James Le Gros

James Le Gros

Highest Rated: 100% Drugstore Cowboy (1989)

Lowest Rated: 0% Wishful Thinking (1997)

Birthday: Apr 27, 1962

Birthplace: Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

Thanks in large part to the independent film movement of the late '80s, the boyishly handsome James LeGros went from being an underrated bit player in Hollywood schlock to a well-respected character actor. A Minnesota native, LeGros found steady work when he migrated to Los Angeles after college in the early '80s, popping up as a guest star in such TV series as Knight Rider, and in Danny DeVito's directorial debut, the made-for-cable satire The Ratings Game (a.k.a. The Mogul). Sci-fi made up the bulk of LeGros' early feature-film roles, including the dreadful post-apocalyptic teen flop Solarbabies (1986) and the thriller sequel Phantasm II (1988).It was director Gus Van Sant who afforded LeGros the opportunity to show his skills with a meaty supporting role in 1989's much-acclaimed Drugstore Cowboy. As part of a quartet of drifters stealing their way across the Pacific Northwest, the actor held his own against the iconic Matt Dillon as well as newcomer Heather Graham. More challenging parts followed in the early '90s, including the psychological drama The Rapture (1991), Cameron Crowe's ensemble romantic comedy Singles (1992), and a pair of firearm-obsessed indies, Guncrazy and My New Gun (also 1992). Pairing with director Todd Haynes for his 1995 sophomore feature Safe, LeGros garnered more acclaim as a confidante/romantic interest for the mysteriously ailing character played by Julianne Moore. That same year, he hilariously sent up a narcissistic Hollywood actor -- not-so-secretly based on Brad Pitt -- in director Tom DiCillo's satire on the perils of indie filmmaking, Living in Oblivion.As the millennium drew to a close, LeGros would re-team with Moore in the ensemble dramedy The Myth of Fingerprints (1997), playing an eccentric New England townie who has a crush on Moore's icy, cosmopolitan yuppie. With the film, LeGros began a long-standing collaboration with the film's writer-director -- and Moore's real-life beau -- Bart Freundlich, who would go on to cast LeGros in his subsequent films, including the road movie World Traveler (2001), the family film Catch That Kid (2003), and the screwball relationship comedy Trust the Man (2006).In the intervening years, LeGros made a successful return to the medium that gave him his first break: television. He was exposed to perhaps his widest audience to date in 1998 on the venerable medical drama ER, and then on the popular series Ally McBeal, in 2000 and 2001. A starring role on Showtime's gritty, controversial terrorist drama Sleeper Cell followed in 2005.


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70% Visioneers Julieen 2008
34% Vantage Point Ted Heinkin $72.3M 2008
76% The Last Winter James Hoffman 2007
89% Zodiac Off. George Bawart $33.1M 2007
28% Trust the Man Dante $1.5M 2006
31% November Hugh 2005
No Score Yet Sexual Life Josh 2005
57% Straight Into Darkness Soldier 2005
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13% Catch That Kid Ferrell $16.6M 2004
86% Lovely & Amazing Paul $4.2M 2002
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34% World Traveler Jack 2002
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59% Scotland, Pa. Joe McBeth $0.3M 2001
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No Score Yet Life in the Fast Lane (There's No Fish Food in Heaven) D.J. 1998
No Score Yet L.A. Without a Map Takowsky 1998
No Score Yet Pronto Raylon Givens 1997
60% The Myth of Fingerprints Cezanne 1997
0% Wishful Thinking Max 1997
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56% The Low Life Mike Jr. 1996
15% Boys Fenton Ray 1996
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88% Living in Oblivion Chad Palomino 1995
86% Safe Chris 1995
27% Panther Avakian 1995
17% Destiny Turns on the Radio Harry 1995
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74% Mrs. Parker and the Vicious Circle (Mrs. Parker and the Round Table) Deems Taylor 1994
9% Bad Girls William Tucker 1994
67% Floundering John Boyz 1994
No Score Yet Don't Do It Dodger 1994
No Score Yet Nervous Ticks Rusty 1993
79% Singles Andy 1992
50% My New Gun Skippy 1992
80% Where the Day Takes You Crasher 1992
63% Guncrazy Howard 1992
69% Point Break Roach 1991
No Score Yet Blood & Concrete: A Love Story Lance 1991
66% The Rapture Tommy 1991
No Score Yet Leather Jackets Carl 1990
87% Born on the Fourth of July Platoon - Vietnam 1989
100% Drugstore Cowboy Rick 1989
38% Phantasm II Mike 1988
60% *batteries not included Actor 1987
23% Fatal Beauty Zack Jaeger 1987
88% Near Dark Teenage Cowboy 1987
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No Score Yet Knight Rider
Guest 1984


Julieen says: The FBI is in the woods. I think they're gonna raid the place. They've been arriving in a steady flow ever since the President made his announcement about the inhibitors. Somehow, someone leaked word that there was a party or a revolution happening here, it's political, or at least that's what they'd like to call it. They don't even know they're doing the same thing as everyone else, just using a different name. Entertaining themselves, missing it, lying. None of them care about pole vaulting, or dreams.

James Hoffman says: Do you see it? Do you see it? Open your eyes!

Ed Pollack says: I don't see anything!

James Hoffman says: Open you eyes!

James Hoffman says: Ghosts. What is the world anyway, but fossils? Plants and animals from a hundred million years ago.

James Hoffman says: The climate's changing exponentially. It's collapsing, it's altering.

James Hoffman says: People just don't want to deal with it.

James Hoffman says: Something up here is off. It's in th numbers, but also I can feel it.

James Hoffman says: Empathy with the land. This we learn in childhood. The land has changed. The biosphere turned; has become unfamiliar and erratic. I would say eventual, but nature is indifferent to us. We fight for our survival, not nature's. There's a fierceness in the world that we never felt before. Something is being unleashed in the softening permafrost. Why do we despise the world that gave us life? Why wouldn't the world survive us, like any organism survives a virus. The world that we grew up in is changed forever. There is no way home. Is there something beyond science that is happening out here? What if the very thing we were here to pull out of the ground were to rise willingly - confront us. What would that look like? What if this is the last winter, before the collapse? And hope dies.

Peter Grey says: He who seeks to unite them seeks to destroy existence. And your steak is overcooked.

Crasher says: later days and better lays....

Crasher says: Later days and better lays...