In Plain Sight (2008 - 2012)




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A U.S. Marshal protects federal witnesses while dealing with her dysfunctional family and friends.
Creator: David Maples

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2012, USA, 8 episodes

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2011, USA, 13 episodes

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2010, USA, 13 episodes

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2009, USA, 15 episodes

Critics Consensus: Decently plotted but occasionally generic, In Plain Sight benefits greatly from the presence of lead actress Mary McCormack.

2008, USA, 12 episodes


Mary McCormack
as Mary Shannon
Frederick Weller
as Marshall Mann
Paul Ben-Victor
as Stan McQueen
Nichole Hiltz
as Brandi Shannon
Nichole M. Hiltz
as Brandi Shannon
Lesley Ann Warren
as Jinx Shannon
Joshua Malina
as Peter Alpert
Todd Williams
as Robert "Bobby D" Dershowitz
Holly Maples
as Eleanor Prince
Aaron Ashmore
as Scott Griffin
Tia Carrere
as Lea Hernandez
Steven Weber
as Mike Faber
Rita Moreno
as Rita Molena
Jessica Tuck
as Cindy Phillips
Maury Sterling
as Ronnie Dalembert
Judith Hoag
as Sharon Harris
Mädchen Amick
as Lisa Ruffino
Carlos Gomez
as Jesus Moreno/Morales
Spencer Locke
as Sabrina Anderson
Laura Prepon
as Lauren Hefferman
Francia Raisa
as Olivia Moreno/Morales
Martin Landau
as Joe Tancredi
Marcus Lyle Brown
as Scott Worley
Gregory Cruz
as Edwin Talltrees
Dave Foley
as Thorst Vanderhoff
Missi Pyle
as Treena Morris
Tomas Sanchez
as Jamie Cruz
Sherry Stringfield
as Marci Arnstein
Derrex Brady
as Chris Worley
David Dittmer
as Kyle Talltrees
Justin Ocksrider
as Frankie Santoro Jr.
Tom Schuch
as Father O'Brien
Matthew Page
as Husband
Joanna Cassidy
as Deandra Bevins
Judith Jones
as Liz McRoy
David Garver
as Pat Conner
Brian Gamble
as Ngwama Mubutu
Yorgo Constantine
as Richie Mastro
John Ales
as Jay Arnstein
Gerald Brodin
as David Martin
Rio Alexander
as Dave Thundercloud
Debrianna Mansini
as Betty Thundercloud
David Maples
as Airport Traffic Cop
P. David Miller
as Agent Bob Carlton
Frank Bond
as Mark Bevins
Jonathan Joss
as Joseph Parker
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TV Network: USA
Premiere Date: Jun 1, 2008
Executive Producers: Ed Decter, John J. Strauss, David Maples, Paul Stupin, John McNamara
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