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Rating Title/Year Author
3/5 The Dead Don't Die (2019) Mike Scott An amusingly meta B-movie send-up that manages to offer an entertaining riff on the zombie comedy, even if it doesn't particularly contribute anything ground-breaking to it. EDIT
Posted Jun 12, 2019
3/5 All Is True (2018) Mike Scott Its largely fabricated, hit-or-miss story leaves something to be desired, but there's so much else to recommend the film that its narrative flaws don't really matter. EDIT
Posted Jun 7, 2019
Cast Away (2000) Michael Kleinschrodt "Cast Away" is an exceptionally well-crafted exploration of the survival of the human spirit. It's a movie unafraid to consider the full complexity of life. EDIT
Posted May 30, 2019
3/4 Meet the Fockers (2004) Michael Kleinschrodt "Meet the Fockers" is such a great assemblage of talent. EDIT
Posted May 30, 2019
3/4 Meet the Parents (2000) Michael Kleinschrodt Robert De Niro and Ben Stiller seem evenly matched, making effective foils. EDIT
Posted May 30, 2019
2.5/4 Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World (2003) Michael Kleinschrodt Marketed as a rollicking adventure at sea, "Master and Commander" instead is a disguised lesson in social history with just enough action sequences to make it palatable. EDIT
Posted May 30, 2019
3.5/4 Secondhand Lions (2003) Michael Kleinschrodt Robert Duvall and Haley Joel Osment turn in exceptionally strong performances in a heartwarming film. EDIT
Posted May 30, 2019
2/4 Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End (2007) David Baron But even spectacles have their limits. Eventually there has to be substance to go with all that style, and that's where "At World's End" falls short. EDIT
Posted May 30, 2019
3.5/4 Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest (2006) David Baron The rollicking adventure, beautifully designed and filled with impressive visual effects, is a boatload of fun. EDIT
Posted May 30, 2019
3/4 Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl (2003) Michael Kleinschrodt "Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl" remains a rarity among this summer's movies in that it not only meets audience expectations, it exceeds them. EDIT
Posted May 30, 2019
3.5/4 Inside Man (2006) David Baron Director Spike Lee's most polished effort in years is a gripping thriller with strong performances. EDIT
Posted May 30, 2019
Remember the Titans (2000) Michael Kleinschrodt What's most amazing about these actors is that they make each player a well-defined individual. EDIT
Posted May 30, 2019
Good Will Hunting (1997) David Baron The movie... [is] surprisingly moving, though resolutely unsentimental, rites-of-passage yarn. EDIT
Posted May 30, 2019
3/4 Say Anything... (1989) David Baron What makes Crowe's film worth seeing...is the writer's care in developing characters and situations of infinitely greater credibility than those which litter 99 percent of today's adolescent screen romances. EDIT
Posted May 30, 2019
The Sandlot (1993) David Baron After a "Porky's"-style segment dealing with puppy lust, the film then segues to its better second half. EDIT
Posted May 30, 2019
2.5/4 The Last of the Mohicans (1992) David Baron "The Last of the Mohicans" is, in short, an adventure flick for the intellectually unadventurous. EDIT
Posted May 30, 2019
Fargo (1996) David Baron This curiously overpraised yet solid effort by two of the foremost satirists of contemporary Americana again finds director Joel and writer-producer Ethan surveying the wreckage of our national innocence. EDIT
Posted May 30, 2019
JFK (1991) David Baron [It] is a beautifully crafted, steadily engrossing mega-thriller. EDIT
Posted May 30, 2019
4/4 Toy Story 2 (1999) David Baron "Toy Story 2" offers as much fun as audiences are likely to have in movie theaters this season. EDIT
Posted May 30, 2019
3.5/4 Toy Story (1995) David Baron [Tom] Hanks doesn't just speak lines, he gives a performance. EDIT
Posted May 30, 2019
Alien Resurrection (1997) David Baron Jeunet,... has both a pictorial imagination and a healthy sense of irony, qualities that may not have viewers on the edge of their seats but do tend to make "Resurrectoin" quirky fun. EDIT
Posted May 30, 2019
Alien 3 (1992) David Baron Unfortunately, David Fincher's "Alien 3" - though it's an honest attempt to sustain the creative level of the series - makes a good case for the idea of quitting while you're ahead. EDIT
Posted May 30, 2019
3.5/4 Glory (1989) David Baron "Glory" is most memorable for some quieter scenes... that capture more elusive aspects of its story - and that help audiences to grasp the underlying significance of what the 54th achieved. EDIT
Posted May 30, 2019
3/5 Ma (2019) Mike Scott It shouldn't work nearly as well as it does, except for one reason: Octavia Spencer, who shows what a real pro can do with a juicy role, even if it is 'just' in a horror film. EDIT
Posted May 29, 2019
5/5 Be Natural: The Untold Story of Alice Guy-Blaché (2018) Mike Scott One of Green's masterstrokes is the way she structures her film like a great filmic treasure hunt. The truth, though, is that it itself is the treasure. EDIT
Posted May 25, 2019
3/5 Mine 9 (2019) Mike Scott A satisfyingly intense and efficiently filmed bit of counterprogramming for those suffering from superhero fatigue. EDIT
