Earl Holliman

Earl Holliman

Highest Rated: 100% The Sons of Katie Elder (1965)

Lowest Rated: 67% Anzio (Lo sbarco di Anzio) (1968)

Birthday: Sep 11, 1928

Birthplace: Not Available

While many of Earl Holliman's bucolic screen characters tended to shy away from "book learnin," Holliman himself is a graduate of UCLA. Making his film debut with a one-line bit as a bellboy in Martin and Lewis' Scared Stiff (1953), Holliman went on to featured and co-starring roles in westerns and military dramas, usually cast as a hot-headed rustic with a streak of manic unpredictability. His larger film roles include the comic-relief cook in Forbidden Planet (1956), Katharine Hepburn's girl-happy brother in The Rainmaker (1956)--a performance that earned him a Golden Globe nomination--and Matt Elder in the John Wayne starrer Sons of Katie Elder (1965). A nearly inescapable presence on television, Holliman turned in some impressive work on the many live TV anthologies of the 1950s. His portrayal of a shipwrecked marine in the 1958 Kraft Theatre production "The Sea is Boiling Hot," in which he carried on a one-sided debate with monolingual Japanese officer Sessue Hayakawa, led to his being cast in a similar solo turn in the 1959 Twilight Zone pilot episode "Where is Everybody?" His series-TV credits include the roles of gunslinger-turned-hotelier Sundance in Hotel de Paree (1959), bronco buster Mitch Guthrie in Wide Country (1962), Palm Springs private eye Matthew Durning in PS I Luv U (1991) and barkeep Darden Towe in Delta (1992). Undoubtedly his most famous TV assignment was as Angie Dickinson's superior officer Lt. Bill Crowley in the weekly Police Woman (1974-78). Most recently Earl Holliman made a most welcome guest appearance as Lea Thompson's Wisconsinite dad in the TV sitcom Caroline in the City.

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67% Anzio (Lo sbarco di Anzio) Platoon Sergeant Abe Stimmler 1968
No Score Yet The Power Talbot Scott 1968
No Score Yet A Covenant with Death Bryan Talbot 1966
100% The Sons of Katie Elder Matt Elder 1965
No Score Yet Summer and Smoke Archie Kramer 1961
No Score Yet Armored Command Mike 1961
83% Last Train from Gun Hill Rick Belden, Craig's Son 1959
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No Score Yet The Rainmaker Jim Curry 1956
95% Giant Bob Dace 1956
96% Forbidden Planet Cook 1956
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92% The Big Combo Mingo 1955
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80% The Bridges at Toko-Ri Gamidge 1954
No Score Yet Alaska Seas Indian Boy 1954
No Score Yet Destination Gobi Frank Svenson 1953
No Score Yet Devil's Canyon Joe 1953
71% Scared Stiff Actor 1953
No Score Yet Pony Soldier Comes Running 1952


No Score Yet Murder, She Wrote
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13% Delta
Darden Towe 1993
No Score Yet In the Heat of the Night
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Judd 1965
82% The Twilight Zone
Mike Ferris 1959
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0% P.S.I. Luv U
Matthew Durning
No Score Yet The Thorn Birds
Luddie Mueller


Cook says: Another one of them new worlds. No beer, no women, no pool partners, nothin'. Nothin' to do but throw rocks at tin cans, and we have to bring our own tin cans.