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David Warry-Smith

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David Warry-Smith is best known for directing science fiction television series. For years he worked on the classic sci-fi show "Stargate SG-1," the flagship of the SyFy Channel's various series about the Stargates, interstellar portals designed by Ancient technology. Warry-Smith also directed one of the spin-offs, known as "Stargate: Atlantis." That series focused on the adventures of an Earth expedition that finds the lost city of Atlantis and encounters a new enemy also traversing the Stargates. Warry-Smith has directed several other sci-fi series, including the Gene Roddenberry creation "Andromeda" (less of a success than Roddenberry's iconic "Star Trek" universe, though it did last five seasons). The show, like the other series "Earth: Final Conflict " (which Warry-Smith also directed), was based on ideas Roddenberry conceived but never used. Both shows came into existence after his death and were produced by his widow Majel Barrett-Roddenberry. These imaginative shows have made the SyFy Channel a long-lasting home for the talents of a man like David Warry-Smith.



No Score Yet No Score Yet Heaven's Fire Director - 1999


71% 53% Designated Survivor Director 2018
No Score Yet No Score Yet Life With Derek Director 2008
No Score Yet No Score Yet Soul Food Director 2002
No Score Yet No Score Yet Andromeda Director 2000-2002
33% No Score Yet Total Recall 2070 Director 1999
No Score Yet No Score Yet La Femme Nikita Director 1998
No Score Yet No Score Yet Earth: Final Conflict Director 1997-1998
No Score Yet No Score Yet Due South Director 1996


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