Catherine Breillat

Catherine Breillat

Highest Rated: 86% 36 Fillette (1988)

Lowest Rated: 25% Anatomy of Hell (2003)

Birthday: Jul 13, 1948

Birthplace: Bressuire, Deux-Sèvres, France

Dubbed "the bad girl intellectual of French cinema" by Amy Taubin of the Village Voice, writer-director Catherine Breillat seemingly has courted controversy since her career began. While still in her teens, she published her first novel, the erotic "L'Homme facile," which was not sold to anyone in France under 18 years of age. Breillat's film acting debut was alongside her sister Marie-Helene in 1973's frank and groundbreaking "Last Tango in Paris," helmed by Bernardo Bertolucci. Her own feature directorial debut based on one of her novels, "Une Vraie jeune fille," was originally shot in 1975 but through a combination of the bankruptcy of her producers and its shocking content that caused it to be banned, the film did not receive a release for 25 years. As with several of her works, "Une Vraie jeune fille" centered on the sexual coming of age of a woman -- here a 14-year-old boarding school student. Over the next decade, Breillat continued to make her mark as both a fiction writer and in films. She penned the story for and contributed to the script of "Police" (1985), a cop drama-cum-romance starring Gerard Depardieu and Sophie Marceau.

Highest rated movies

The Housekeeper




86% 55% Abuse of Weakness Director,
$31.6K 2013
75% No Score Yet The Sleeping Beauty Director,
$28.8K 2010
66% 42% Great Directors Self $17.9K 2009
79% 47% Bluebeard Director,
$32.4K 2009
77% 59% The Last Mistress Director,
$785.0K 2007
No Score Yet 77% Indie Sex: Censored Unknown (Character) - 2007
25% 37% Anatomy of Hell Director,
- 2003
68% 47% Sex Is Comedy Director,
$40.3K 2002
77% 42% The Housekeeper Constance (Character) $455.0K 2002
73% 64% Fat Girl Director,
$724.1K 2001
No Score Yet 65% Brief Crossing Director,
- 2001
50% 46% Romance Director,
$1.3M 1999
No Score Yet 67% Perfect Love! Director,
- 1996
No Score Yet No Score Yet À propos de Nice, la suite Director - 1995
No Score Yet 17% Dirty Like an Angel Director,
- 1991
No Score Yet No Score Yet Zanzibar Screenwriter - 1989
86% 57% 36 Fillette Director,
- 1988
No Score Yet 50% The Skin Screenwriter - 1981
No Score Yet No Score Yet Tapage Nocturne Director,
- 1979
No Score Yet 80% Dracula and Son Herminie Poitevin (Character) - 1976
71% 46% A Real Young Girl Director,
$15.7K 1976