Won't Back Down Reviews

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September 27, 2020
Focuses on solving problems rather than assigning blame.
August 6, 2019
A film of bumper sticker emotions, rather than ideas that might actually be helpful.
December 20, 2018
This is a gripping story, with only a few moments of awkwardness as policy details and pros and cons are explained.
October 20, 2018
Gyllenhaal and Davis make a good team. The former is impulsive and enthusiastic, displaying an undefeatable determination. Davis is cautious and reserved, providing a balance and check to her partner in change.
September 1, 2017
It's all way too much and perhaps the most troubling aspect is that it casts the teachers' union as the villain.
October 7, 2016
This film is worth a watch -- and a debate afterwards.
April 17, 2016
"Won't Back Down" packs a punch and it deserves to be seen, no matter one's political persuasion.
May 3, 2015
Funded by conservative Christian billionaire Phil Anschutz and released by rightwing overlord Rupert Murdoch, it attempts to fashion a feel-good family-friendly triumph of union busting and privatization.
June 30, 2013
While the story is predictable, it compensates for that with great acting and a noble purpose.
May 26, 2013
A do-gooder movie so stupid and unoriginal it had to steal its title from a Tom Petty song.
January 29, 2013
'Dumbing down' a film about educational reform defeats any point; while proficiently made, Won't Back Down's glib feel-good message deserves to fall on deaf ears.
January 28, 2013
As terrible as it sounds.
January 27, 2013
An altogether crude, melodramatic and unhelpful picture.
January 25, 2013
More anti-union propaganda masquerading as entertainment.
January 24, 2013
All efforts to add zest to a serious subject fail.
January 24, 2013
A straight-talking, partisan account about the failings of a broken system and a band of women who argued for better for their children.
January 24, 2013
It is well meant, undoubtedly about something that matters, and it bends over backwards not to trash the teachers' unions gratuitously, but amid the attempts at gritty reality, I found the happy-ending imperative unconvincing.
January 24, 2013
The forces of unionism are mainly pilloried as lazy sell-outs, which is a pity, because a lot of other tangy issues come into play here.
January 24, 2013
Emotionally engaging drama that compensates for its predictability with a pair of terrific performances by Maggie Gyllenhaal and Viola Davis, though it's also a little fuzzy on the actual details.
January 23, 2013
Shamelessly manipulative, this propagandist drama purports to champion the democratisation of parents' choice yet is little more than a big, cinematic union bashing stick.
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