Apocalypse Rising
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Season 5

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Season Five of Deep Space Nine got under way with this episode, which orignally aired September 30, 1996. Acting upon Odo's suspicion that Klingon leader Gowron (Robert O'Reilly) is really a Changeling impersonator, Sisko is given the go-ahead by Starfleet Command to expose the phony (if indeed he is a phony). With the help of Dr. Bashir, Sisko, Odo, and O'Brien disguise themselves as Klingons, then, accompanied by Worf, infiltrate a Klingon ceremony in the Hall of Warriors, where Gowron is to be the guest of honor. As is often the case on this series, everything boils down to a personal matter of honor, or lack of same. "Apocalypse Rising" was written by Ira Steven Behr and Robert Hewitt Wolfe.


Avery Brooks
as Cdr. Sisko
Colm Meaney
as Miles O'Brien
Marc Alaimo
as Dukat
Alexander Siddig
as Dr. Bashir
J.G. Hertzler
as Gen. Martok
Robert Zachar
as Head Guard
John Bennett
as Towering Klingon
Tony Epper
as Drunken Klingon
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