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A new inmate enters Sona, unnerving Whistler and raising Michael's suspicions; Linc plans an ocean getaway with Sofia as Susan moves up the escape timetable; T-Bag makes a friend; and Sucre makes a deal with a devil.


Wentworth Miller
as Michael Scofield
Dominic Purcell
as Lincoln Burrows
William Fichtner
as Alexander Mahone
Wade Williams
as Bellick
Michelle Forbes
as Samantha Brinker
Joseph Nunez
as Manche Sanchez
Chris Vance
as Whistler
Carlos Compeon
as Col. Escamilla
Crystal Mantecon
as Sister Mary Frances
F.J. Rio
as Augusto
Tommy G. Kendrick
as Dive Shop Owner
Luis Rolon
as Military Guard No. 2
Alex Fernandez
as Capt. Hurtado
Carlos Navarro
as Police Captain
Damon Carney
as Young Man
Joseph Melendez
as Rafael (Guard)
Grover Coulson
as Guillermo Prismaticos
JC Alvarado
as Augusto's Driver
Mo Deja
as Capitan Pumales
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