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Uncut Gems (2019) Beth Accomando It's a film I can't help thinking about so now I'm itching to see it again and willing to put myself through this exquisitely well-crafted ringer one more time. EDIT
Posted Dec 26, 2019
Little Women (2019) Beth Accomando I loved Gerwig's Ladybird where the characters felt more real and more interestingly flawed, but "Little Women" has too much homespun sweetness and feel-good cheeriness for my taste. EDIT
Posted Dec 26, 2019
Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker (2019) Beth Accomando If Star Wars has been a part of your life like it has been mine then you have to see The Rise of Skywalker. The good news is that you will also be happy you did. EDIT
Posted Dec 20, 2019
Waves (2019) Beth Accomando Indie director Trey Edward Shults delivers visual poetry. EDIT
Posted Dec 12, 2019
The Warrior Queen of Jhansi (2019) Beth Accomando While I am glad it opened my eyes to this warrior woman of the 1800s who dared defy the British, I'm frustrated that the filmmakers failed to find a way to bring the story to life with more artistry. EDIT
Posted Nov 27, 2019
The Report (2019) Beth Accomando It's a film that preaches to the converted and will not change any minds on the topic but it is good to have a film like this to remind us how fragile truth can be. EDIT
Posted Nov 27, 2019
Ford v Ferrari (2019) Beth Accomando An entertaining film that captures the corporate world better than the racing one. EDIT
Posted Nov 27, 2019
The Irishman (2019) Beth Accomando It's fascinating to see how Scorsese revisits flourishes from his past films but with this sense of an old man's weariness. But it reflects the weariness and age of the character not of Scorsese as a filmmaker -- he is as vigorous as ever. EDIT
Posted Nov 21, 2019
We Are the Flesh (2016) Beth Accomando A brutal, intense story with a riveting performance by Noe Hernandez... EDIT
Posted Oct 10, 2019
The Good Girls (Las niñas bien) (2018) Beth Accomando Mesmerizing from its first frame... EDIT
Posted Oct 10, 2019
Dulce familia (2019) Beth Accomando Comedy with a little more on its mind...Dulce Familia that delivers a message of body positivity with humor. EDIT
Posted Oct 10, 2019
Joker (2019) Beth Accomando One of the main problems I have with the film is its inability to decide what it wants to be. EDIT
Posted Oct 4, 2019
Ad Astra (2019) Beth Accomando Ad Astra is gorgeous to look at with Pitt's gracefully aging face and a magnificently rendered galaxy to swoon over but it's emotionally hollow and ultimately disappointing. EDIT
Posted Sep 20, 2019
The Nightingale (2018) Beth Accomando It's still a good film just not a great one. Kent has talent and is fearless in tackling emotionally difficult terrain so I look forward to what she does next. EDIT
Posted Aug 16, 2019
Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark (2019) Beth Accomando Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark delivers a fun horror tale that is visually seductive but it's not something that I am likely to add to my film collection or seek out for multiple viewings. EDIT
Posted Aug 8, 2019
Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw (2019) Beth Accomando It's hard to imagine how anyone could fail at such low hanging fruit, but the creative team behind Hobbs and Shaw do. EDIT
Posted Aug 2, 2019
Once Upon a Time... In Hollywood (2019) Beth Accomando [The film] weaves a bittersweet tale of Hollywood as a place where dreams can come true, careers can crash and burn, people can be resurrected, and history can even be rewritten. I don't think a Tarantino film has ever moved me emotionally before. EDIT
Posted Jul 26, 2019
Be Natural: The Untold Story of Alice Guy-Blaché (2018) Beth Accomando Filmmaker Pamela B. Green has an obvious passion for her subject and did an amazing job uncovering new material about Alice Guy Blaché. Yet the film itself suffers from some serious flaws. EDIT
Posted Jul 11, 2019
Spider-Man: Far From Home (2019) Beth Accomando "Spider-Man: Far From Home" was enjoyable enough to watch but I don't feel any desire to revisit it. EDIT
Posted Jun 27, 2019
The Last Black Man in San Francisco (2019) Beth Accomando Joe Talbot displays an assurance of style as he meticulously orchestrates gorgeous visuals, a haunting score and deeply felt performances. The film works a kind of alchemy as it holds you rapt from the first frame to last. EDIT
Posted Jun 20, 2019
Shaft (2019) Beth Accomando This latest Shaft never quite figures out how to view its Blaxploitation roots in an era of millennials and political correctness. But at least it has some fun dialogue as well as great chemistry between Roundtree, Jackson and Usher. EDIT
Posted Jun 13, 2019
Double Lives (2018) Beth Accomando It makes us think about how we consume the written word in this 21st century. It also allows us to enjoy the company of a quartet of characters trying to deal with change in their lives. EDIT
Posted Jun 7, 2019
Godzilla: King of the Monsters (2019) Beth Accomando I enjoyed this film and found some of the monsters impressive in scale but I just haven't quite fallen in love with this American cousin of my beloved Japanese kaiju. I do recommend seeing this in IMAX so you can appreciate the epic scale. EDIT
Posted May 30, 2019
B+ Booksmart (2019) Beth Accomando Booksmart is a funny, smart and sweet-natured comedy. EDIT
Posted May 23, 2019
