The Handicap Spot


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George finds himself in hot water when he borrows his father's car to go shopping for a gift. When he's unable to find any other available parking space, he decides to take a handicap parking space, thereby preventing an actual handicapped woman from having a safe place to park. When the wheelchair-bound woman is injured, there is a revolt against George and his father's car is trashed. To make matters weirder, Kramer ends up falling for the handicapped woman when he goes to the hospital with George. When this episode was originally broadcast, the role of George's father, Frank Costanza was played by John Randolph. However, when the role was recast with Jerry Stiller, the scenes featuring Frank were re-shot for syndication. Originally airing May 13, 1993, "The Handicap Spot" was the 20th episode shot for the show's fourth season, despite being the 22nd one shown.


Jerry Seinfeld
as Jerry Seinfeld
Jason Alexander
as George Costanza
Julia Louis-Dreyfus
as Elaine Benes
Michael Richards
as Cosmo Kramer
Nancy Lenehan
as Volunteer Woman
John Randolph
as Frank Costanza
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