Battlestar Galactica (1978 - 1979)

Battlestar Galactica (1978 - 1979)



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Big-budget sci-fi flop that was more than a bit reminiscent of `Star Wars' (with which it shared a special-effects creator). Set 4000 years in the future, `Galactica' follows the fragile fortunes of a caravan of spaceships fleeing to Earth from a galaxy dominated by mechanical beings bent on destroying the human race. The series launched on ABC and was canned the next year, only to resurface with just one original cast member in 1980 as `Galactica 1980.' The sequel died even quicker.
Creator: Glen A. Larson

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1978, ABC, 24 episodes


Lorne Greene
as Cdr. Adama
Richard Hatch
as Capt. Apollo
Dirk Benedict
as Lt. Starbuck
Herbert Jefferson Jr.
as Lt. Boomer
Tony Swartz
as Flight Sgt. Jolly
Terry Carter
as Col. Tigh
Laurette Spang
as Cassiopea
John Colicos
as Count Baltar
Ed Begley Jr.
as Ens. Greenbean
Bruce Wright
as Deck Hand
John Dullaghan
as Dr. Wilker
Norman Stuart
as Statesman
Chip Johnson
as Warrior #1
Leann Hunley
as Female Warrior #1
Jack Stauffer
as Lt. Bojay
Ted Hamaguchi
as Helmsman
Geoffrey Binney
as Warrior #2
David Matthau
as Operative
Ray Milland
as Sire Uri
Patrick Macnee
as Count Iblis
Jeff Mackay
as Cpl. Komma
Lloyd Bridges
as Cmdr. Cain
Rod Haase
as Tolan
Ron Kelly
as Security Officer Reese
Patti Brooks
as Tucana Singer
Sheila DeWindt
as Lt. Deitra
Carol Baxter
as Woman in Elevator
Junero Jennings
as Pegasus Officer
Denny Miller
as Ser Five Nine
Lesley Woods
as Aggie Moreland
Dan O'Herlihy
as Dr. Ravishol
Frank Marth
as Josh Moreland
Jennifer Joseph
as Female Warrior #2
Gay Thomas Wilson
as Female Warrior #3
Olan Soule
as Carmichael
Walt Davis
as Vickers
Paul LeClair
as 1st Guard
Larry Cedar
as Cadet Shields
Alex Rodine
as Lanceman
Alan Stock
as Cadet Cree
Fred Astaire
as Chameleon
Paul Fix
as Kronus
Ina Balin
as Siress Tinia
William Bryant
as Fire Chief Officer
Brock Peters
as Chief Opposer Solon
Lew Ayres
as President Adar
Jeff McKay
as Fire Engineer
Peter MacLean
as President Arends
Ana Alicia
as Aurora
John Fink
as Dr. Paye
Brett Somers
as Siress Belloby
Nick Holt
as Charka
Anne Jeffreys
as Siress Blassie
Ben Frank
as Chella/Riftis
David Larson
as Baby Walker
Randi Oakes
as Young Woman
Rex Cutter
as Red-Eye
Tasha Martel
as Adulteress
Jonathan Harris
as Voice of Spectre
Frank Ashmore
as Fleet Sgt. Ortega
John Hoyt
as Sire Domra
Nehemiah Persoff
as Supreme Commandant
James Parkes
as Mutineer #1
Leanne Hunley
as Female Warrior
Kirk Alyn
as Old Man
Cathey Paine
as Voice of CORA
Ken Lynch
as Dr. Hornng
Paula Victor
as Old Woman
Milt Jamin
as Alliance Member
Paul Tinder
as 5th Guard
Pamela Susan Shoop
as IFB Interviewer
Russ Marin
as Alliance Member
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Series Details

TV Network: ABC
Premiere Date: Sep 17, 1978
Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy
Executive Producer: Glen A. Larson
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