 (Luc clone)
Brock Clermont
as 13-year-old GR87 (Luc clone)
Matt Birman
as Med Technician
Taren Ash
as Head Nurse
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Embora Van Damme ainda tenha boa presença e a coragem de encarnar seu herói como um quase zumbi, Lundgren mal dá as caras (frustrando até mesmo os filhotes da década de 80) neste filme estúpido em conceito e execução.

January 15, 2010
Cinema em Cena

Disturbingly competent and utterly entertaining...doesn't retain the sweaty, cartoonish attitude of Roland Emmerich's original picture, but as superfluous sequels aimed at the bottom-shelf market go, Regeneration is startlingly well-crafted.

Full Review… | January 14, 2010

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August 16, 2005

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March 16, 2004
Apollo Guide

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Full Review… | December 31, 1999
Apollo Guide

Audience Reviews for Universal Soldier III: Unfinished Business

I have actually come to a point in my life that I believe I have watched too many movies. The simple fact that I sat through "Universal Soldier III: Unfinished Business", despite LOATHING Universal Soldier II, proves to me I need to lay off films for a while and do some more house work my wife keeps nagging me about or perhaps do some more studying to get a masters degree in law. Hell mowing the lawn sounds much more exciting than sitting through this shit. Now that I've calmed down a bit I must welcome you to another episode of the Universal Soldier TV show .This episode is titled "Unfinished Business." As you can tell from my sarcasm this TV junk sequel, like it's predecessor, has the exact same shitty "TV show" production values complete with the mind numbingly bad title sequence and awful performance by Matt Battaglia. Also what's with the subtitle Unfinished Business? That has to be one of the most uninteresting subtitles to a an "action" film EVER! If it was up to me they should have left this sequel "unfinished" and let the negative rot in someone's wine cellar. Our film takes place right after Universal Soldier II and after a lame recap of that film (which again reminds me of a two part TV episode), we have our GR 44 UniSol and his reporter girlfriend mourning the death of his brother. From there the plot is basically the same with them trying to bring down the corrupt government organization responsible for the Universal Soldier project and the government (lead by Burt Reynolds) trying to capture them. A snorefest ensues. Perhaps the most ridiculous concept is the introduction of the government growing universal soldiers from fetuses at an accelerated rate. Instead of filming these two TV made sequels back-to-back, they should have concentrated on making one TV made sequel that actually have some QUALITY to it and perhaps a more condensed, comprehensive plot. As it is they made two shitty sequels instead of 1 decent one, spreading their sparse financial resources far too thin resulting in talky, nearly action-less and completely forgettable sequels to a surprisingly enjoyable original. I got this film in a rare out-of-print Double Feature with Universal Soldier II at a Pawn shop for a measly $3. I have come to the conclusion that the Pawn Shop should have paid me $3 to take it off their hands. Why am I keeping it your asking? Well I keep it cause I like to fuck with people who think that the theatrical film Universal Soldier: The Return is the second film in the franchise, until I blow the dust off this little turd on my DVD shelf. It's funny to see them get that quizzical yet excited look until they attempt to watch the damn things and their magical Universal Soldier imagination land comes crashing down in a wall of flame. Do yourself a favor, leave these sequels undiscovered. You will be much more happy, trust me.

Eric Reifschneider
Eric Reifschneider

If you like my man Van Damme and you like the origanal, this movie will not dissappoint you. Extremly entertaining and not to out of control. Arlovski does a great job acting like an ass kicking robot and JC VD puts in work as well.

Kyle Pettee
Kyle Pettee

Jean-Claude Van Damme and Dolph Lundgren together... oh, sweet success! Shocked as you may be, as was I, this Universal Soldier DVD-only movie is not all that bad! What makes this movie pretty good is that the action is mixed in with very minimal conversation. Van Damme's one line quips after every punch or kill are peacefully missing here. He is set on disarming a bomb attached to a power plant and must destroy everything in his path to complete his mission, even a clone of his old ally. Thrown into the mix of Universal Soldiers is MMA fighter Andrei "The Pit Bull" Arlovski, who provides more hand to hand action to the film. This was still not the best of movies but this is one of Van Damme's better films. Regeneration is a successful movie and will prove to be a good rental. (Now if they can do another sequel with Chuck Norris, Steven Seagal, Antonio Sabbato Jr, Kevin Sorbo, and Brian Bosworth............ Best. Movie. Ever.)

David Godshall
David Godshall

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