Gena Rowlands

Gena Rowlands

Highest Rated: 100% Love Streams (1984)

Lowest Rated: 22% Taking Lives (2004)

Birthday: Jun 19, 1930

Birthplace: Madison, Wisconsin, USA

An alumnus of the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, Wisconsin-born actress Gena Rowlands entered the Broadway talent pool in 1952. From 1955 through 1957, the blonde, frosty-eyed actress co-starred with Edward G. Robinson in the original Broadway production of Middle of the Night. She also did plenty of Manhattan-based television during this period, including a recurring role on the forgotten syndicated series Top Secret U.S.A. Rowlands made her first film, The High Cost of Loving, in 1958, the same year that she married legendary actor/director John Cassavetes. The excellent response to her performance as the deaf-mute wife of a detective on the 1961 TV series 87th Precinct sparked a grass-roots campaign to have Rowlands appear on the series on a weekly basis, but her film commitments were such that she couldn't be confined to any one part for very long. Always a capable leading lady, Rowlands blossomed into full stardom in the films directed by her husband. She first collaborated with him on A Child Is Waiting (1963) and then starred as a prostitute in his 1968 film Faces. Rowlands went on to earn Oscar nominations for her work in two of her husband's other films, A Woman Under the Influence (1974) and Gloria (1980).After Cassavetes' death in 1989, Rowlands took a two-year sabbatical from films, returning to play Holly Hunter's mother -- and Richard Dreyfuss' mother-in-law -- in Once Around (1991). That same year, she appeared as a casting agent in Jim Jarmusch's Night on Earth. After starring in such films as 1995's The Neon Bible and Something to Talk About (the latter of which featured her as the "steel magnolia" wife of Robert Duvall and mother of Julia Roberts), Rowlands stepped in front the camera for her son Nick Cassavetes' 1996 directorial debut, Unhook the Stars. The actress turned in a strong performance as a matriarch experiencing various life upheavals, and the following year again collaborated with her son in his romantic comedy She's So Lovely. Rowlands continued to stay busy with work for other directors, appearing in no less than three films in 1998. Particularly notable appearances included her role as Sean Connery's estranged wife in Playing by Heart and her portrayal of the grandmother of a disabled boy in The Mighty. In addition to her film work, Rowlands has earned considerable acclaim for her television roles. In 1985, she earned an Emmy nomination for her role in the powerful AIDS drama An Early Frost, and has won Emmys for her performances in The Betty Ford Story (1987) and Face of a Stranger (1991).At the beginning of the 21st century Rowlands continued to work steadily racking up credits in a variety of projects including Wild Iris, Hysterical Blindness, and Taking Lives. IN 2004 she acted again for her son in the cult hit The Notebook, and she followed that up with a role in the supernatural thriller The Skeleton Key. In 2007 she provided one of the voices in the well-reviewed Persepolis, and after a five-year hiatus from screens she returned in yet another project directed by her son, the quirky psychological drama Yellow.


Highest Rated Movies



50% Six Dance Lessons In Six Weeks Lilly Harrison $74.1K 2014
No Score Yet Parts Per Billion Actor 2013
No Score Yet Yellow Actor 2012
96% Persepolis (English Version) $4.5M 2007
25% Slipstream Bette 2007
64% Broken English Vivien Wilder-Mann $0.9M 2007
No Score Yet What If God Were the Sun? Melissa 2007
87% Paris Je T'aime Screenwriter Gena $4.9M 2007
38% The Skeleton Key Violet Devereaux $47.8M 2005
53% The Notebook Allie $81.1M 2004
83% Broadway: The Golden Age Actor 2004
No Score Yet The Incredible Mrs. Ritchie Mrs. Ritchie 2004
22% Taking Lives Mrs. Asher $32.7M 2004
No Score Yet Charms for the Easy Life Charlie Kate 2002
73% Hysterical Blindness Virginia 2002
83% Light Keeps Me Company Actor 2001
No Score Yet Wild Iris Min Brinn 2001
50% The Weekend Laura 2000
60% Playing by Heart Hannah 1998
75% The Mighty Gram 1998
26% Hope Floats Ramona Calvert $60.1M 1998
62% Paulie Ivy 1998
No Score Yet Grace & Glorie Grace Stiles 1998
66% She's So Lovely Miss Green 1997
81% Unhook the Stars Mildred 1996
55% The Neon Bible Aunt Mae 1996
39% Something to Talk About Georgia King 1995
No Score Yet Parallel Lives Francie Pomerantz 1994
No Score Yet Silent Cries Peggy Sutherland 1993
No Score Yet Crazy In Love Honora 1992
No Score Yet Face of a Stranger Pat Foster 1991
No Score Yet Ted & Venus Mrs. Turner 1991
75% Night on Earth Victoria 1991
No Score Yet Le Dernier Cow-Boy Bess 1990
70% Once Around Marilyn Bella 1990
64% Another Woman Marion Post 1988
53% Light of Day Jeanette Rasnick 1987
No Score Yet An Early Frost Katherine Pierson 1985
100% Love Streams Sarah Lawson 1984
No Score Yet I'm Almost Not Crazy: John Cassavetes Actor 1984
No Score Yet Thursday's Child Victoria Alden 1983
55% Tempest Antonia Dimitrius 1982
93% Gloria Gloria Swenson 1980
No Score Yet Strangers: The Story of a Mother and Daughter Abigail Mason 1979
75% The Brink's Job Mary Pino 1978
No Score Yet A Question of Love Actor 1978
96% Opening Night Myrtle Gordon 1977
25% Two Minute Warning Actor 1976
93% A Woman Under the Influence Mabel Longhetti 1975
80% Minnie and Moskowitz Minnie Moore 1972
No Score Yet Machine Gun McCain Rosemary Scott 1970
83% Faces Jeannie 1968
50% Tony Rome Rita Neilson Kosterman 1967
92% A Child Is Waiting Sophie Widdicombe / Benham 1963
No Score Yet The Spiral Road Els 1962
93% Lonely are the Brave Jerry Bondi 1962


No Score Yet NCIS
Joann Fielding 2010
91% Monk
No Score Yet Numb3rs
Erika Hellman 2006
No Score Yet Columbo
Elizabeth 1975
No Score Yet Marcus Welby, M.D.
Lorraine 1974
No Score Yet The Alfred Hitchcock Hour
Diana Helen Martin Louise 1964
No Score Yet Bonanza
Ragan Miller 1963
No Score Yet Alfred Hitchcock Presents
Lucille Jones 1960


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Bernice Pruitt says: No.

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Ramona Calvert says: Look at me. My life has no meanin' or direction, and I'm happy. Look at Kermit there. You think it's easy bein' green?

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Ramona Calvert says: Hey, I am still your mama, Missy. You move it!