The River


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The unsolved 1945 death of a woman reporter thrown in front of a train during an alleged robbery is reopened when new evidence suggests she was murdered by someone she knew. The investigation reveals that the victim made enemies on her job at a city newspaper and that she was in love with a concentration-camp survivor. On the night of her death, she planned to meet someone, possibly her killer, at the train station. Also, Jeffries is disciplined and put on desk duty.


Kathryn Morris
as Lilly Rush
John Finn
as John Stillman
Thom Barry
as Will Jeffries
Jeremy Ratchford
as Nick Vera
Danny Pino
as Scotty Valens
Tracie Thoms
as Kat Miller
Emmanuel Xuereb
as Dr. Grant Bowen
Peter Graves
as Noah Pool
Jason Chanos
as Dr. Jason Bowen
Todd Babcock
as Young Noah Pool
Garette Ratliff Henson
as Young Jason Bowen
Mark Tymchyshyn
as Dr. Seth Garvey
Eamonn Roche
as Young Seth Garvey
Justin Scot
as Young Birdie
Alice Lo
as Mrs. Lee
Suzanne Whang
as Young Mrs. Lee
Aran Cravey
as Young Helen
T.E. Russell
as Ada David Cage
Garrett Ryan
as Young David Pool
Licia Shearer
as Edwina Davis
Tonya Pinkins
as Dina Miller
Rodney Eastman
as Arthur Pool
Eve Brenner
as Johanna Hoffman
Brielle Bourgeois
as Veronica Miller
Carolyn States
as Young Johanna Hoffman
Rende Rae Norman
as Anne Bowen
Bob Pescovitz
as Tommy Gillis
Stacy Haiduk
as Young Anne Bowen
V.J. Foster
as Cyrus Tisdale
Kevin Brief
as Sidney Graber
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