The Pilot (Episode 24)


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As the taping of Jerry and George's pilot nears, Kramer is forced to take drastic measure to fix a problem he's having with his bowels and Elaine finds herself trying to elude the obsessive NBC President Russell Dalrimple. When the show finally airs, several of the show's past characters are shown reacting, including The Drake, Marla the virgin, John F. Kennedy Jr., and the Bubble Boy's family. First airing May 20, 1993, "The Pilot, Part 2" was originally the second half of the one-hour, fourth season finale. The episode was later split in two for syndication.


Jerry Seinfeld
as Jerry Seinfeld
Jason Alexander
as George Costanza
Julia Louis-Dreyfus
as Elaine Benes
Michael Richards
as Cosmo Kramer
Larry Hankin
as TV Kramer
Elena Wohl
as TV Elaine
Jeremy Piven
as TV George
Bob Balaban
as Russell Dalrymple
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