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Nor the Battle to the Strong


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While accompanying Dr. Bashir on a mercy mission to a battle-scarred Federation colony, Jake Sisko (Cirroc Lofton) experiences the horror of war on an up-close and personal level for the first time in his life. As the dedicated Bashir tends to the wounded and dying, Jake, nervous over an impending Klingon attack, panics and runs off, which serves to put him even further in harm's way. Cowardice ultimately gives way to unexpected reserves of courage, when Jake is himself besieged by marauding Klingons. Scripted by Rene Echevarria from a story by Brice R. Parker, ". . .Nor the Battle to the Strong" was first telecast October 21, 1996.


Alexander Siddig
as Dr. Bashir
Cirroc Lofton
as Jake Sisko
Karen Austin
as Kalandra
Jeb Brown
as Ensign
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