Posted Apr 24, 2019
3/5 The Curse of La Llorona (2019) Mike Scott It's pure formula stuff, but it fills in the formula blanks nicely enough to make for a reasonably enjoyable cinematic jolt. EDIT
Posted Apr 17, 2019
3/5 Little (2019) Mike Scott There's no denying Little is derivative and sloppy. But it's got a secret weapon. She's 14 years old, and her name is Marsai Martin -- and she's a force of nature. EDIT
Posted Apr 10, 2019
3/5 The Dirt (2019) Mike Scott A guilty-pleasure rock biopic, it won't do for Mötley Crüe what Bohemian Rhapsody did for Queen, mostly because it's less about the music than the bad behavior. EDIT
Posted Mar 22, 2019
2/5 Gloria Bell (2018) Mike Scott Moore's performance is undeniably exquisite, but any character study must bring us on a full journey. That's where Gloria Bell, for all of its assets and acclaim, stumbles. EDIT
Posted Mar 20, 2019
1/5 Climax (2018) Mike Scott It's an abjectly cruel film -- to its characters and audiences alike. Some might excuse it a arthouse cinema. Really, it's frighthouse cinema. And that's not a compliment. EDIT
Posted Mar 14, 2019
3/5 Greta (2018) Mike Scott It can fairly be described as little more than a B-movie in a ballgown. But it must be said: It's a pretty fetching ballgown. EDIT
Posted Mar 1, 2019
Misery (1990) David Baron Reiner's tense adaptation of Stephen King's first satisfying screen yarn in years is superbly paced, chock full of devilish plot twists and capable of lifting audiences inches off their seats. EDIT
Posted Feb 21, 2019
2.5/4 Titanic (1997) David Baron See Titanic, then, for its success as an outrageous visual stunt -- a marvel of cinematic (and computer) sleight-of-hand. But don't go with any illusions that this soap opera on water is anything but a cartoon melodrama with fairy-tale leads. EDIT
Posted Feb 21, 2019
4/5 Paddleton (2019) Mike Scott A sweet, funny, sometimes meandering exploration of the relationship between two friends. It's also, ultimately, a heartbreaking journey, but in the most lovely way possible. EDIT
Posted Feb 20, 2019
3/5 Alita: Battle Angel (2019) Mike Scott Even with its storytelling flaws, it is a grand visual spectacle that makes a compelling argument for going to see movies in a theater in the first place. EDIT
Posted Feb 13, 2019
3/5 Stan & Ollie (2018) Mike Scott Coogan and Reilly don't merely impersonate the iconic screen comics. They become them, in what ends up as an insightful and enjoyable delight. EDIT
Posted Jan 23, 2019
2/5 On the Basis of Sex (2018) Mike Scott Unlike Ginsberg, Leder's film -- a by-the-numbers exercise rife with cinematic clichés -- doesn't do much to distinguish itself. EDIT
Posted Jan 11, 2019
2/5 The Last Laugh (2019) Mike Scott A good-hearted but largely uninspired, by-the-numbers bit of Netflix filler. EDIT
Posted Jan 11, 2019
4/5 Mary Poppins Returns (2018) Mike Scott It's all pretty familiar, but a spoonful of sugar is still sweet, even if you know it's coming. Consequently, Mary Poppins Returns is still a jolly holiday, indeed. EDIT
Posted Dec 18, 2018
5/5 Roma (2018) Mike Scott A textbook example of Roger Ebert's description of cinema as an empathy machine, opening a window onto a world most of us would never otherwise know even existed. EDIT
Posted Dec 14, 2018
5/5 The Favourite (2018) Mike Scott A wickedly funny and giddily lurid tale of palace intrigue that has its middle finger extended defiantly at established convention from its very first frame. EDIT
Posted Dec 12, 2018
4/5 Green Book (2018) Mike Scott A seamless blend of humor and thoughtfulness, Farrelly's film effortlessly sweeps you along for its journey, becoming a pure pleasant-surprise crowd pleaser in the process. EDIT
Posted Nov 19, 2018
4/5 Boy Erased (2018) Mike Scott It easily could have become a preachy, shouty melodrama. Instead, it becomes something uplifting, something hopeful, something moving and something important. EDIT
Posted Nov 14, 2018
2/5 Dr. Seuss' The Grinch (2018) Mike Scott It accomplishes nothing more than what the 1966 adaptation accomplished, despite taking more than three times longer to do it. In short: You're an unnecessary one, Mr. Grinch. EDIT
Posted Nov 7, 2018
3/5 Can You Ever Forgive Me? (2018) Mike Scott It's a great showcase to date for Melissa McCarthy's dramatic acting abilities, a finely tuned, nimbly crafted portrait of a life in decline, of a human spirit on its knees. EDIT
Posted Oct 31, 2018
2/5 Suspiria (2018) Mike Scott An effort to spin high art out of a guilty-pleasure cult classic, it's off-the-charts bonkers. But it's also off-the-charts unpleasant. EDIT
Posted Oct 30, 2018
4/5 Mid90s (2018) Mike Scott It doesn't do too much from a story standpoint, perhaps to its detriment, but it has a distinct sense of time and place. Every step of the way, it feels honest and genuine. EDIT
Posted Oct 24, 2018
1/5 Bayou Caviar (2018) Mike Scott Bayou Caviar might sound like some sort of sublime South Louisiana delicacy, but it's really more like gas-station sushi. That is, it beats starvation -- but only just. EDIT
Posted Oct 24, 2018
4/5 The Old Man & the Gun (2018) Mike Scott Lyrically and lovingly shot on 16 mm, it's an endearing tale -- part crime thriller, part light comedy, part love story -- that makes full use of Redford's significant charm. EDIT
Posted Oct 9, 2018