Law & Order: Season 2 (1991 - 1992)


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Law & Order

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Air date: Sep 19, 1991
Air date: Sep 24, 1991
Air date: Oct 1, 1991
Air date: Oct 8, 1991
Air date: Oct 22, 1991
Air date: Oct 29, 1991
Air date: Nov 5, 1991
Air date: Nov 12, 1991
Air date: Nov 19, 1991
Air date: Nov 26, 1991
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Dick Wolf's classic American procedural series "Law & Order" continues its saga of the NYPD homicide detectives who investigate crimes, and the District Attorneys office that prosecutes them, in series two. Returning this series are Det. Logan (Chris Noth), Capt. Cragen (Dann Florek), A.D.A.s Ben Stone (Michael Moriarty) and Paul Robinette (Richard Brooks), and DA Adam Schiff (Steven Hill), while newly arrived is Sgt. Phil Cerreta (Paul Sorvino). This series begins on a tense note, with an act of violence against one of the officers, and a subsequent NYPD investigation; meanwhile, Logan and Cerreta adjust to their new partnership. Stories this season include an investigation of a pornographer's ties to a starlet's overdose, a brownstone renovation that turns up the body of a boy who has been missing for decades, Stone's courtroom reunion with an old nemesis as he tries to pin multiple homicides on a hit man, the arrest of a slumlord whose policies may have killed an infant, and much more.


