Blind Ambition


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Hoping to set a world's record, Peter eats several bags full of nickels--and as a consequence he loses his eyesight. In his efforts to adjust to his blindness, Peter inadvertently becomes a hero during a fire (good thing he couldn't see what was going on or he'd have run like a bunny!) Gina Gershon makes a guest voice appearance, just in case you were wondering if it was really her voice. And don't be too disturbed by that lengthy fist fight between Peter and a huge chicken; it's merely the continuation of a gag introduced two seasons earlier in the episode DaBoom.


Lori Alan
as Diane
Seth MacFarlane
as Peter Griffin/Stewie Griffin/Brian Griffin/Quagmire
Alex Borstein
as Lois Griffin
Seth Green
as Chris Griffin
Mila Kunis
as Meg Griffin
Mike Henry
as Cleveland, Herbert
Judd Hirsch
as Judd Hirsch
Gary Cole
as Security Guard
Gina Gershon
as Policewoman
Danny Smith
as Crackle/Fat Twin
Johnny Brennan
as Horace/Mort Goldman
Don La Fontaine
as TV Announcer
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