Randolph Scott

Highest Rated: 100% Comanche Station (1960)
Lowest Rated: 80% Western Union (1941)
Birthday: Jan 23, 1898
Birthplace: Orange County, Virginia, USA
Born Randolph Crane, this virile, weathered, prototypical cowboy star with a gallant manner and slight Southern accent enlisted for service in the U.S. Army during World War I at age 19. After returning home he got a degree in engineering, then joined the Pasadena Community Playhouse. While golfing, Scott met millionaire filmmaker Howard Hughes, who helped him enter films as a bit player. In the mid '30s he began landing better roles, both as a romantic lead and as a costar. Later he became a Western star, and from the late '40s to the '50s he starred exclusively in big-budget color Westerns (39 altogether). From 1950-53 he was one of the top ten box-office attractions. Later in the '50s he played the aging cowboy hero in a series of B-Westerns directed by Budd Boetticher for Ranown, an independent production company. He retired from the screen in the early '60s. Having invested in oil wells, real estate, and securities, he was worth between $50-$100 million.

Highest Rated Movies



93% Ride the High Country Gil Westrum 1962
100% Comanche Station Jefferson Cody Producer 1960
No Score Yet Westbound Capt. John Hayes 1959
86% Ride Lonesome Ben Brigade Executive Producer 1959
No Score Yet Buchanan Rides Alone Tom Buchanan Producer 1958
No Score Yet Decision at Sundown Bart Allison 1957
100% The Tall T Pat Brennan 1957
No Score Yet 7th Cavalry Capt. Tom Benson 1956
100% Seven Men From Now Ben Stride 1956
No Score Yet A Lawless Street Marshal Calem Ware 1955
No Score Yet Tall Man Riding Larry Madden 1955
No Score Yet Ten Wanted Men John Stewart 1955
No Score Yet Rage at Dawn James Barlow 1955
No Score Yet The Bounty Hunter Jim Kipp / James Collins 1954
No Score Yet Riding Shotgun Larry Delong 1954
No Score Yet Thunder Over the Plains Captain David Porter 1953
No Score Yet The Man Behind the Gun Major Ransome Callicut 1953
No Score Yet The Stranger Wore a Gun Jeff Travis 1953
No Score Yet Hangman's Knot Major Matt Stewart 1952
No Score Yet Carson City Silent Jeff Kincaid 1952
No Score Yet Starlift Guest Star 1951
No Score Yet Man in the Saddle Owen Merritt 1951
No Score Yet Fort Worth Ned Britt 1951
No Score Yet Santa Fe Britt Canfield 1951
No Score Yet The Cariboo Trail Jim Redfern 1950
No Score Yet Colt .45 Steve Farrell 1950
No Score Yet The Nevadan Andrew Barclay 1950
No Score Yet Fighting Man of the Plains Jim Dancer 1949
No Score Yet The Doolins of Oklahoma Bill Doolin / Bill Daley 1949
No Score Yet Canadian Pacific Tom Andrews 1949
No Score Yet Return of the Bad Men Vance (Marshal Vance Cordell) 1948
No Score Yet Coroner Creek Chris Danning 1948
No Score Yet Corvette K-225 Lieut. Commander MacClain 1948
No Score Yet Albuquerque Cole Armin 1948
No Score Yet Christmas Eve Jonathan 'Johnny' 1947
No Score Yet Gunfighters (The Assassin) Brazos Kane 1947
No Score Yet Trail Street Marshal William Bartley 'Bat' Masterson 1947
No Score Yet Badman's Territory Sheriff Mark Rowley 1946
100% Captain Kidd Adam Mercy/Adam Blayne 1945
No Score Yet Belle of the Yukon Honest John Calhoun aka Gentleman Jack 1944
No Score Yet Follow the Boys Himself 1944
No Score Yet Gung Ho! Col. Thorwald 1943
No Score Yet The Desperadoes Sheriff Steve Upton 1943
No Score Yet Bombardier Capt. Buck Oliver 1943
No Score Yet Pittsburgh 'Cash' Evans 1942
No Score Yet The Spoilers Alexander McNamara 1942
No Score Yet To the Shores of Tripoli Sgt. Dixie Smith 1942
No Score Yet Belle Starr Sam Starr 1941
80% Western Union Vance Shaw 1941
85% My Favorite Wife Stephen Burkett 1940
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No Score Yet Frontier Marshal Wyatt Earp 1939
No Score Yet Susannah of the Mounties Inspector Angus "Monty" Montague 1939
No Score Yet Jesse James Marshal Wright 1939
No Score Yet Land of Liberty Actor 1939
No Score Yet The Texans Kirk Jordan 1938
No Score Yet High, Wide and Handsome Peter Cortlandt 1937
No Score Yet The Last of the Mohicans Hawkeye 1936
80% Follow the Fleet Bilge Smith 1936
No Score Yet Go West, Young Man Bud Norton 1936
No Score Yet She Leo Vincey 1935
83% Roberta John Kent 1935
No Score Yet Rocky Mountain Mystery Larry Sutton 1935
No Score Yet Law of Vengeance Actor 1933
No Score Yet To the Last Man Lynn Hayden 1933
No Score Yet Cocktail Hour Randolph Morgan 1933
93% Island of Lost Souls Ape Man 1933
No Score Yet Man of the Forest Brett Dale 1933
No Score Yet Supernatural Grant Wilson 1933
No Score Yet Murders in the Zoo Dr. Woodford, Zoo Toxicologist 1933
No Score Yet Thundering Herd Actor 1933
No Score Yet Buffalo Stampede Tom Doan 1933
No Score Yet Hot Saturday Bill Fadden 1932
No Score Yet When the West Was Young Actor 1932
No Score Yet Wild Horse Mesa Actor 1932
No Score Yet When the West Was Young Jack Hare 1932
100% The Virginian Rider 1929