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      Krypton: Season 2 Reviews

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      Sep 24, 2022

      Absolutely cheesy but it could have been good if it was a bit more serious, and a better cast.

      Aug 19, 2021

      En esta segunda temporada se mejoran muchas cosa que en su temporada anterior. Pero en mucho aspectos caen en lo mismo. Para mi uno de los mejores aciertos de esta segunda temporada es el guion y de la forma que tratan la historia. Hasta ver muchas caras reconocidas de DC, y algo que me llamó la atención de esta segunda temporada fue la mortalidad que le dan a los protagonistas, donde matan a muchos personajes importantes, lo que te da esa incertidumbre de quién puede ser el siguiente. Lo que no me gustó de esta segunda temporada fue en muchas ocasiones el guion, donde suena muy infantil y sin mucho sentido con lo que esta pasando. Otra cosa que no me gustó fueron los diferentes planos que se usaron, donde muchas veces aciertan pero en muchas otras fallan. Para mi esta serie mas que ser algo diferente o innovador es entretenida.

      Feb 12, 2021

      This is the best serial ever made based on comics!!!! When I found out that it will not be finished and the "Lobo" series too, I was very upset!!!!

      Oct 12, 2019

      I am so mad SYFY canceled this beautiful show.

      Sep 20, 2019

      I didn't think I would like the show but now I love it it has everything action drama suspense👏👍👍

      Aug 31, 2019

      olabilicek en iyi dizilerden biri.

      Aug 23, 2019

      Super bummed it's canceled amazing show and axtresses and actors

      Aug 23, 2019

      It was a really fun, well done season. We are hoping season 3 is picked up. Also the planned spinoff for the main man would be amazing as well.

      Aug 19, 2019

      Really enjoy this show

      Aug 17, 2019

      This show is thoroughly entertaining and an enjoyable prequel that is clever and keeps you guessing about what will happen next! It is a shame Krypton got canceled, hopefully another network can pick it up.

      Aug 17, 2019

      From season 1..the way the direction of this story is PERFECT ! Just loved it .

      Aug 17, 2019

      SyFy brings back the 3rd Superman spin-off for a second season 6 months have passed but things are more dyer than before; despite defeating Brainiac by trapping him in the Phantom Zone Seg was lost and General Zod established a new regime on Krypton it almost looked like Doomsday was about to break loose as well A small resistance has been gathered too to combat Zod's reign Adam and Seg have to make their way back but also come across a new baddie in the form of Lobo, turns out he has a personal grudge against Brainiac on Krypton Zod's reign is growing stronger by the second and everyone's loyalty is both questioned and tested to determine who's side is better More stuff of the Superman lore is introduced from Doomsday's origin to the Black Mercy to the Phantom Zone The finale leads to fate of Krypton for all; will it be safer in Brainiac's hands, Zod's or Seg's? There's truly more focus here with the evil side of politics, corruption, and manipulation The mood certainly gets more darker with each episode There's a difference between surviving and living, should we be robbed of our freedom of choice and individuality in the name of safety?, is reconditioning ourselves the only way? The cliffhanger definitely changes things around as well Season 2 actually finds more of its footing in terms of focus making it feel fresh Sadly this is another one of those shows that is axed way too soon before it gets to take off fully I'm glad we got to see more of an expansion here in the DC comics mythos but the good news is we all know the outcome since this story has been covered several times At least it tried

      Aug 16, 2019

      I think they've portrayed everything about Krypton in an amazing way. From Zod to Braniac to especially Doomsday.

      Aug 8, 2019

      they have not disappointed with s2 so far, loving this show!

      Aug 7, 2019

      Una temporada que ha sido una pereza total... Zzz..

      Jul 31, 2019

      the show is dumb and predictable. Have you even heard of to much talk and no action, % time this season they had a gun on the bad guy and all they had to do was pull the trigger and the problem was solved. The writers have no idea what they are doing.

      Jul 30, 2019

      I am OBSESSED with Krypton! I've always said I'm not a huge fan of Superman as the story been told a million times in the same way, but I love a good origin story and Krypton is not your average superhero series. It's got everything you could possible want. It's not like the Arrowverse where they have to stay away from swearing and gory. There are no villains and there are no heroes in a sense you can root for anyone you want without getting ganged up bcause you're on the wrong side. Each episode has you wanting more!

      Jul 25, 2019

      Too much exposition and not enough action. Forced humour. Acting is pedestrian — waste of time, and not in the right way.

      Jul 23, 2019

      Season 2 has been so much worse than season 1. I'm sure they will get a season 3 because people will watch it but it is far from a good show.

      Jul 20, 2019

      Krypton is as good as Titans, Doom Patrol & swamp thing! These are the 4 shows I've watched lately! I found Krypton better than the others! The other three were awesome but Krypton is a bit Better! Or should I say every single one of them were great in their own ways! I watched Krypton 1 a month ago & watching 2 now! I never got bored & nothing is predictable! I have it when a movie/show is predictive! Probably which is why I loved this more than any other show! The characters as the Critics said here were perfect in every way! Lobo & Brainiac were just cool! Only thing I felt sad about was the screen time for doomsday! He appeared just once in this season until now! This is the real doomsday! Not the one in BvS ( it was a clone in BvS) Doomsday looks perfect! I don't know who did graphic work for this show but man they deserve a round of applause! Please Syfy must do more shows of DC & Marvel if possible!

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