Pride and Joy


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A building superintendent is found murdered, and the chief suspect is the man's 17-year-old son, Sean McKinnon (Gabriel Olds). The boy insists that his father was abusive, and that he acted in self defense. The investigation conducted by the D.A.'s office is virtually frozen in its tracks by the obstreperous, self-protective behavior of the dead man's family.


Chris Noth
as Det. Mike Logan
Michael Moriarty
as ADA Ben Stone
Jill Hennessy
as ADA Claire Kincaid
Jerry Orbach
as Det. Lennie Briscoe
Patrick Collins
as Ned Hughes
Paul Collins
as Roger Easton
Johnny Giacalone
as Mitch Lewis
Pamela Payton-Wright
as Mrs. Katherine McKinnon
Gabriel Olds
as Sean McKinnon
Lauren Ambrose
as Maureen McKinnon
Judy Jacksina
as Nancy Kroll
Pat Collins
as Ned Hughes
Sam Gray
as Trial Judge Leon
Lauren Klein
as Dr. Grace Henderson
Tom Everett Scott
as Charles Wilson
Edwin Owens
as Robbins
Vince O'Brien
as Arraignment Judge Franks
Heather Willihnganz
as Sandy Resnick
Tony Devon
as Melendez
Howard Blakey
as Jury Foreman
Bob Loehmann
as Bailiff
Bob Corren
as Medill
Carolyn McCormick
as Dr. Elizabeth Olivet
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