The Gum


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When Kramer brings around his friend Lloyd, who's recently recovered after suffering a breakdown, it puts both Jerry and Elaine in awkward positions. First, Elaine loses a button on her shirt, exposing herself to Lloyd and giving him the wrong idea. Then, Jerry finds himself going with Lloyd to buy Chinese gum after Kramer suggests that turning the gum down might unsettle Lloyd. Meanwhile, a string of misunderstandings leads George's old neighbor to believe that he may be losing his grip and heading for a breakdown himself. Matt McCoy guest stars as Lloyd Braun a role previously played by Peter Keleghan in "The Non-Fat Yogurt." In addition, series creator Larry David makes a rare onscreen appearance in an uncredited role as a gum salesman. Originally airing December 14, 1995, "The Gum" was the tenth episode of the show's seventh season.