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Beauty and the Beast (1987 - 1990)

Beauty and the Beast (1987 - 1990)






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A cult fantasy about a lawyer who befriends---and eventually falls for---a kindly man-beast who lives in a subterranean world beneath New York City. Strange, moody and oddly romantic, the series had unusually loyal fans, but, alas, not enough of them and was gone within three years.

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1989, CBS, 12 episodes

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1988, CBS, 22 episodes

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1987, CBS, 22 episodes


Linda Hamilton
as Catherine Chandler
Ron Perlman
as Vincent
Roy Dotrice
as Jacob `Father' Wells
Jay Acovone
as Dep. DA Joe Maxwell
Tony Jay
as Paracelsus
John McMartin
as Charles Chandler
Edward Albert
as Elliot Burch
Jo Anderson
as Diana Bennett
Bill Marcus
as DA Moreno
Marcie Leeds
as Samantha
Carolyn Finney
as Rita Escobar
Beah Richards
as Narcissa
John Michael Bolger
as Det. Greg Hughs
James Avery
as Winslow
Terrylene Theriot
as Laura Williams
Richard Roundtree
as Cleon Manning
Philip Waller
as Geoffrey
Terri Hanauer
as Jenny Aronson
John Lehne
as Jonathan Pope
Joseph Campanella
as Dr. Paul Alcott
Delroy Lindo
as Isaac Stubbs
Bruce Abbott
as Devin (aka Jeff)
Jim Metzler
as Steven Parker
Robert Pastorelli
as Tony Perotta
John Pleshette
as Jimmy Faber
Severn Darden
as Waterman
Bill Calvert
as Michael
Josh Blake
as Tony Ramos
Isabella Hofmann
as Erika Salven
David Neidorf
as The Watcher
Fionnula Flanagan
as Jessica Webb
Stanley Kamel
as George Walker
David Graf
as Gregory
Milo O'Shea
as Evan Brannigan
Andrew Held
as Young Devin
Asher Brauner
as Mitch Denton
Diana Douglas
as Margaret Chase
Marla Adams
as Helen Thompson
Franc Luz
as Kristopher
Cliff De Young
as Alexander Ross
Rosemary Dunsmore
as Virginia Sheets
R.G. Armstrong
as Stanley Kazmarek
Dan Shor
as Bernie Spirko
Michael Ensign
as Edward Hughes
Rosalind Chao
as Lin Wong
Stan Ivar
as Jonathon Thorpe
Julie Carmen
as Luz Corrales
Piper Laurie
as Mrs. Davis
Mike Jolly
as Pierson
Fritz Bronner
as Rob Rand
Christian Clemenson
as Jonathan Gould
Diana Barton
as Lindsay Gates
Richard Herd
as Mr. Barnes
James Hong
as Chiang Lo Yi
Will Kuluva
as Grandfather Milo
Sam Vlahos
as Sgt. Jesse Martinez
Albert Hague
as Micha Langer
Joey Aresco
as Jimmy Morero
Christine Jansen
as Marcy O'Neill
Garland Spencer
as Young Rolley
Jayne Atkinson
as Molly Nolan
Tom Ryan
as Bryant
John M. Jackson
as Laine Keller
John Franklin
as Young Vincent
Sam Freed
as Dr. Grafton
Paul Gleason
as Henry Dutton
Debra Engle
as Gina Barrett
Robert Symonds
as Alan Taft
Chris Mulkey
as Danny Yates
Janet MacLachlan
as Miss Kendrick
Andy Block
as Mel Rae
Ron O'Neal
as Isaac Stubbs
Josh Williams
as Runaway Boy
Michael Pniewski
as Frank De Corsia
Dennis Dun
as Henry Pei
Obaka Adedunyo
as Hector Ocala
Max Battimo
as Young Mitch
Michael Holden
as Off. Henry Ohlberg
Brian Bloom
as Cameron Benson
Tony Plana
as Horner
Louis Giambalvo
as Leo Mundy
Gerry Gibson
as Michael
Stan Kamber
as Jack Sweeney
Fredric Arnold
as Jay Coolidge
Ken Foree
as Morley
Ellen A. Dow
as Anna Lausch
Jessie Ferguson
as Roy Ocala
Jason Bernard
as Jack Davis
Joseph Carberry
as Detective Greene
Sal Jenco
as Richie
Tom Bresnahan
as Dale Mercer
Peggy Mannix
as Waitress
Jeff Corey
as Winston Burke
Linda Porter
as Elizabeth
Scott Marlowe
as Richard Nolan
Nicholas Hormann
as Tom Gunther
Ed Kelly
as Lincoln
Mark Neal
as Young Vincent
Byron Morrow
as Judge Swenson
Victor Wong
as Dr. Wong
Don Stark
as Eddie
Douglas Roberts
as Mark Coolidge
Brett Hadley
as William Coleman
Kelli Williams
as Young Lisa
Tina Andrews
as Booth Woman
John Diehl
as Vernon
Gela Hash
as Miss Patricia
Glenn Plummer
as Curtis Jackson
Joseph Whipp
as Bill Edwards
Charles Bouvier
as Sgt. Greg McQueeney
John-Frederick Jones
as Michael's Father
Linda Hoy
as Marie
William De Acutis
as Gallery Owner
Sue Giosa
as Ronni
Abraham Alvarez
as Dr. Cherian
François Giroday
as Warren Brancton
Dana Gladstone
as Det. Snyder
Adrian Paul
as Dimitri Benko
Tim Russ
as Lt. Eric Parker
Lisa Loving
as Waitress
Amy Lynne
as Amy Nolan
Kate Williamson
as Marilyn Campbell
Hal England
as Mr. Benson
M. Scott Wilkinson
as Burton Fitch
Tory Polone
as Art Student
Teddy Wilson
as Raymond Ensign
as Blanca
Barbara Lord
as Mrs. Benson
Sol Pavlosky
as Stall Owner
as Tina
Al Lee
as Black Cop
Vachik Mangassarian
as Lewis Windham
Matthew Kenemore
as Young Gregory
Tiiu Leek
as Woman Reporter
Apollo Dukakis
as Judge Haignor
Karen Radcliffe
as Amy's Mother
Tomy Steedman
as Sebastien
Patrick St. Esprit
as Arvin Cates
Delane Vaughn
as Young Raymond
Remy Ryan
as Lauren
Scott Hunter
as Teacher
Anne Haney
as Tamara
Ben Piazza
as Richards
Lauren White
as Doctor Nyhart
John Garwood
as Mr. Hallowell
Stephen Hastings
as Panhandler
G.D. Smith
as Museum Guard
Thomas H. Middleton
as Newspaperman
Dustyn Taylor
as Waitress
Richard Feld
as Janitor
Yevgeny Lanskoy
as Russian Seaman
Eric Kohner
as Tabloid Reporter
Nick LaTour
as Clarence
Kathy Spitz
as Rebecca
Julius Branca
as Operative
Cindy Adkins
as Karen Alexander
Tony Epper
as Tranck
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Series Details

TV Network: CBS
Premiere Date: Sep 25, 1987
Executive Producers: Tony Thomas, Ron Koslow, Paul Junger Witt
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