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Dr. Bashir sets up a holosuite program in which he recasts himself as a 1960s-style Earth secret agent. A malfunction causes Sisko, Worf, Dax, and O'Brien to be sucked into Bashir's computer-generated fantasy. Suddenly finding themselves in the middle of an old-fashioned spy melodrama, the foursome must rely upon the resourcefulness of the suave, tuxedoed Bashir to save their lives. Scripted by Ronald D. Moore from a story by Robert Gillan, "Our Man Bashir" made its American TV bow on November 27, 1995.


Avery Brooks
as Commander Sisko
Terry Farrell
as Jadzia Dax
Colm Meaney
as Miles O'Brien
Nana Visitor
as Major Kira Nerys
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