Chris Noth
as Det. Mike Logan
Michael Moriarty
as ADA Ben Stone
Richard Brooks (VI)
as ADA Paul Robinette
Paul Sorvino
as Det. Phil Cerreta
Steven Hill
as Adam Schiff
Dann Florek
as Capt. John Cragen
Mia Dillon
as Dr. Bergman
Carolyn McCormick
as Dr. Elizabeth Olivet
Eli Wallach
as Simon Vilanis
Marilyn Rockafellow
as Stage Mother
Tony Roberts
as Defense Atty. Pollard
William Prince
as Dwight Corcoran
Ben Hammer
as Judge Mooney
Vyto Ruginis
as Dan Jr.
Edmond Genest
as John Blanchard
Tovah Feldshuh
as Danielle Melnick
David Cryer
as Judge Rowan
Nancy Marchand
as Mrs. Barbara Ryder
Molly Price
as Amy Newhouse
Tresa Hughes
as Mrs. Keegan
Bradley White
as Obsessive Fan
Rutanya Alda
as Mrs. Cheney
Jerry Orbach
as Lehrman
Maura Tierney
as Patricia Blaine
Reed Diamond
as Christopher Baylor
Noelle Parker
as Andrea Fermi
Dan Desmond
as Roy Sr.
Tony Darrow
as Mario Forcelli
Joe Urla
as David Werner
Jerry Stiller
as Michael Tobis
George DiCenzo
as Eddie Palmieri
Joan Copeland
as Judge Stein
Rosemary Murphy
as Mrs. Catherine Messimer
Mary Joan Negro
as Julie Atkinson
Blanche Baker
as Lucy Neven
John Bedford Lloyd
as Jonathan Ryder
Kelly Bishop
as Marian Borland
Shirley Knight
as Melanie Cullen
Victor Campos
as Domingo Guerra
George Grizzard
as Arthur Gold
Tony Lo Bianco
as Marc Menaker
Pat McNamara
as Marian Borland
Nicolas Coster
as Morgan Stern
Biff McGuire
as Rev. Morley
Gerald Gordon
as Mr. Bream
Bernard Grant
as Judge Reisman
George Martin
as Edward Vogel
Joseph Siravo
as Joey Palmieri
Marian Seldes
as Suzanne Barlow
Tom Tammi
as Collins
Val Avery
as Dan Magadan Sr.
Finn Carter
as Leslie Hart
Melinda Mullins
as Forensic Tech
Elise Neal
as Charlayne Ward
Stephen Newman
as Dr. Seliger
Matthew Cowles
as Lemonhead
Lisa Emery
as Ms. Van Brocklen (Press Liason)
Jay Devlin
as Charles Martine
Jay Patterson
as Connecticut ADA O'Connell
Geoffrey Nauffts
as James Cullen
David Burke
as Gary Burnham
Joel Polis
as Dr. Friedman
Victor Argo
as Jose Tirado
Sam Rockwell
as Randy Borland
Stephen Pearlman
as Leonard Willis
Christine Farrell
as Arlene Shrier
Donald Corren
as Forensics Tech Dibbs
David Lansbury
as Douglas Phillips
Mark Kiely
as Tom Campion
Ashley Crow
as Jenna Kealey
John McMartin
as Larry Webber
James Noble
as Judge Kurland
Maureen Anderman
as Sharon Styger
Goerge Martin
as Politician
Daniel von Bargen
as Defense Atty. Lambrusco
Stuart Rudin
as Homeless Man
Luis Guzman
as Cesar Pescador
Frank Converse
as Gary Wallace
James Rebhorn
as Albert Cheney
Gordana Rashovich
as Miss Bayliss
Alan Feinstein
as Eliot Ketcham
Lizbeth MacKay
as Mrs. Maser
Barbara Barrie
as Mrs. Bream
Michael Countryman
as Dr. Joseph Stern
Geoffrey Pierson
as Gary Burnham's Attorney
Robert Hogan
as Carbone
David Drake
as Voorman
Sam Freed
as Kent Meeker
Lenore Harris
as Mrs. Shore
Lee Wallace
as Judge Simon
Lycia Naff
as Mimi Sternhagen
Danny Zorn
as Joel Holder
Sam Groom
as Larry Teasdale
Byron Jennings
as Ted Driscoll
Jordan Charney
as Dr. Mandell
John Fiore
as Profaci
Len Gochman
as Judge Robert Gillion
Richard Backus
as Hamilton Burns Jr.
Wendy Radford
as Miss Fahey
Nicholas Surovy
as David Alcott
Alberta Watson
as Charlotte Hanley
Harley Cross
as Jamie Maser
Caroline Aaron
as Susan (Police Psychiatrist)
Ronnie Farer
as Mrs. Alcott
Doris Belack
as Judge Barry
Tanya Berezin
as Judge Rosalyn Lenz
William H. Macy
as Jack Powell
Joe Grifasi
as Ezra Gould
Marilyn Sokol
as Marilee Katz
Steve Rankin
as Frank Kemp
Allelon Ruggiero
as Carl Borland
Jean De Baer
as Constance Pack
Alan Manson
as Arraignment Judge Bryan
Sam Gray
as Judge Manuel Leon
Ron McLarty
as Mr. Scoler
William Jay Marshall
as Judge Burton Hollis
Lisa Ryall
as Tina McManus
P.J. Barry
as Range Owner
Joyce Reehling
as Eleanor Harding
Cynthia Harris
as Elise Gifford
Stephen D. Newman
as Dr. Seliger
Richard Venture
as Douglas Greer
Bruce MacVittie
as Gabe Hunt
Kecia Lewis-Evans
as Defense Atty. Langstrom
Liana Pai
as Claudia Chong
Richard Levine
as Judge Steven Strelzik
William Bogert
as Jules Simon
Kaiulani Lee
as Nancy Driscoll
Steve Ryan
as Brooklyn ADA Fleischman
Bill Alton
as Judge Bernard O'Malley
Ron Parady
as Chessman
Richard Kuss
as Dominic McFadden
Richard Bright
as Albert Boxer
Ray Genadry
as Andonian
Bernie McInerney
as Judge Michael Callahan
Ralph Bell
as Trial Judge Jenklaw
David Lipman
as Torledsky
David Rosenbaum
as Arraignment Judge Berman
Peter Crombie
as Howie Neffer
Maria Pitillo
as Angel Greer
Mark Hammer
as Judge Randall Welch
J. Smith-Cameron
as Ms. Mindy Moskowitz
Sam Coppola
as Bartender
Gil Rogers
as Romaine Ireland
Russell Garrett
as Sal Violet
Dylan Baker
as Sean Hyland
William McGuire
as Rev. Morley
Rex Robbins
as Mr. Steinman
Joseph Mosso
as Policeman
Barry Snider
as O'Malley
Raul Aranas
as Oscar Vergilio
Joe Mantello
as Public Defender
Kenneth Tigar
as Dr. Stanback
Francine Beers
as Judge Janis Silver
Bruce Katzman
as Dr. Gilman
Tasha K. Lawrence
as Pat Morrill
Lewis Black
as Director Franklin Frome
Laurinda Barrett
as Eve Branson
Mary B. Ward
as Priscilla Blaine
Nelson Landrieu
as Jose Rivera
Barbara Spiegel
as Judge Harriet Doremus
Eddie Korbich
as O'Malley
Jerry Grayson
as Mr. Hellman
Aideen O'Kelly
as Sister Kate
Toni DiBuono
as Alice Cantwell
Jack Davidson
as Mr. Torrens
Lauren Klein
as Miss Phillips
Patricia Hodges
as Elaine Cowan