John Wick: Chapter 3 -- Parabellum (2019) Beth Accomando John Wick 3 is not a great film in terms of the ideas it explores but it is a work that features absolute perfection in the execution of its action scenes and the way it pushes the envelope in terms of what stunt performers can do. EDIT
Posted May 16, 2019
Red Joan (2018) Beth Accomando The film's fictional character of Joan Stanley ultimately proves to be less interesting and complex than her real counterpart of Melita Norwood. EDIT
Posted May 15, 2019
Peterloo (2018) Beth Accomando The result is a thoughtful, humane, and passionate look at a chapter in British history that still resonates for contemporary audiences as it considers political strategies and questions of what ends justify what means. EDIT
Posted Apr 25, 2019
Avengers: Endgame (2019) Beth Accomando Overall Endgame"delivers what it needs to. Although three hours long, it never felt slow or draggy thanks to a narrative that is constantly cross-cutting between multiple storylines. EDIT
Posted Apr 25, 2019
Us (2019) Beth Accomando Jordan Peele's Us serves up a very different kind of horror from his debut feature "Get Out," but it is scary good in its own way. EDIT
Posted Mar 21, 2019
Captain Marvel (2019) Beth Accomando Captain Marvel is one of the best films in the Marvel Comics franchise. EDIT
Posted Mar 7, 2019
Horror Noire: A History of Black Horror (2019) Beth Accomando Treat yourself to this enlightening documentary and then go watch some horror films with new eyes. And kudos to Shudder for backing a documentary like this. EDIT
Posted Feb 22, 2019
Polar (2019) Beth Accomando Polar benefits from Mikkelsen in the lead. He is just riveting and when he finally gears up for revenge the film steps into high gear and delivers grueling action and a surprise punch at the end. EDIT
Posted Feb 15, 2019
Arctic (2018) Beth Accomando The film has actor Mikkelson as its lead and he is a force of nature and we cannot resist watching him at work. Arctic serves up a grueling tale of survival EDIT
Posted Feb 15, 2019
Alita: Battle Angel (2019) Beth Accomando Alita builds to a climax and takes us within striking distance of a confrontation but then walks away to begin a whole other story. EDIT
Posted Feb 8, 2019
The Man Who Killed Hitler and Then the Bigfoot (2018) Beth Accomando If this film happens to be on, pay attention whenever Elliott comes on screen and savor his gravelly voice and well-worn features. Everything else is completely forgettable. EDIT
Posted Feb 7, 2019
The Golem (2018) Beth Accomando The Golem is a promising first effort from Dread and makes me interested in what the Paz brothers may do next. EDIT
Posted Feb 7, 2019
Velvet Buzzsaw (2019) Beth Accomando Velvet Buzzsaw ends up being as slick and beautiful and shallow as most of the people it's about, but like them, it is also entertaining. I just hope Gilroy's next film aims for a bit more. EDIT
Posted Feb 7, 2019
They Shall Not Grow Old (2018) Beth Accomando Jackson's film provides an amazing experience. Hopefully, it can also share the message these men tried to share a century ago about the cost of war in human lives and asking if it's worth it. EDIT
Posted Jan 31, 2019
Cold War (2018) Beth Accomando [Cold War] was one of the best films of last year and it is easy to fall in love with. EDIT
Posted Jan 24, 2019
If Beale Street Could Talk (2018) Beth Accomando Jenkins delivers a cinematic poem that gives you goosebumps. EDIT
Posted Jan 3, 2019
Vice (2018) Beth Accomando Vice does what shows like Last Week Tonight with John Oliver do - they tackle real issues and real events as entertainment and dig in with a ferocious sense of humor as well as a sense of political outrage. EDIT
Posted Dec 28, 2018
The Quake (2018) Beth Accomando The Quake doesn't work as well as The Wave but it has some impressive effects to entertain us. EDIT
Posted Dec 20, 2018
Mary Queen of Scots (2018) Beth Accomando Saoirse Ronan delivers an impassioned performance as the doomed queen but the film puts her up on a pedestal and shortchanges Margot Robbie's Elizabeth in the process. EDIT
Posted Dec 20, 2018
Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (2018) Beth Accomando The animation style is fresh and innovative but the real surprise is that the script is exceedingly well-crafted. EDIT
Posted Dec 20, 2018
Snowflake (2017) Beth Accomando Snowflake serves up a Molotov cocktail of Tarantino audacity, Coen brothers cleverness, and meta-textual self-awareness. EDIT
Posted Dec 18, 2018
Roma (2018) Beth Accomando I urge you to enjoy it on a big screen and more importantly as part of the communal experience that film - and especially this film - is meant to be. EDIT
Posted Dec 18, 2018
Mandy (2018) Beth Accomando Cosmatos never delivers the over-the-top crazy Cage that I was hoping for, or at least not in the satisfying, crescendo building manner I craved. EDIT
Posted Nov 30, 2018
Creed II (2018) Beth Accomando [Director Steven Caple Jr.] acquits himself well and delivers the formula with confidence. But the sequel can't deliver the same energetic freshness of Creed. EDIT
Posted Nov 30, 2018
The Happy Prince (2018) Beth Accomando Everett excels in the role and proves to be an effective writer and director who knows his subject well and knows how he wants to portray Wilde's final years. EDIT
Posted Oct 25, 2018
Halloween (2018) Beth Accomando Green's film doesn't innovate in any way but he pays a nice homage to the original film with some fun casting and visual references. EDIT
Posted Oct 18, 2018