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3.5/4 Come as You Are (2019) Joey Magidson "Come As You Are" is well done crowd pleaser that actually ranks among the best movies of 2020 so far. EDIT
Posted Feb 15, 2020
2/4 The Misogynists (2017) Joey Magidson "The Misogynists" is a poorly paced and bland experience, yearning to be edgy while not especially having an edge at all. EDIT
Posted Feb 15, 2020
3/4 The Kindness of Strangers (2019) Joey Magidson "The Kindness of Strangers" is a mixed bag, though it's led by a wonderful performance by Zoe Kazan. In the end, she does manage to drag this film across the finish line. EDIT
Posted Feb 13, 2020
3/4 Olympic Dreams (2019) Joey Magidson "Olympic Dreams" bears more than a passing resemblance to "Lost in Translation." Watching Nick Kroll and Alexi Pappas just experience the Olympic Village is rather charming. EDIT
Posted Feb 13, 2020
2.5/4 The Lodge (2019) Joey Magidson Riley Keough almost saves "The Lodge" from disappointment with a complex performance that's honestly deserving of a better vehicle. EDIT
Posted Feb 7, 2020
3/4 Come to Daddy (2019) Joey Magidson Elijah Wood is the reason why "Come to Daddy" works. His performance is quirky yet empathetic, which is essential as things get more and more out there. EDIT
Posted Feb 6, 2020
3/4 Birds of Prey (and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn) (2020) Joey Magidson "Birds of Prey" is colorful and ridiculous, mostly to its benefit. Robbie and Winstead stand out in a cast that sometimes feels like they're each in a different movie. EDIT
Posted Feb 5, 2020
3/4 Incitement (2020) Joey Magidson "Incitement" can be a tough sit at times, but it's compelling enough to worthy of a recommendation. EDIT
Posted Feb 1, 2020
2/4 Coda (2020) Joey Magidson There are two good performances here, but sadly not much else to speak of. Patrick Stewart is reliably strong, but it's largely for naught. EDIT
Posted Feb 1, 2020
3/4 Taylor Swift: Miss Americana (2020) Joey Magidson "Miss Americana" presents Taylor Swift in a new light, one both she and her fans will be more than pleased with, upending the notion that Swift is just a packaged product. EDIT
Posted Jan 31, 2020
2.5/4 The Rhythm Section (2020) Joey Magidson Reed Morano and Blake Lively are a potent combination of director and star. Pairing them together should be a recipe for great success. Sadly, "The Rhythm Section" isn't that. EDIT
Posted Jan 29, 2020
3/4 The Assistant (2019) Joey Magidson "The Assistant" is a deeply upsetting look at the toll working for a monster can take. Julia Garner is fantastic. The film is languidly paced, but the impact is undeniable. EDIT
Posted Jan 27, 2020
3/4 The Last Full Measure (2020) Joey Magidson It's hardly spectacular, but "The Last Full Measure" is better than the January release date suggests, that's for sure. EDIT
Posted Jan 22, 2020
3/4 VHYes (2019) Joey Magidson Nostalgia mixes with absurdity here, and somehow, it works. In particular, the way Robbins throws in some commentary and satire elevates things. EDIT
Posted Jan 18, 2020
2.5/4 Troop Zero (2019) Joey Magidson A cast as strong as this one deserves a slightly better movie than we get here with "Troop Zero." EDIT
Posted Jan 18, 2020
3/4 The Wave (2019) Joey Magidson There are missteps here, but the combination of Justin Long and the overall vibe wind up saving the day, especially when mixed with some of Klabin's visual stylings. EDIT
Posted Jan 18, 2020
3/4 Three Christs (2017) Joey Magidson Richard Gere anchors "Three Christs" with a vintage performance, though the entire cast is very strong. EDIT
Posted Jan 9, 2020
2.5/4 Underwater (2020) Joey Magidson "Underwater" has aims of being deeper (no pun intended) than a creature feature, but the disaster elements are given short shrift. Even Kristen Stewart can't overcome that. EDIT
Posted Jan 8, 2020
3/4 A Rainy Day in New York (2019) Joey Magidson Timothée Chalamet and Elle Fanning are unusual choices for Woody Allen dialogue, and though they each have some strong moments, Selena Gomez emerges as the MVP of the film. EDIT
Posted Dec 28, 2019
2.5/4 Clemency (2019) Joey Magidson Alfre Woodard, along with Aldis Hodge, do their best to take "Clemency" across the finish line. Both are terrific, but they're ultimately done a disservice by the screenplay. EDIT
Posted Dec 26, 2019
3/4 Little Women (2019) Joey Magidson Greta Gerwig makes her "Little Women" a lively and modern adaptation of the classic novel. EDIT
Posted Dec 25, 2019
3.5/4 1917 (2019) Joey Magidson Roger Deakins has long been one of film's all time great cinematographers. "1917" is his finest hour and one of the most stunning technical achievements in ages. EDIT
Posted Dec 24, 2019
3/4 Just Mercy (2019) Joey Magidson Earnest, wearing its heart on its sleeve, and fully believing in the power of its story, "Just Mercy" is more than just an eventual feel good movie. EDIT
Posted Dec 23, 2019
1.5/4 Cats (2019) Joey Magidson Meow. Well, I suppose the appropriate term here is woof. "Cats," the adaptation of the smash Broadway musical, is a real dog. EDIT
Posted Dec 19, 2019
3/4 Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker (2019) Joey Magidson "Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker" is clearly fan service, which is fine, but so much of it hammers home that it's the end, it loses some of what makes a great Star Wars film. EDIT
