The Wedding from Hell


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Sara Rose Peterson guest stars as the sinister Jade D'Mon, who turns out to be the earthly incarnation of the demon goddess Hecate. At the moment, "Jade" is trying to conceive a demon child, and to that end has stolen the boyfriend (Todd Cattell) of an innocent young girl (Christie Lynn Smith). Having enchanted the boy into proposing marriage, the goddess arranges a wedding party -- which, by a strange coincidence, is being catered by Piper Halliwell (Holly Marie Combs). Sensing that there's danger afoot, Piper and her sisters try to foil Hecate's evil scheme -- a scheme that has already claimed the life of the priest who was to have performed the marriage ceremony.


Deenie Dakota
as Kirsten
Barbara Stock
as Mrs. Spencer
Christie Lynn Smith
as Allison James
Todd Cattell
as Elliot Spencer
Leigh-Allyn Baker
as Hannah Webster
Neil Roberts
as Rex Buckland
Dorian Gregory
as Darryl Morris
Shannen Doherty
as Prue Halliwell
Holly Marie Combs
as Piper Halliwell
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