Colin Fox
as Peter Martin
John Ramsey
as Judge Walter Schreiber
Kim Staunton
as Ms. Clayton
Kurt Knudson
as Judge Ari Waxman
Rita Gardner
as Mrs. Torrens
Patricia Mauceri
as Mrs. Fermi
June Stein
as Munroe
David W. Butler
as Det. Reily
Alba Oms
as Valdez
Lex Monson
as Homeless Man #1
Charles Blackwell
as Judge Howard Gillman
Kevin Hagen
as McAnally
Edwin Owens
as Hanover Police Chief Burke
Zina Jasper
as Arraignment Judge Appel
John Braden
as Linford
Lee Shepherd
as Judge Joseph Gannon
Deborah White
as Francine Hughes
Divina Cook
as Miriam Gomez
Jack Wallace
as Homeless Man #2
Roger Serbagi
as Trial Judge Quinn
Billy Chang
as Billy Ru
Charles Major
as Walter Fairlee
Mateo Gomez
as Daniel Esperanza
Brian Reddy
as McBride
Mitchell McGuire
as Earl Lawler
Currie Graham
as Mitchell Burkitt
Chandra Wilson
as Serena Price
Catherine Wolf
as Criminal Trial Judge Hale
Susan Blommaert
as Arraignment Judge Steinman
Matthew Arkin
as Dr. Feldman
Clement Fowler
as Wesley Byrne
Michael Harney
as Det. Gullickson
Mark Zimmerman
as Polygraph Tester
David S. Howard
as Union Speaker
Hildy Brooks
as Jane Lawler
Robert Sevra
as Herb McCann
Stanja Lowe
as Preston
Jane White
as Appellate Judge Green
Robert LaSardo
as Garage Attendant
Glynis Bell
as Ms. Silver
Mary Doyle
as Judge Dreiser
Peter Appel
as Dr. Baumann
Jane Hoffman
as Mrs. Fisher
Frances Chaney
as Mrs. Siddons
Allen Williams
as Det. Saperstein
Nickolas Levitin
as Dr. Charles Cohen
John Juback
as Mr. Fenwick
Roger Pretto
as Raymond Ramirez
Thom Curley
as Union Doorman
Ted Neustadt
as Dr. Fisher
Stephen Singer
as Aaron Gerstein
Lily Froehlich
as Mrs. Chong
Diane Tyler
as Fran Melton
Ray Demattis
as Kolvino
William Mesnick
as Appellate Judge Rosenblum
Adam LeFevre
as Joseph Kelley
Barbara Gonzalez
as Celia Montalbano
Mike Cicchetti
as Henry Willard
Peter Kass
as Landlord
Nestor Carbonell
as Stuart Carradine
Mario Arrambide
as Mr. Lewis
Matt Malloy
as CSU Technician
Christopher Rubin
as CSU Technician
Aleta Mitchell
as Joanne Preston
Walter Bobbie
as Peter Cummins
John Sudman
as Jay Lingard
Stan Lachow
as Elliot Woods
Stephen Lee
as Tim Chong
Graham Brown
as Appellate Judge Marton
Miguel Sierra
as Guillermo Ruiz
Jay Goede
as Graham
Estelle Harris
as Mrs. Rachlin
Ira Wheeler
as Appellate Judge #5
Steve Boles
as Metcalf
Robert Levine
as Dr. Bernard Gluck
Tom Kemp
as Heller
Bellina Logan
as Gail Carradine
Kevin Eshelman
as Repairman
Bobby Alto
as Brooklyn Desk Sgt.
Ben Lang
as Irv Isaacson
Murphy Guyer
as Tommy Gallagher
Larry Block
as Feldman
Fred J. Scollay
as Judge Andrew Barsky
Roderick Garr
as Off. Kelly
Sharrieff Pugh
as Fontaine Robinson
Dan Grimaldi
as Counterman
Kevin O'Morrison
as Judge Patrick Spector
Marta Vidal
as Annalisa Barragan
Julie White
as Sandy Reynolds
Gareth Williams
as CSU Technician
William R. Charlton
as Off. Wheeler
John Speredakos
as Dr. Orton
Jose Ynoa
as Angel
Matthew Lewis
as Arraignment Judge Link
Philip Levy
as Off. Franzetti
William Wise
as Prison Guard
Donna Haley
as Reporter #1
Michael Bolus
as Garage Attendant
Paul Kandel
as Reporter #2
Ed Kovens
as Ed Zakaris
Gonzalo Madurga
as Dr. Guzman
Michael Ciulla
as Storage Attendant
Jennie Ventriss
as Judge Amelia Paul
Robert Katims
as Jacob Bloom
Nick Sandow
as Off. Nelson
Chester A. Sims
as Court Clerk
Perren Page
as Jury Forewoman
Renee Lippin
as Bernice Steinman
Ben Lin
as Chinese Manager
Larry Attile
as Anderson
Star Jasper
as Betsy Rawls
Beth McDonald
as Adele Tompkins
Kristine Nielson
as Marcia Caine
Florence Phillips
as Jury Forewoman
James Pyduck
as Bailiff
Suzanne Steele
as Taxi Wife
Philip LeStrange
as Corcoran's Attorney
George T. Odom
as Attendant
Rick Zieff
as Dr. Cohen
Karen McLaughlin
as Ann Radley
Vincent Curatola
as Court Clerk
Stan Egi
as Chang
Kenn Scott
as Kid #2
Tim Gallin
as Cabbie
Billie Allen
as Judge Gloria West
Joe Perce
as Schuman
George Bass
as Superintendant
Danny Dennis
as Al Webber
Jayce Bartok
as Chip Bennett
John Ottavino
as Larry Kealey
Saul Stein
as Bouncer
Alex Draper
as Nathan Robbins
Bjorn Johnson
as CSU Policeman
Colleen Cowan
as Sally Knox
Tessell Williams
as Hotel Clerk
Mark Casella
as Pelletier
Rod McLachlan
as Paramedic
Harry Murphy
as Strachon
Gretchen West
as Mrs. Jane Dickey
Dan Moran
as Off. Giordano
William Duffy
as CSU Tech
Lawrence Green
as Juror Gillette
Emma Tammi
as Alison Ryder
Joseph Hindy
as Thurman
Sam Baum
as Law Clerk
Sandra Bowie
as Jury Foreman #1
Michael Sheehan
as Off. Barton
Ed Jupp Jr.
as Wadsworth
Albert S. Bennett
as Jury Foreman
Helen Mitchell
as Juror Bogan
Raye Dowell
as Secretary
Michael Cannis
as Reporter #1
Joe Sharkey
as Graveyard Administrator
John Bentley
as Mike Carney
Billy Van
as Detective
Becky Borczon
as Jury Forewoman
Cliff Weissman
as Forrester
Ron Ostrow
as Whalen
Jerry Giorgio
as Court Clerk
Bob Gerardi
as Bailiff
Jay Spidaro
as Bailiff
Paul Singer
as Bailiff
Meg Anderson
as Reporter #2
Glenn Taranto
as Squad Room Detective
Carol Woods
as Ms. Price
Tom Paliferro
as Joe Nicholas
Venida Evans
as Jury Forewoman
Troy Winbush
as Leon Jarvis
Stephanie Trudeau
as Mrs. Friedman
Marc Plastrik
as Jury Foreman
Jay Spadaro
as Bailiff
Susan Grace
as Jury Forewoman
Irma St. Paule
as Elderly Woman
Tina Smith
as Ms. Jacobs
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Critic Reviews for Law & Order Season 2