Posted Dec 18, 2019
2/4 6 Underground (2019) Joey Magidson Michael Bay's signature mayhem is on full display, but beyond one single concept involving magnets, none of it in "6 Underground" impresses. EDIT
Posted Dec 14, 2019
1.5/4 The Death and Life of John F. Donovan (2018) Joey Magidson "The Death and Life of John F. Donovan" is a potentially powerful story, though one not successfully told in the slightest by Xavier Dolan. EDIT
Posted Dec 14, 2019
3/4 Richard Jewell (2019) Joey Magidson While hardly a misfire, Clint Eastwood's "Richard Jewell" is only a small scale success, periodically weighed down by the filmmaker's politics. EDIT
Posted Dec 13, 2019
2.5/4 Seberg (2019) Joey Magidson Kristen Stewart is phenomenal here, though ultimately not able to save "Seberg" from being a disappointment. EDIT
Posted Dec 13, 2019
2/4 A Hidden Life (2019) Joey Magidson "A Hidden Life" takes all of Malick's worst instincts, some of his best, and mixes them together in an epic run time that became utterly punishing to endure. EDIT
Posted Dec 12, 2019
3.5/4 Bombshell (2019) Joey Magidson "Bombshell" lives and dies with its acting. Luckily, it's an impeccably acted movie. EDIT
Posted Dec 12, 2019
3.5/4 Uncut Gems (2019) Joey Magidson Adam Sandler deserves an Oscar for his riveting performance in "Uncut Gems." He's absolutely brilliant here. EDIT
Posted Dec 10, 2019
3.5/4 The Two Popes (2019) Joey Magidson It may come as a shock, but, "The Two Popes" is actually one of the funnier movies of the year. McCarten peppers in a ton of humorous lines for Hopkins and Pryce. EDIT
Posted Nov 27, 2019
3.5/4 Knives Out (2019) Joey Magidson "Knives Out" deftly takes classic elements of the whodunit genre and sees Rian Johnson give it a really clever new spin. Daniel Craig, Ana de Armas, and Chris Evans shine. EDIT
Posted Nov 26, 2019
2.5/4 Queen & Slim (2019) Joey Magidson "Queen & Slim" is equal parts affecting, angry, clumsy, frustrating, moving, and well acted. Unfortunately, the mixture isn't balanced, leading to a missed opportunity. EDIT
Posted Nov 25, 2019
3/4 Dark Waters (2019) Joey Magidson "Dark Waters" is effective, though somewhat workmanlike as well. Haynes and Lachman don't leave much of their imprint on the film, though Ruffalo turns in committed work. EDIT
Posted Nov 22, 2019
3/4 Frozen II (2019) Joey Magidson "Frozen II" has some incredibly ethereal visuals (what they do with water is astounding), as well as catchy music throughout. It's good, but the first one was great. EDIT
Posted Nov 20, 2019
4/4 A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood (2019) Joey Magidson "A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood" is the most important movie of 2019, with a vital message of kindness and understanding. EDIT
Posted Nov 19, 2019
3/4 Mickey and the Bear (2019) Joey Magidson James Badge Dale and Camila Morrone are achingly real here. The film's script gives them plenty to do, and both ace their difficult roles. EDIT
Posted Nov 16, 2019
3.5/4 Ford v Ferrari (2019) Joey Magidson "Ford v Ferrari" is a flawless technical achievement, helping to elevate a solid flick to a truly high level. In particular, the sound design is some of the year's best. EDIT
Posted Nov 15, 2019
3.5/4 The Report (2019) Joey Magidson "The Report" is a well executed political procedural/thriller, with another excellent Adam Driver performance that's wholly riveting. EDIT
Posted Nov 14, 2019
3.5/4 Waves (2019) Joey Magidson "Waves" is a stunning achievement. Shults' filmmaking, the score from Reznor and Ross, as well as the performances by Brown, Harrison Jr., Hedges, and Russell are exemplary. EDIT
Posted Nov 13, 2019
2/4 Charlie's Angels (2019) Joey Magidson "Charlie's Angels" is undone by overly extended fight sequences, a generic storyline, plus an inability to focus on the parts that actually generate some goodwill and smiles. EDIT
Posted Nov 12, 2019
2/4 Midway (2019) Joey Magidson Decent action meets a terrible screenplay in "Midway," which is perhaps the best definition of a Roland Emmerich picture you can come up with. EDIT
Posted Nov 7, 2019
2.5/4 Last Christmas (2019) Joey Magidson "Last Christmas" is at its best when it's being simple and just focused on character... EDIT
Posted Nov 6, 2019
3.5/4 Marriage Story (2019) Joey Magidson "Marriage Story" is devastating. Baumbach brilliantly and perceptively digs in to what brings a couple together, as well as what breaks them apart. Driver and Johansson stun. EDIT
Posted Nov 5, 2019
3.5/4 Honey Boy (2019) Joey Magidson Shia LaBeouf digs deep to make "Honey Boy" an impressive and cathartic cinematic experience. This is one of the year's biggest and most moving surprises. EDIT
Posted Nov 4, 2019
3/4 Adopt a Highway (2019) Joey Magidson What a beautiful little surprise "Adopt a Highway" turns out to be. This Ethan Hawke star vehicle is tender, touching, and altogether a moving experience. EDIT
Posted Nov 2, 2019
2.5/4 Harriet (2019) Joey Magidson Cynthia Erivo does her best to rescue the film. She finds the passion in Tubman, though too often the script in "Harriet" lets her down. EDIT
Posted Oct 31, 2019
4/4 The Irishman (2019) Joey Magidson "The Irishman" is a masterpiece and one of Martin Scorsese's most ambitious works to date. It's also one of his very best. Believe the hype. EDIT
Posted Oct 30, 2019