Time Will Tell


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Back from searching for a missing Rambaldi artifact at Oxford University, Sydney (Jennifer Garner) is forced to take a polygraph test by Sloane (Ron Rifkin), who is determined to expose the mole working for SD-6. A later counterespionage assignment takes Sydney and her reluctant partner, Dixon (Carl Lumbly), to Mexico, this time to locate an ancient timekeeping device that may prove to be another piece in the Rambaldi puzzle. And although Will (Bradley Cooper) now knows the truth about "retired" SD-6 agent Eloise Kurtz (the last person to see his friend David alive), he can't make his findings public -- at least not just yet.


Jennifer Garner
as Sydney Bristow
Ron Rifkin
as Sloane
Victor Garber
as Jack Bristow
Gina Torres
as Anna Espinosa
Tobin Bell
as SD-6 Agent Carl Dryer
Bob Clendenin
as Kostia Bergman
Peter Dennis
as Prof. Bloom
Keone Young
as Prof. Choy
Elaine Kagan
as June Litvack
Michael Halsey
as Prof. Hoyt
Sam Ayers
as Man on Phone
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