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The series that has made the smoothest transition with a new costar is Law & Order, whose quality has, if anything, improved in its second season.

Nov 28, 2018 | Rating: A- | Full Review…

Audience Reviews for Law & Order: Season 2

  • Jul 25, 2018
    Law & Order is one of my go-to shows to watch while sitting on the couch and vegging out. I've seen every episode multiple times, but I find the show comforting. That's what Law & Order is - comfort food. The episodes are formulaic, right down to the trademark opening scene - some unfortunate people have their Seinfeldian conversation interrupted by the discovery of a dead body. Few episodes stand out, but the standard of quality is high and almost every episode is at least passable, and, while the show never dives particularly deeply into the issues it showcases, the show's examination of different societal problems can provide some fuel for thought. Unfortunately, the series not infrequently makes procedural errors (although it is at least more careful about remaining at least superficially plausible than the spin-off SVU), so it may miseducate some people about the legal system - although the people who try to learn law from a police procedural/courtroom drama are at least partly to blame for this miseducation. Season 2 maintains the slightly grittier tone that differentiates the earlier seasons the latter seasons and takes place before the show's gradual slide toward sensationalism. It also has a decent cast. Michael Moriarty, with his distinctive soft voice, gives a good performance on the legal side, as does Richard Brooks. On the police procedural portion of the show, Chris Noth's Mike Logan is one of my favorite detectives of the franchise, just behind Lenny Briscoe and tied with Ed Green. Phil Cerreta, played by Paul Sorvino, replaces Max Greevey this season. I consider this a roughly equal exchange in terms of acting ability, although Cerreta's maturity plays well against Logan's hot headedness. If I had to pick a standout episode from this season, I would pick "Out of Control", not because the quality is higher, but because it explores an unfortunate facet of the legal system often overlooked by the franchise, namely that juries in sexual assault cases often blame the victim, especially if she wasn't totally monogamous. Overall, season 2 of Law & Order is roughly the same in quality as season 1.

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